Chapter 1011 – Three Mountains

Qin Yu sprinted all the way, increasing his speed to the highest possible limit. After a full hour and carefully sensing his surroundings to confirm that nothing was wrong, he was finally able to let out a breath of relief.

He had no idea why Shang Lingyu didn’t attack them, but this was the best outcome for Qin Yu. Otherwise, he feared he would have already been chewed up and swallowed into that abyssal being’s belly.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have confidence in his own strength. Instead, the stronger he was, the more he could clearly feel the disparity between them.

Shang Lingyu might not have attacked then, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t sometime in the future. A terrifyingly strong abyssal being had appeared in the Path of 10,000 Souls. For Qin Yu, that was like a sword that hung above his head, one that could come chopping down at any moment.

As he thought of this he subconsciously frowned.

“Cough! Qin Yu, I have carefully thought over things and I believe that the old saying is right – as long as the green hills remain, there will always be firewood. As long as we live…as long as you can leave this place and spread news of there being an abyssal being in the Path of 10,000 Souls, that will naturally bring about the attention of others so that they will investigate this matter.” The stone pagoda’s thought fluctuations spread out, “So leaving now might not be a bad choice.”


Where did your great sense of righteousness go? Now that you’ve sensed danger you’ve decided to shrink back your neck? Are you really not afraid of losing any of the face you have left?

When it came to the stone pagoda’s facial skin, Qin Yu could only say that he felt respect!

But entering the Path of 10,000 Souls was the only way he could find a method to save Ning Ling. He could not miss out on this.

As for that abyssal being…he could just take things one step at a time. Until things reached the end, who knew what the final result would be?

Perhaps he might be able to find a favorable turn too.

He took a deep breath and composed himself. He looked around, determined his position, and then howled into the distance.

“Hey, are you sure? If you continue going forward there are likely to be problems!

“Qin Yu, how about cancelling our previous contract first? That way, I might be able to take revenge for you in the future.

“Answer me, stop pretending to be mute! I know you can hear me!

“Big brother, is it okay if I call you big brother? That abyssal being is incredibly terrifying and you are surely not its match. If you try to do anything you will just be courting death.”

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. He thought that he had underestimated just how thick the stone pagoda’s facial skin was.

With a thought, he severed his connection with the stone pagoda, completely isolating out all of its sorrowful howls and complaints.

Half a day later, after avoiding several groups of cultivators, three towering mountains appeared at the end of Qin Yu’s line of sight.

He had finally arrived!

Once a follower completed their contract, if they wanted to enter the land of inheritance and obtain the lucky chances in the Path of 10,000 Souls, there were three paths they could choose.

One was to be the same as East Zhou Duly. After capturing three platforms they could naturally earn approval to directly enter the land of inheritance.

The second method was these three mountains in front of him. Each mountain represented a formidable test. A cultivator who overcame all three mountains could similarly obtain the qualifications to enter the land of inheritance.

As for the third…

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He came to a stop and closely stared at where the three mountains were.

Astonishing fluctuations of aura came out from the three mountains. They were like invisible pillars of light that crashed into the heavens. In a moment, they opened up a vortex.

The vortex roared and rumbled as it spun around. Its momentum was exhilarating.

But what was more shocking was that a stairway suddenly fell down from the vortex. It seemed to be made out of pure white jade and it landed in the skies above the three mountains.

A figure fluttered upwards and landed on the steps. One could hear numerous cries of alarm.

Qin Yu carefully looked over. As this figure became clearer, his expression changed.

It was him!

The one who landed on the stairs was none other than Shang Lingyu.

The third method to enter was to release one’s own aura. If one could obtain the approval of the Path of 10,000 Souls, sky-reaching steps would appear, allowing one to directly enter the Path of 10,000 Souls…just like what Shang Lingyu was doing now.

He had unexpectedly obtained the approval of the Path of 10,000 Souls.

As Qin Yu was left shaken, he felt this was even more bizarre and weird. It had to be known that the purpose of constructing the Path of 10,000 Souls was to aid humans in breaking through the limits of their cultivation and help end the threat that came from the abyss.

But now, a formidable abyssal being had obtained the approval of the Path of 10,000 Souls. And under the eyes of everyone, they were sent into the land of inheritance…to put it a bit disrespectfully, this was simply laughable and ridiculous!

It seemed that what the stone pagoda said was true – a problem had occurred within the Path of 10,000 Souls itself. This greatly increased the dangers that Qin Yu would need to endure going forward.

“Qin Yu, you have finally come to your senses. Let me tell you, you cannot stay in the Path of 10,000 Souls any longer. You must leave immediately…”

Before the stone pagoda could finish speaking, Qin Yu severed their connection once more.

As Shang Lingyu landed on the steps and started moving towards the vortex, he suddenly seemed to detect something. He turned around and glanced at Qin Yu.

There was a brief startle, as if he hadn’t expected they would meet again so soon. He paused for a moment before revealing a smile.

Qin Yu thought about how he should respond. So soon, a warm and gentle smile appeared on his face.

Both sides smiled at each other like friends who reunited, but in their hearts they wished that the other would drop dead where they stood.

Of course, Qin Yu’s desire was much more intense. Shang Lingyu only thought about it briefly before forgetting about it. Because in his opinion, personally killing one’s prey was the happiest and most satisfactory ending.

Qin Yu had already joined his list and become one of the prey he had to kill.

To dare kill a noble abyssal being, just this point alone was an unforgivable sin.

He turned and stepped away.

Shang Lingyu’s figure finally vanished into the vortex. The sky-reaching stairway disappeared along with him.

But what was unexpected was that after Shang Lingyu stepped into the land of inheritance, the vortex in the skies didn’t fade away.

It continued to revolve, as if some will was brewing within it.

Many followers had gathered where the three mountains were. Their eyes widened with shock before brightening.

Could it be…someone else had obtained the approval of the Path of 10,000 Souls? After passing the tests of the three mountains, one could enter the land of inheritance. But even if the road was placed in front of them, there was only a small number of people that actually had the qualifications to pass it.

If they could directly enter the land of inheritance, this was an irresistible enticement.

Qin Yu’s complexion turned strange because at this moment, he could feel a will descend. Without explanation, he naturally understood that the reason the vortex hadn’t dispersed was because it was waiting for him.

As long as he desired it, the vortex would send out a stairway just like it did for Shang Lingyu, delivering him into the land of inheritance.

If he hadn’t witnessed Shang Lingyu entering the vortex, he would have accepted the summons of this will without hesitation.

After all, if he could step into the land of inheritance without expending any effort, that would be the best result for him.

But with Shang Lingyu in front of him…haha, consider it done for. I would rather use up my strength and rush past the three mountains in front of me. Otherwise, if I follow right behind Shang Lingyu, who knows what would happen? I should try to minimize these suicidal decisions as much as I can.

Qin Yu rejected the summons of this will. It obviously paused for a moment as if never encountering something like this before. But soon, it vanished.

The vortex above the three mountains quickly faded away, leaving everyone below disappointed. It seemed that the vortex only took some additional time to disappear and it wasn’t that someone else had also obtained approval.

They would never have imagined that someone had obtained approval but eventually chose to reject the summons of the vortex.

And this person had quietly arrived in front of the Three Mountains Test.

That’s right, the name of these three mountains was the Three Mountains Test.

Throughout the countless years, all followers that tried to enter the land of inheritance had once arrived here. Some of them had been full of confidence or awe. But no matter what they thought, it was always rare for a person to successfully pass the Three Mountains Test and enter the land of inheritance.

“Don’t look. Those that can obtain the approval of the Path of 10,000 Souls and directly enter the land of inheritance are all absolutely proud elites of heavens. They aren’t characters we can compare with.”

“That person seemed to be Shang Lingyu. He is an expert from Peach Blossom Spring. Sure enough, the disciples of Holy Lands are fierce.”

“Whatever, no matter how fierce others are, that is their business. We should try to figure out a way to overcome the Three Mountains Test.”

“Ai! Passing the Three Mountains Test sounds easy, but how many people can actually do it?”

Filled with envy, jealousy, and hate, everyone withdrew their eyes. They once again focused their attention on the three mountains.

The three mountains were presented in a zigzag-like arrangement. They towered into the clouds and their surfaces were covered in lush vegetation. But just looking at them, one could feel an invisible oppression.

Qin Yu looked up for a few moments. Then, after thinking over things, he walked through the thousands upon thousands of people and stepped towards the first mountain.

“It’s another person who doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth!”

“Hum hum, if you don’t stop outside the mountain to adapt to its aura and then recklessly try to enter, at the very least you’ll end up severely wounded!”

“This fellow is soon going to find himself ejected in a miserable fashion!”

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