Chapter 1007 – Change

Qin Yu took a deep breath and sat down. He closed his eyes and released his divine sense. No movement could escape his senses.

An hour later, he opened his eyes, startled. He never thought that trouble would come knocking so soon.

Moreover, five full people came…it seemed that this other party chose the same idea as East Zhou Duly.

Qin Yu stood up. Standing on the platform, there was a chill in his eyes. He slowly said, “Since you’ve arrived, then show yourselves.”

After a short silence, space fluctuated and five figures appeared. They looked at Qin Yu in surprise, as if they never thought that they would be discovered so soon.

“Mm? It’s him!”

“Qin Yu!”

“How hateful, how could it be him?”

Loud cries came from the group. It was clear they recognized Qin Yu, and their faces started to darken.

The story of what happened in Stranded God Valley had already spread throughout the world. In addition, it was determined that Qin Yu became a follower of East Zhou Duly to enter the Path of 10,000 Souls. It was natural for other parties to gather information about him.

Although no one knew just where he came from, they had to remember his figure and appearance to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

Originally, when the group of five determined that there was only one person guarding this platform, they were all excited. Even though this person had to be tyrannically strong since they dared to guard a platform on their own, they believed there was no possibility of losing with five against one.

But who could have expected that this was the rumored Qin Yu, whose reputation reached far and wide and was said to be unfathomably powerful?

Even if they didn’t consider their honor, turning and fleeing now still wasn’t something they were willing to do.

After all, when the five of them went on the offensive and left only one person to guard the platform, that in itself was an extremely risky plan. For every additional moment they delayed, the risks would be greater. Once their platform was taken away by someone, they would be done for.

“So what if he’s Qin Yu? No matter how strong he is, do you think he can contend against the five of us together?” A cultivator roared from behind clenched teeth.

He could disregard face, but if they were to turn around now, who knew how much time they would need to waste before they found a second platform?

Of course, the most important reason was that just like this cultivator said, while it was rumored that Qin Yu was fierce, no one knew just how fierce he was.

The five of them joining together could even face off against an Origin God. Were they still not his match?

“That’s right, no matter how fierce he is, he is only at the initial God boundary!”

“Go, seize the platform!”

With loud shouts, the hesitation in the eyes of the group rapidly faded away. An ominous light began to surge instead.

“Hold on!” A cultivator who had been silent from the beginning suddenly spoke up and the four people around him fell quiet. It was clear that he was the leader.

Without accident, this person should be the one who had a spot to enter the Path of 10,000 Souls, and the others were his followers.

The cultivator took a step forward and cupped his hands together, “My name is Feng Hong, from the Square World’s Feng Family. I have no intention of making things awkward with fellow daoist Qin Yu. If you can retreat on your own initiative today, the Feng Family will surely reward you generously in the future.”

Qin Yu shook his head without expression.

Feng Hong wasn’t willing to accept this. “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, is there really no other possibility? I do not wish to come into conflict with you.”

He had learned some secret information from the family. The East Zhou Family had invited Grandmaster Zhou Buyi to use the Great Revelation Art to reveal Qin Yu’s background.

Although no one knew what the result was, soon after that, the East Zhou Family confirmed Qin Yi as one of East Zhou Duly’s followers.

If it was just that, then there wasn’t much to say about it. At most, it would only indicate there was nothing wrong with his status.

But ever since that day, Grandmaster Zhou Buyi had disappeared from public sight. The East Zhou Family declared that the grandmaster had been injured and needed some time to heal.

This was worth thinking about. There was no evidence, but it wasn’t hard to extrapolate that the East Zhou Family was trying to hide something.

It was likely related to Qin Yu’s true origins.

Amongst the disciples of great families, there were certain to be many extremely arrogant young masters and haughty troublemakers. But even more of them were people who had been carefully cultivated since childhood.

Enemies that could not be provoked should be avoided. In particular, people whose origin could not be traced back likely represented great trouble.

It was clear that Qin Yu was such a person.

Moreover, Feng Hong had another point to consider. No matter what Qin Yu’s background was, no one had a reputation without genuine deeds. If Qin Yu was able to escape Stranded God Canyon on his own, how could he be easy to deal with?

If they came into conflict with him, even if they managed to seize this platform, would the five of them be unscathed?

It had to be known that to pass this test, obtaining two platforms wasn’t enough. If they lost people, how could they seize the third platform?

So unless it was a last resort, Feng Hong really didn’t want to become enemies with Qin Yu.

If Qin Yu left on his own initiative, that was naturally the best choice.

But it was clear that no matter how much he liked this idea, it was doomed to fail.

Qin Yu lightly said, “If you don’t want to attack, then leave.”

Feng Hong’s complexion sank and he took a deep breath. “If that’s the case, then I and the others here must offend you. I only ask for your understanding.”

As his voice fell, he raised his hands and pressed them forward, “Attack!”

Bang –

The earth shook and cracked as if an invisible mountain suddenly descended. The air turned thick and sticky, wrapping around Qin Yu in layers.

At the same time, Feng Hong’s four followers erupted with their strongest strengths.

Although they spoke arrogantly and looked as if they didn’t even see Qin Yu in their eyes, no one that made it here today was an idiot who would actually underestimate him.

Since they attacked, they would do their best and try to suppress Qin Yu in one single move.

With Feng Hong as the lead, the group’s strength was without a doubt. When they attacked together, the might of their joint strike could be imagined. But right now, Qin Yu remained calm. His eyes glistened with eagerness.

After breaking through to the God boundary, he had yet to use his full strength. But it should be more than enough to suppress these five people.

With this thought in mind, Qin Yu stood up and lifted a hand, pointing out a finger.

Puff –

There was a deep thumping sound, as if a sharp weapon had been thrust into the hide of a thick drum. The oppressive strength that flooded the world immediately vanished.

Feng Hong’s eyes widened with incredulity and panic, as if he saw a ghost.

The ‘Feng’ of the Feng Family meant Seal, and this surname wasn’t inherited because of their bloodline. Rather, some ancient ancestor had achieved great success in the sealing arts and in order to inherit the intangible luck that existed in the heavens and earth, he changed his surname to Feng.

The sealing arts were originally the most powerful techniques of the Feng Family, and the one Feng Hong used just now was one of the more formidable skills.

To draw the world as a cage and imprison a cultivator within it. As time passed, the cage would grow increasingly strong. It was a tyrannical technique.

But that didn’t mean this sealing art was weak at the start. On the contrary, it was incomparably formidable. Otherwise, if a person freed themselves before the seal could even take effect, wouldn’t this entire technique just be a joke?

With Feng Hong’s cultivation, if he used all his strength even a peak God boundary cultivator could give up any idea of easily escaping.

But what did Qin Yu do?

He simply lifted a hand and pointed a finger. During this process, Feng Hong didn’t even feel any fluctuations of strength.

But the strength of this finger tore apart the seal, easily and without hindrance…Feng Hong felt a cold chill creep up his heart.

As expected, what corresponded to a person’s reputation was their strength…no, the strength that Qin Yu displayed now was even more terrifying than the rumors.

“This is bad!” Feng Hong screamed inwardly. At the same time, a jade ring on his left hand shattered into pieces.

It was like a hammer slammed into his forehead. His ears buzzed and his field of vision flashed black.

Dark red blood flowed out from his nose, mouth, and ears. It dripped down his face, making him look incomparably distressed.

It took a full breath of time for Feng Hong to gather his thoughts. Horror rose on his face and he turned and fled without hesitation.


He had no idea what method Qin Yu used to attack him, but this attack was undoubtedly enough to take his life.

If it weren’t for his ring substituting for him in that critical moment and receiving most of the attack’s killing strength, he might have already died.

This Qin Yu…was truly terrifying!

Feng Hong had no idea why he was so terrifying nor was he in the mood to figure out why. All he knew was that if he didn’t escape now, he feared he wouldn’t be able to ever again.

Feng Hong’s response was quick. The moment he sensed danger he ran away without a second thought. But what a pity, he still didn’t have enough time.

It wasn’t just because Qin Yu was strong, but because from the moment he arrived here, he had become a chess piece in the hands of someone else.

Bang –

Bang –

Bang –

Bang –

The four followers that hurtled towards Qin Yu flew backwards as if slapped away by some giant invisible hand. Their eyes were wide with shock and disbelief. They clearly couldn’t understand why they weren’t Qin Yu’s match, even when the five of them worked together.

It had to be known that he had just broken through to the God boundary, so why was he formidable to such a degree? This was completely unreasonable!

But reason or logic didn’t matter right now. Since they weren’t his match, they could only think about how to escape!

However, a change suddenly occurred. One of the followers that was flying backwards suddenly paused in midair.

The next moment, with a loud bang, a horrifying aura erupted from his body.

Bones cracked and popped. The person grew taller and larger, soon growing to 30 feet in height.

Because his skin couldn’t withstand the sudden increase in height, his flesh and blood began to tear apart. The rank smell of blood filled the air.

Billowing black gas gushed out from the person’s bodily cracks, weaving together into a mass that covered him.

Only a pair of striking red eyes appeared in the black gas. They were filled with cruelty and destruction.

Qin Yu frowned and subconsciously held his breath. He looked at this black gas and revealed a dense killing intent. In the boundless world, there were innumerable evil and dark cultivation methods. For instance, using the demonic path as an example, even their various terrifying body transformation techniques seemed common.

But this person in front of him was different.

When facing a Great Dao Seizer, any cultivator that sensed their aura would feel loathing and revulsion.

But what Qin Yu felt right now was more intense than that. It was not just loathing, but uncontainable killing intent that swelled up from deep within his soul.

This was an opposition that came from the level of life itself. It was like two beings that could not coexist together. Once they met, there was no other reason needed; things would only come to an end when one side was completely and utterly destroyed.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and suppressed his killing intent. When he glanced at Feng Hong and the others, they also had shocked looks. They clearly had no idea what was happening.

But before Qin Yu could observe their expressions more, the complexions of Feng Hong and the others quickly changed into panic and horror.

“Ahh! Damn it, what are you doing!? Stop now!”

“My strength! He is plundering my strength!”

“Stop! Have you gone mad!? If anyone happens to me then you will die without a grave!”

“Save me! Save me!”

Feng Hong and the other three started to wither away at a speed visible to the naked eye. Their flesh and blood vanished and the light in their eyes faded.

Their blood, essence, and soul, had all been sucked away cleanly!

The black fog that obtained the strength of the four others suddenly grew drastically, soon surpassing over a thousand feet in height. Loud cries of excitement emanated from within it.

“What a fascinating and enchanting flavor. Flesh and blood life forms should become the food of my people. This is the mission and glory you have all been granted from birth.”

Shua –

The blood red eyes in the black fog locked onto Qin Yu, laughing at him even as it licked its tongue. “Now, it’s your turn.”

Qin Yu drew in a deep breath, “Just what are you?”

“Humans. They are the most boring biological species I have yet to encounter, even if they taste the best.” The blood red eyes within the black fog laughed. “After death, everything becomes nothing. Why waste your time dwelling on such irrelevant matters?

“Now, what you should do is cry in despair as you drown in fear and sorrow!”

Bang –

The black fog suddenly tumbled, as if a dam had burst open. Black waves howled towards him, crashing into Qin Yu to swallow him!

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