Chapter 1008 – Abyssal Species

Qin Yu’s complexion sank. His heart violently contracted as his pulse began to race.

He had no idea just what was so terrifying about this black fog across from him, but the countless warning bells going off in his mind were very real.

He lifted his hands and pressed them forward. Five-colored divine light instantly erupted, weaving together to form a vortex of colors.

Rumble rumble –

As they rapidly spun around, a terrifying tearing strength was released. The surging black waves were pulled directly into it.

Sharp hissing sounds that tingled the scalp rang out. The five-colored vortex started to melt away at a speed visible at the naked eye.

This was the incomparably formidable Five Element Samsara that had the power of both suppression and defense. After Qin Yu broke through to the God boundary, there was no comparing this version to the one from before. Yet, it wasn’t able to resist this attack at all.

This wasn’t being crushed by absolute strength. Rather, it felt as if he had been absolutely restrained in terms of attributes…as if this black fog in itself was the nemesis of all supernatural arts.

“’s useless. You cannot fight me with your strength. Obediently stand there and wait for death!” A strange cackle came from the black fog. The voice could not hide its burning greed.

Qin Yu could clearly feel those two blood-filled eyes firmly locked on him. It wanted to swallow him whole, right away.

This fellow seemed to be confident in himself, as if Qin Yu were already a meal placed in front of him. Qin Yu didn’t like this feeling at all. He narrowed his eyes, his pupils turning as cold as ice.

He took a step forward. Space smashed and a terrifying strength blasted outwards, rippling in circles and forming waves of destruction. It temporarily isolated the black fog that ate away at the Five Element Samsara outside.

But at this time, Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He lifted a hand and without hesitation, thrust his fingers between his eyebrows. Where his fingers landed, skin broke apart. No blood flowed out, but black fog did.

This black fog seemed to have a mind of its own. After being noticed it quickly stretched out, turning into a bug that desperately tried to dig deeper into Qin Yu’s forehead.


Qin Yu pinched the end of the black smoke with a cold cough. Where his fingers touched, he could feel a burning pain.

“Come out!”

He fiercely pulled back with a deep roar, dragging out the black smoke. It screamed and turned into a horrid face that opened its jaws and bit down at him.

Hum –

Within Qin Yu’s soul space, the sun and moon force field immediately fluctuated. The fluctuation vibrated and swept outwards.

The ugly face of black smoke that rushed towards Qin Yu shattered and vanished without a trace. Across from him, the black fog gave a muffled grunt. It was clear that the ugly face being destroyed also caused it to be damaged.

As those blood red eyes locked onto Qin Yu, although there was still naked greed and bloodthirst, there was also some cautiousness. For Qin Yu to destroy a fragment of his mind, that proved there was something on Qin Yu’s body that could threaten him.

But this was even better. The stronger the human cultivator was that he killed, the greater the reward from the abyss would be.

“Abyssal species!”

A fluctuation of consciousness from the little blue lamp rang out in Qin Yu’s mind. Within his soul space, space collapsed inward and the phantom of a great sun appeared.

It had been a long time since the projection of the little blue lamp last arrived. During this period of time, it had maintained silence.

Today, Qin Yu could clearly feel the loathing and dread it emanated, as well as a strong sense of wariness.

This was the first time Qin Yu felt such an emotion from it…it seemed that the abyssal species it spoke of could prove a threat to it.

As he realized this, Qin Yu’s heart turned cold. Throughout the world, he was absolutely one of the people who understood the little blue lamp the best. He knew about its inconceivable abilities that could turn dangers into miracles.

If even the little blue lamp was so wary, then this abyssal species must be extremely terrifying.

As if sensing Qin Yu’s thoughts, the little blue lamp’s fluctuations of consciousness resounded once again, “It’s not just terrifying, it is incredibly terrifying. It seems that a change has occurred in the world of the Great Desolate. An abyssal species unexpectedly managed to run away.

“Don’t ask too much. There are some matters that I am unable to tell you of yet, but you have to remember one thing – whenever or wherever you encounter an abyssal species, you must kill it no matter the cost!”

Qin Yu frowned. “I won’t ask you anything, but killing this thing won’t be easy. At the very least, it is restraining my strength.”

The little blue lamp said, “The abyssal species possess abyssal energy that naturally restrains the strength of all flesh and blood creatures. But you are no longer just an ordinary blood and flesh being. If you want to kill it, it won’t be that difficult.

“The fluctuations of the sun and moon force field can temporarily protect you and isolate you from the harm caused by the abyssal energy. The jade embryo egg’s strength has condensed the Great Dao of the world. With just one strike, you can kill an abyssal species of this level.

“But you need to know one thing. When you attack, you must be swift and fatal. Otherwise, if this abyssal species escapes, you will soon welcome an all-out encirclement and slaughter from the entire abyssal race. Trust me, no one will be able to save you at that time…not even me.”

Qin Yu’s heart chilled. His intuition told him that the little blue lamp’s past contained a great secret.

But now was not the time to dwell on such things. As he felt the projection of the little blue lamp fading away from his soul space, Qin Yu took a deep breath and suppressed all other thoughts.

The little blue lamp was definitely hiding from something. Could it be that it had some horrifying enemy?

None of that mattered right now. He first needed to eliminate this abyssal species.

With his mind made up, a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

Shua –

He took a step forward, welcoming the surging black fog as he brazenly intruded into it.

This was beyond the abyssal species’ expectation. After a brief pause, it laughed out loud, “I originally thought that I would need to use some effort to kill you, but I never imagined you would be so stupid to come and die on your own initiative!

“To break into my abyssal energy, even if you possess transcendent abilities you cannot escape the fate of becoming bloody water, your soul turning to dust!”

Bang –

The abyssal energy wildly tumbled around. It was like wriggling intestines, trying to thoroughly kill and absorb Qin Yu.

But things progressed differently from how the abyssal species imagined. Qin Yu wasn’t corroded to death, but was like a large fish, swimming against the stream of abyssal energy and soaring towards its main body.

Hum –

Hum –

In his soul space, the blue sun and purple moon gently trembled. As they did, the entire sun and moon force field was excited as it shook.

These shaking fluctuations wrapped around Qin Yu, completely repelling the abyssal energy that was attracted to his flesh and blood body.

If Qin Yu wanted to achieve a one-shot kill, the best way would be to close the distance between the two. Taking a step back, even if an accident occurred he still had a chance to remedy it.

The abyssal species was 40 feet tall and wrapped in layers of abyssal energy. Its body was as firm as rock and its crimson eyes shined in the darkness. It frowned and then sneered.

You want to approach me and kill me?

Hoho, the abyssal races experienced the erosion of abyssal energy for countless generations, and as their bloodline was inherited downwards, they tempered incomparably formidable mortal bodies for themselves.

In terms of the intensity of their mortal bodies, in this world, only the incomparably Ancient race bloodline could barely be placed on par with the abyssal race.

To come close and kill him? In the eyes of this abyssal species, that was no different from seeking death.

Bang –

The abyssal species stepped forward and welcomed Qin Yu. Its great mouth split open, revealing a fiendish grin.

The more Qin Yu approached, the more he could feel the richness of the abyssal species’ aura. As this happened, the irrepressible killing intent in his heart also increased.

This caused the blood vessels on his eyes to bulge out. Because his eyes began to turn red, he took on a crazy appearance.

Flesh and blood creatures and abyssal species were like two tribes that stood on complete polar opposite sides of each other. There was no chance of easing the hostility between them.

From the first day they met, it was doomed that one side had to be utterly destroyed. Only then would the bloody killing between the two tribes come to an end.

The figure of the abyssal species appeared in front of Qin Yu. Abyssal energy rushed and tumbled all around it, rumbling with dreadful momentum.

“Jejeje…human cultivator, since you want to die, let me fulfill your wish!”

Bang –

The abyssal species blew apart, instantly vanishing from sight. It fused into one whole with the abyssal energy surrounding it.

It was the abyssal energy and the abyssal energy was it. This was a unique attribute of the abyssal species. They could hide themselves like this, giving their enemy an invisible and fatal strike.

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