Chapter 1005B – A True God is Born


It was unknown which cultivator cleared their throat, but the sound of clothes being straightened rustled in the hall. Then, the beautiful women who followed their groups to come and join the celebrations all raised their heads and thrust out their chests, doing their best to show themselves off.

Before they came, they were all given orders; anyone that could win over Qin Yu would become the hero who performed great merits for the family. Moreover, it was said that Qin Yu was a young and handsome man. With their family’s support, who wouldn’t try to struggle over such a catch?

Even if East Zhou Duly was as beautiful as a flower and was outstanding in all aspects, they weren’t necessarily any worse…this seemed a bit lacking in confidence, but even if they were slightly worse, everyone had a preference for their own favorite vegetables. Who knew, maybe one of them was Qin Yu’s type?

In this world, even men could like other men, so what wasn’t possible?

East Zhou Duly pulled Qin Yu’s arm and entered the hall. Although there was a red glow on her face, she still appeared graceful with all the makings of an elegant lady.

“Uncle, this is Qin Yu. He is one of my followers who will be joining me in entering the Path of 10,000 Souls. He learned that you were holding your 3000 year birthday feast today and came here specifically to congratulate you.”

As she finished speaking she loosened her hand and moved to the side. Her closeness with Qin Yu had been clearly expressed and she was too embarrassed to keep holding onto him the entire time.

However, if she had to be honest, the feeling of holding onto Qin Yu was really good…hey, what are you thinking about at this time? Please sober up and don’t act like an idiot!

Qin Yu stepped forward and cupped his hands together, “Qin Yu congratulates Elder East Zhou Furu. May you live a long and prosperous life!”

East Zhou Furu smiled so widely that his face was covered in pleats. In the outside world, his status was absolutely a noble one. Normally he wouldn't be so moved by such simple flattering words.

But the same words from different people had different meanings. With Qin Yu’s status, would his words be treated the same?

Face, this was absolutely giving face. In the future when Qin Yu’s name resounded throughout the world, today’s matter would be enough to brag about for several tens of thousands of years.

If he ran into someone, he could say that at some time in the past, the Ruler’s disciple, Lord Qin Yu, had participated in his 3000 year birthday feast and so forth. Shocking the hearts of the common people would be absolutely assured.

“I am honored that little friend Qin Yu came here today. Please, take a seat.” He waved a hand and ordered, “Men, hurry and prepare a seat for Mister Qin.”

Qin Yu stood up and said, “I thank Elder Furu for the good intentions, but I just left seclusion today and there are some matters that I need to handle, so I won’t be staying for long. Since I have delivered the gift, I shall bid my farewells.”

He turned and started to walk away.

“Mister Qin, please wait a moment!” The man who previously asked where East Zhou Duly went suddenly stood up, a warm smile on his face, “I am…”

He was interrupted before he could even make his status known. “I am friends with East Zhou Duly, and since I have agreed to become her follower, I won’t change my mind in that regard. If the reason anyone came here today involves me, then I can only apologize.”

As he finished speaking he turned and walked away, leaving everyone in the hall wide-eyed and feeling as if they were about to choke to death.

What benefits did the East Zhou Family give you? Or, could it be said that East Zhou Duly is so good that you are dead set on choosing her and aren’t even willing to listen to our offers?

Even if you have no intention of changing your mind, won’t the East Zhou Family become anxious if you speak with us? And if they are anxious, won’t your conditions be better? This could be called receiving a hundred benefits without a single harm!

If we can think of this, how can you not? To leave so neatly and not give us any chance of speaking to you, are we the idiots or are you the idiot?

They had prepared numerous plans that included beautiful women, treasures, and all sorts of flattering conditions. But Qin Yu wasn’t even willing to speak with them. What else could they do?

East Zhou Duly let out a deep breath and swept her disdainful eyes around the hall and at all the gorgeously dressed women. She looked down at them from up high, as if loftily saying – you common rabble, you still want to struggle with me? You are overreaching!

She stood up and bowed, smiling. “Uncle, Qin Yu asked me to process some matters with him so I won’t be staying any longer. Goodbye.”

She turned and walked away.

Of course, Qin Yu asking her anything was pure nonsense. But when she said it at this time, almost no one doubted her.

After all, for her sake, Qin Yu had given up any chance of contacting others. It was clear that his emotions for her ran deep…the East Zhou Family was actually lucky to give birth to such a fierce young miss!

“Fellow daoist Furu, I suddenly received a message from the family and they need me to urgently return. I will bid my goodbyes here first!”

“It’s the same for me, I cannot stay any longer today. I will be leaving first.”

“I must bid my farewells!”

The cultivators in the hall all stood up. Moments later, almost all of them had cleared out. Qin Yu had made his stance clear and wouldn’t even give them a chance. If they stayed then all they would see would be the smug faces of the East Zhou Family.

There was no chance of competing for Qin Yu, so they had to raise East Zhou Duly’s threat level. If this girl entered the Path of 10,000 Souls, she would likely receive a harvest.

This girl, her life was wonderful!

It wasn’t just outsiders that thought this. Even those within the East Zhou Family thought that East Zhou Duly was extremely lucky.

If others could think of it, how could they not realize it? Qin Yu’s attitude had been resolute and he directly blocked all other influences trying to contact him. Was it really just because he was touched by the sincerity of their East Zhou Family?

Hoho, don’t kid around. If the situation was reversed, the East Zhou Family would do anything in order to win over Qin Yu.

Looking at things, their East Zhou Family might be able to climb up marriage relations with a Ruler in the future!

This was a great deed!


The advent of a legend would inevitably be accompanied by phenomena. Depending on the level of the legend, the phenomena were also divided into large and small. Taking the sea of stars as a curtain of beads to condense one’s Great Dao God Mark was amongst the highest levels.

The reason Qin Yu didn’t experience any phenomena after his breakthrough was that some people didn’t want him to appear too dazzling. After his breakthrough, they directly transferred the phenomena away.

So in a distant wild star territory that was countless miles away from the homeworld of the East Zhou Family, trillions of stars erupted and surged. They were like mighty waves, giving off a feeling that they were almost substantive.

Drawn in by an invisible aura, the light shrank inwards, forming blinding motes of light.

If someone could see all the stars in the heavens, they would discover that the trillions upon trillions of shining spots corresponded to the stars!

As if they were a projection of the starry skies!

There were living creatures in this wild star territory, but their level of life was low so they didn’t notice the arrival of this sight. Originally, it should have silently dissipated without being noticed.

However, as this projection of the starry skies arrived, an old man in winged robes, sitting cross-legged in a tent on one of the worlds in this desolate region, suddenly opened his eyes. He was blind in one eye but it caused his other eye to seem even brighter.

Walking out of the tent, he looked up at the sea of stars that tore apart the darkness and lit up the heavens. His one eye became brighter and brighter and his lips began to tremble.

“A True God…this world…a True God has been unexpectedly born…”


The East Zhou Family knew that the reason Qin Yu rejected the olive branches from all the other parties was because of his deep sentiments towards East Zhou Duly.

But this didn’t mean they wouldn’t try anything else…it was hard to find such a good son-in-law even if they were holding a lantern, so naturally they couldn’t implicate East Zhou Duly due to some small matter and reduce her standing in Qin Yu’s heart.

Save a little only to lose a lot, this was a mistake they would not commit.

As a result, they didn’t reduce his benefits but instead increased them so that he would feel the full sincerity of the East Zhou Family. If he could really become dao companions with East Zhou Duly, what could such a minor price be considered?

Qin Yu had no idea that the East Zhou Family’s thoughts had diverged far from reality and everything had become a mess. He received all the generous gifts without refusing them.

No matter what angle he looked at things from, if he accepted these gifts now then the East Zhou Family would be even more at ease.

Snowside, who was in charge of sorting out the gifts, was smiling so happily that her eyes turned into crescent moons. While these things weren’t for her, with Qin Yu’s attitude, as long as she needed something and whined and acted cute about it…cough cough, well, that method was probably useless.

As long as she ignored all her ethics and shamelessly and brazenly acted without any regard for her face, then she could absolutely obtain what she wanted.

When it came to moral integrity and whatnot, there were times when such things were needed, but at other times she had no problem tossing them to the side.

As she thought about the items on the gift list and how they were basically hers, Snowside smiled with even greater satisfaction. The East Zhou Family was truly worthy of their name when they did something!

“Stop smiling and wipe the drool from your lips! Others will laugh at you if you drown in your own spit!” Qin Yu said, a disgusted look on his face.

Snowside glared at him and humphed twice. She thought that since he had generated such a large income, she wouldn’t stoop to his level.

“I heard that during inheritance of the Path of 10,000 Souls, someone will always die. The degree of danger is high so you must be careful. You are my thick money tree and I’ve decided to depend on you to live from here on out, so you cannot die no matter what!”

Qin Yu rolled his eyes angrily. His woman was becoming more and more presumptuous lately and she dared to say anything to him. He flicked his sleeves and turned around, saying in a bad mood, “Don’t worry, my life is very tough. If you die, I will be perfectly fine!”

Snowside curled her lips and lightly humphed. She lowered her head and continued to look over the gift lift. But slowly, her smile vanished until only a heavy expression remained.

In this world, there was no such thing as free meat pies that fell from the skies. If the East Zhou Family sent such generous gifts it was certainly because they believed Qin Yu had enough value.

Or to be more straightforward, once he entered the Path of 10,000 Souls, the risks he would need to endure had to be worth this price.

The more valuable the gifts, the greater the dangers Qin Yu would need to face. And right now, she couldn’t do anything but look on helplessly.

She felt really…useless…

From the beginning, she had never helped Qin Yu much. On the contrary, she was someone who needed help.

Her lips moved and she smiled bitterly. She glanced down at her significant-sized chest.

“It seems I can only repay Qin Yu with my body. But what a pity, that boy has no lack of beautiful women by his side. Moreover, it seems he has never regarded me as a woman to begin with. This old lady wants to give herself over on her own initiative but I cannot even find a chance. It’s just absurd!

“No, I cannot be a woman who only knows how to profit from others and never thinks about repayment. Hum hum, once he comes out from the Path of 10,000 Souls I will find a chance to push myself onto him and return what I owe. At the same time, I suppose I can also borrow his seed while I’m at it. Then, it’s decided!”

Snowside looked up and thrust out her chest, a sharp and firm light in her eyes. She had an approximate plan for this matter. It was definitely foolproof!

You brat Qin Yu, there is no way you can escape!

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