Chapter 1009 - Killed

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. Shock and anger filled his eyes, as if he hadn’t expected he would encounter such a situation.

At this time, a grinning chuckle sounded in his eyes. A surge of abyssal energy began to roll towards him.

Almost at the same moment, Qin Yu suddenly turned around. He pointed a finger behind him without hesitation.

His finger was like lightning. It was simple and decisive, without any sloppiness to it.

Where the finger fell, abyssal energy suddenly paused, as if it had been frozen by extremely cold temperatures. The vanished figure of the abyssal species slowly emerged.

Now, one could see that Qin Yu’s finger just happened to fall between its eyebrows. It tore through the skin and submerged partway in.

“You…you are actually…” The abyssal species’ eyes widened with shock and despair. It already sensed that its vitality had been cleanly severed.

No, I cannot die like this. I must pass on news of what has happened here.


Like the final radiance of a setting sun, the abyssal species burst into flames. The flames were just like the abyssal energy, pitch black in color.

Qin Yu’s eyes were cold. “Give up. I won’t give you any chance of escape.” His finger pushed in, piercing right into the abyssal species’ skull.

He didn’t need to galvanize the strength of the jade embryo egg at all. It burst out on its own volition, sweeping through every inch of the abyssal species like a hurricane, crushing its bones and flesh, exterminating all of its vitality.

The black flames that just appeared on the surface of the abyssal species were rapidly extinguished. Then, its body disintegrated into ashes.

The billowing abyssal energy quickly faded away. It was like everything had only been an illusion and it had never been here at all.

The first battle had come to an end.

East Zhou Duly smiled. With the strength of five people, they didn’t need to pay too great a price to capture a platform.

If they captured another one, they would receive the qualifications to truly enter the land of inheritance and obtain the supreme good fortune of the Path of 10,000 Souls.

“Fellow daoists, let us start resting. Once we have recovered, I will stay here and then the rest of you can go on and capture the third platform!”

In order to meet the challenges of the Path of 10,000 Souls, the East Zhou Family hadn’t slacked off in their preparations. East Zhou Duly possessed an extremely formidable card in hand.

It was an array disc that had been purchased at great cost. Its defensive strength was astonishingly high and even an Origin God wouldn’t be able to break it open in a short period of time.

After activating it, it would last long enough to defend this platform. As for the cost of the array disc…

As long as she obtained a spot to truly enter the land of inheritance, much less one array disc, she wouldn’t care if she had to use ten of them or even a hundred.

Things progressed much smoother than expected. But East Zhou Duly knew this was all because of Qin Yu’s existence.

If he didn’t defend his platform alone, how could the five of them come here and use all their strength to capture another platform?

Pure Summer, Fairylike, and Peaceful Nun all smiled. Once they captured one more platform they would fulfill the conditions of their contract. They would then be able to search for their own good fortune.

Throughout countless years, amongst the followers that were able to enter the Path of 10,000 Souls, there were a considerable number of them that finally obtained some harvest.

That meant they also had a chance!

Shang Lingyu smiled, but there was a feeling of extreme relaxation hidden deep in his eyes.

It was good that they had managed to smoothly capture the second platform. Even if Qin Yu was killed off, he could remain here and wouldn’t be defeated because of that.

Considering the time, he should have made a move.

As for whether Qin Yu could block him…

Hoho, that was a lord with a pure bloodline. Not only was he tyrannically strong, but he naturally restrained all flesh and blood beings. Unless one’s strength reached the limits and surpassed the existence of the world, they could never hope to contend with the lord.

Although Qin Yu was strong, he was still far away from reaching that boundary. Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to do this.

Soon, Qin Yu would be killed by the lord. And he would be rewarded for it.

He hoped that he could obtain several more drops of divine blood and further transform his bloodline. At that time, he would become even stronger.

Shang Lingyu and the others sat down cross-legged. However, he didn’t meditate but instead tried to suppress his excitement. He was waiting for the sign that signaled Qin Yu’s death.

A moment later, there was a stuffy cough from the platform. East Zhou Duly and the others opened their eyes to see Shang Lingyu spit out a mouthful of blood. His face paled and his body shook. His eyes widened with disbelief and shock.

“Brother Shang, what happened?” East Zhou Duly asked. She hurriedly stood up and walked over, a concerned look on her face.

Was there a deep friendship between her and Shang Lingyu? Of course there was no such thing.

But if you want to vomit blood, at least wait until I capture the third platform first. I still need you right now.

These words might be cold and callous, but this was the reality of the situation.

It had to be said that Shang Lingyu was a talented character. Even though he was stunned by the sudden change he actually managed to quickly suppress his emotions. He looked up and squeezed out a smile on his pale face. “It’s nothing. In the battle just now, I gained some insight. I wanted to try and see if I could make a breakthrough, but something happened midway. Everyone, there is no need to worry. It’s a minor issue and I will soon recover.”

He also understood why the others were worried about him.

Fairylike’s eyes flashed. “Fellow daoist Shang, I have cultivated a secret art that hastens the recovery of injuries; perhaps I can be of help to you.” She faintly smiled, a thousand different styles passing across her face. “After all, you and I are tied together as one for now. I hope you can restore yourself as soon as possible.”

Shang Lingyu shook his head, “I must thank Miss Fairylike for the good intentions, but the Peach Blossom Spring Arts I cultivate are not to be spread out and it’s best if others don’t try to probe them.” He took a deep breath and said, “Everyone, please rest assured. I will soon stabilize my injuries and I won’t be a drag to anyone here.”

Seeing his calm and easy manner, it appeared that the problem really wasn’t that big. East Zhou Duly nodded and said, “I see. Then Brother Shang should hurry up and cultivate. If there is any way I can help you, just ask.”

Shang Lingyu closed his eyes, unable to cover up the turbulent waves in his heart anymore.

That lord had died!

How was this possible?

It had to be known that he was an existence that came from the abyss and possessed a pure bloodline.

If he wasn’t worried that too much slaughter would arouse suspicions from the outside world, then the lord alone would be enough to kill every cultivator participating in the Path of 10,000 Souls.

After all, Shang Lingyu was well aware of how terrifying the abyssal species’ inherent ability to restrain flesh and blood beings was.

But in this sort of situation, that lord’s life brand mark had been extinguished. There was no mistaking this.

Did Qin Yu kill him?

This was impossible. No matter how deep his background was, he definitely couldn’t achieve this. To destroy the lord, flesh and blood beings had to at least have power that surpassed the limits of the heavens and earth.

It was impossible for this sort of existence to descend into the Path of 10,000 Souls. Otherwise, the actions of the abyss wouldn’t have remained undetected for all these years.

Damn it, just where had a problem occurred?

Shang Lingyu’s heart continued to tremble. He couldn’t find the lord. There was a chance he had died, but there was one thing he knew for certain.

A pure-blooded lord had fallen. As a provider of information, he would inevitably be implicated. Just thinking about this caused him to feel like he had fallen into an icy lake.

What should I do? Damn it all! How could things have ended up like this? Don’t panic! I cannot panic! I must find a way to fix this. At the very least if I find out who killed the lord and kill them in return, I might be able to make up for what happened here.

As Shang Lingyu was filled with fear and horror, an ice cold presence descended into his body.

Shua –

Without any ability to resist, Shang Lingyu’s consciousness was dragged into the world of his mind.

The skies were black and strong winds roared. Endless abyssal energy tumbled all around, and one could see a towering and terrifying figure within.

He stood between the heavens and earth, like a legendary demon god. A pair of bloody eyes fell on Shang Lingyu, “Gain enough strength to become the vessel for my coming. This is your only chance to redeem yourself…”

Four hours later, Shang Lingyu opened his eyes. While his face was still pale, his aura had stabilized. He stood up and said, “I apologize to everyone for making you wait so long. There isn’t much of a problem with my condition right now. We can head off at any time.”

East Zhou Duly’s eyes flashed with surprise. This person really was a disciple of Peach Blossom Spring; his methods were extraordinary.

Before, even though Shang Lingyu put on a calm demeanor, East Zhou Duly could still sense the severity of his injuries.

In such a short period of time he had basically managed to fully recover. If she didn’t see it with her own eyes she wouldn’t have believed it.

But to her, this was good news. Now that Shang Lingyu had recovered, their chances of capturing a third platform were much higher.

“Fellow daoist Shang’s skills are admirable. I must have bothered you earlier.” Fairylike sighed and blinked her eyes.

Shang Lingyu faintly smiled. “Miss Fairylike speaks too seriously. I will always keep your good intentions in mind.”

Fairylike’s eyes brightened. “Remember what you said.”

They paused here, not overdoing things. The two had their own thoughts and didn’t speak again.

If one lived for a long time they naturally saw more things. They didn’t even turn an eye towards such a conversation.

At most, others would comment inwardly that this Shang fellow wasn’t weak, but his eyesight was a bit poor.

And what background did Fairylike come from? If he had thoughts of approaching her, he must be tired of living.

East Zhou Duly frowned. But in this current situation she didn’t have much to say. There was nothing that could happen between the two of them right now.

As for the future…

If Shang Lingyu was smart enough then he would know when to wake up and stop. Or if he wanted to seek death on his own initiative, she couldn’t manage his choices.

Putting these thoughts to the side, she glanced at everyone and bowed, “Everyone, I will leave the third platform to you all. If you succeed, then besides the contract agreement, I will also give you all a heavy gift!”

“Fourth Young Miss, don’t worry!”

“We will use our full strength!”

“I ask that Fourth Young Miss calmly wait here for the good news.”

“I shall do my best!”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

After bowing, the four people turned and left, howling in a direction they had all agreed upon before.




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