Chapter 1006 – One out of Three

Qin Yu suddenly sneezed for no reason. He raised a hand and traced his nose, thinking that someone was certainly plotting against him. Hum hum, they were just courting death!

When it came to his own strength, he was now overflowing with confidence!

While he had no idea how he managed to inexplicably condense his God Mark and fully step into the God boundary, he could clearly feel the boundless strength contained in this God mark. With just a thought he could resonate with the world and mobilize infinite power.

After condensing his God mark, his strength had risen at least ten times over.

In the past he was already able to blast away most God boundary cultivators, and now it was even less of a problem. So what if they were a peak God boundary powerhouse? He would have no problem blowing them apart. Even if he faced an Origin God, he didn’t think he would be helpless.

This wasn’t because he was arrogant and conceited. Rather, it was an absolute sense of self-confidence that he instinctively possessed.

He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. Before entering the Path of 10,000 Souls, he needed to adapt to his sudden rise in strength.

Two days later, Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred and he opened his eyes.

East Zhou Duly’s voice resounded in his mind, “The Path of 10,000 Souls will soon open! Everyone, please hurry over!”

This was the summoning call sent to the followers through the signed contract.

The time had finally arrived!

Qin Yu stood up. He pushed open the door to see Snowside. She was leisurely boiling some tea right now, a relaxed and satisfied look on her face.

Perhaps because the charcoal fire was too hot, she was dressed lightly. Her large white chest was fully exposed, and just a single casual glance made one feel as if their eyes were sinking into some bottomless abyss.

Qin Yu swore that he had no bestial intent towards Snowside. But with this sight placed in front of him, would he be a man if he wasn’t moved in some way?

So he took a look and then another look. When he looked a third time, Snowside lightly coughed and pulled up her shirt, covering most of the exposed skin.

Qin Yu was satisfied. He smiled and revealed a row of white teeth. “I’m leaving now. When you’re walking around by yourself, remember to put on some clothes so you don’t catch a cold.”

As he finished speaking he turned around and walked away, leaving Snowside stamping her feet in a huff of anger. She thought that this boy really was despicable. Even when he was looking at her body he still had time to joke with her. But at the same time, she also felt some self-satisfaction as she thought that her body still held some temptation towards him.

Hum hum, if that’s the case, then I don’t need to be afraid of you escaping my palm! Once you leave the Path of 10,000 Souls, I’ll have you know what it feels like to be ‘wrung dry’!

“Fellow daoist Qin!”

Because Qin Yu spent a few moments appreciating Snowside, by the time he arrived everyone else had already gathered. They all greeted him together.

Qin Yu was supposed to suffer from a cage of rules formed from at least several hundred brand marks, yet he had smoothly made a breakthrough in just several days.

This alone was enough to raise everyone’s regard for Qin Yu by several levels. When it came to such a character, they naturally had to do their best to be on good terms with him. Who knew what sort of astonishing achievements he would have in the future!

East Zhou Duly remained quiet. She calmly glanced at Fairylike, wondering why this ancient hag even bothered pretending to be young and tender. Why bother trying to be shy and cute? The only way Qin Yu would take a liking to you was if he was blind!


With a light cough, she drew everyone’s attention towards her. She solemnly said, “Everyone, the Path of 10,000 Souls will open soon. Please do not leave my side. Once the transmission begins, I will pull you in together with me through the signed contract. Remember, during this process, do not try to resist.”

Everyone nodded in unison.

A moment later, space caved in above East Zhou Duly’s head and a black hole appeared.

Hum –

Hum –

An invisible strength erupted. It surged around the six people and wrapped around them. Then, a powerful strength pulled at them, dragging them into the black hole where they vanished from sight.

The Path of 10,000 Souls, the inheritance that was said to lead straight towards the unsurpassed Greate Dao, had opened once again today.

In a white nothingness, space was vast and limitless. Time lost all meaning, as if nothing had changed since ancient times.

But there certainly couldn’t be something that truly remained eternally unchanged in this world.

After all, even Rulers that represented supreme power still had a chance of dying. If that could happen, what couldn’t?

A black dot appeared without warning and rapidly expanded outwards. In a breath of time it expanded to a thousand feet in size, so dark that it was like black jade.

It was like the legendary scroll projection of a fabled Divine Saint creating the heavens and earth. After the 1000 foot black jade platform appeared, the creation and evolution of a world seemed to occur in this white space of nothingness.

Mountains, rivers, deserts, canyons…besides there being no life here, this was a true world. And from non-existence to reality, this world only took a few short breaths of time to form.

Six transmitted figures watched everything occurring from the black jade platform. Shock filled all of their faces.

A so-called miracle was nothing more than this. The Path of 10,000 Souls truly lived up to its well-deserved reputation. With just one glance, they understood how formidable it was.

Because even if they knew that this world in front of them didn’t truly exist in reality, in their senses they couldn’t find a single flaw.

They clearly knew it was an illusion but they couldn’t distinguish where the difference lay. This was the most terrifying point!

East Zhou Duly closed her eyes, accepting some sort of invisible information transmission.

Qin Yu and the others restrained their minds. They encircled her, sharp looks in their eyes.

They had to ensure her safety until she gained the qualifications to truly enter the land of inheritance.

Otherwise, if an accident occurred to her, the contracts would ensure they were also eliminated and they would lose their opportunity to find their own lucky chance.

Right now, a follower was only a follower. But when the person they followed obtained the qualifications to enter the land of inheritance, they would also earn a chance to compete for it.

While the difficulty was high, the rewards were great enough that countless people were willing to recklessly do everything in their power for this…after all, it was mind-bogglingly difficult to obtain a spot in the Path of 10,000 Souls, and every person that succeeded, unless they had heaven-defying luck or were a proud elite of heaven, needed strong background support.

Not everyone had a chance to gain a spot to enter the Path of 10,000 Souls. Then, becoming a follower was the only way left to enter.

If not for this, how could there be so many cultivators willing to pay any price to become a follower?

Shua –

East Zhou Duly opened her eyes. “The Path of 10,000 Souls has opened. The trial is that after occupying three platforms, we will successfully earn the qualifications to obtain the inheritance.”

A spot to enter the Path of 10,000 Souls only represented that they had a chance to enter. If one wished to obtain the inheritance, they also needed to undergo strict and harsh testing.

And each time the Path of 10,000 Souls opened, the method of testing was different…this time, only one out of every three could be chosen!

Out of three spots that entered, only one could enter the land of inheritance. That meant that out of three competitors and their teams, 12 people would be eliminated.

No one wanted to be eliminated immediately after entering the Path of 10,000 Souls. If they didn’t want to be eliminated then they could only eliminate others.

Thus, everyone had to rely on their own ability…and give their best!

East Zhou Duly knew what sort of critical situation she faced. Her thoughts raced and she said, “I have a suggestion…”

She turned and glanced at Qin Yu. After a brief pause she said, “Qin Yu will stay here and ensure our platform isn’t occupied. Me and the remaining four daoists will go and capture a second platform.”

Space fell silent. Shang Lingyu and the others all widened their eyes, stunned.

It was clear that they never expected East Zhou Duly to place Qin Yu in such high regards.

It seemed that the East Zhou Family must grasp information they didn’t know about…for instance, Qin Yu’s true origins.

Every person that entered the Path of 10,000 Souls would have five followers with them. If they wanted to capture a platform, they would inevitably split into two groups.

If Qin Yu was left here to guard alone while East Zhou Duly and the others went on the offensive, the chances of success were much higher.

This was indeed the best plan…

Of course, the premise was that Qin Yu could defend their platform by himself. If it was taken away, the six of them would all be eliminated.

When it came to this matter, East Zhou Duly’s attitude was the most important. After all, before the contract was completed, she would be the one making the decisions.

The Path of 10,000 Souls was of great significance and she would never act unreasonably or mess around. If she decided this, she had to have a certain degree of confidence.

Qin Yu’s strength was likely even greater than what it seemed on the surface.

So after a brief period of shock, Shang Lingyu and the others looked earnestly at Qin Yu before agreeing.

Qin Yu thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright, I will do my best to guard this place.”

East Zhou Duly turned and started walking away, “Let’s go!”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Five figures howled into the distance.

This woman was actually quite decisive. After she made up her mind, she immediately went into action.

Although Qin Yu was confident in his own strength, he didn’t dare to underestimate anyone. Through the infinite realms and myriad worlds, powerhouses were like drops of water in a sea. How could he guarantee that he was in an invincible position?

Since East Zhou Duly trusted him so much, he certainly had to do his best so he wouldn’t disappoint her. 

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