Chapter 1005A – A True God is Born

The noisy rings of bells and gongs filled the air. The atmosphere was bustling and festive, and guests from all around showed up, each one of them with a precious status.

But what a pity, even though the banquet was being enthusiastically carried out, a pall of vigilance shrouded the entire scene.

Because as the host family and guests made eye contact with each other, a faint smile touched their lips, as if one side was telling the other to keep on dreaming, and the other was saying that they would all rely on their own skills to achieve their goal.

The birthday star who had lived for 3000 years sat in the seat of honor, wearing celebratory red robes. Even so, his face was drained of blood, making him look especially pale.

He was a pitiful sight. He had started preparing for this birthday banquet ten years ago and he never imagined that such a terrifying matter would occur.

As the birthday star was placed in a difficult and embarrassing situation at his own birthday banquet, Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were dark and blank for a long time. Then, his pupils fiercely shrank and he quickly scanned his body.

During the process of the God Mark being condensed, he had suddenly fallen unconscious and lost control of his strength. Just thinking about the possible consequences left him with a cold sweat covering his body.

But now…things were different than they seemed. After a short period of shock, he froze where he was.

In the infinite skies in the world of his mind, an incomparably complex God Mark hovered there, formed of countless woven rule lines. Not only were they intertwined with each other, but hundreds of thousands of these lines also hung down like a curtain.

The surface of each line sparkled with light. The number of them was so high that it was impossible to count. It was like the stars from the heavens had been plucked down and placed on these lines, giving them a feeling of magnificence and dignity.

This was…his God Mark? He had broken through? But the issue was, just how had he made a breakthrough? He was a bit confused about this.

He certainly didn’t know that in this world, there was a saying that had been passed down from ancient times: When the God Mark condenses, the endless sea of stars is taken down from the skies, hung on a curtain of beads and establishing a new legend.

That’s right, beginning from today, Qin Yu had started his own legend…it was just that he still had no idea right now.

“What happened?” Qin Yu muttered to himself, frowning.

There was no beginning and no end to this question, but the one who was being asked naturally knew. After a short silence, a slightly dejected fluctuation of consciousness from the stone pagoda entered his mind, “If I told you that the connection between you and me was just restored at this moment, would you believe it?”

Only the heavens knew how excited it had been when its contract connection to Qin Yu had suddenly vanished. In this sort of situation, the most likely probability was that its master Qin Yu had died, thus its freedom was restored.

But Qin Yu was clearly a bastard who didn’t like to do things according to common sense. Not only had he not died, he unexpectedly made a breakthrough.

No, this wasn’t just a breakthrough. In its senses, the God Mark Qin Yu formed wasn’t too formidable, but it sent out a faint aura that caused it to feel suppressed.

This suppression that came from a higher level was what the stone pagoda found most difficult to accept, because this indicated that Qin Yu’s God Mark was even more noble than its own.

This was just…how was this even possible?

But no matter how much disbelief it felt, the truth was placed right in front of it. The stone pagoda couldn’t help but begin to wonder…was Qin Yu someone that was playing the role of pig to eat the tiger?

Could it be that he had some immense background, some unfathomably great origin? How else could the current situation be explained?

As the stone pagoda’s thoughts were in a mess, Qin Yu rubbed his forehead. Through the contract connection he knew that the stone pagoda wasn’t lying – it really had no idea what happened.

With a thought, he disconnected from the stone pagoda. The sun and moon force field within his soul space began to revolve, separating him from the outside world.

Besides the stone pagoda, Qin Yu had someone even more reliable he could ask. It was just that during this recent period of time it had been unusually silent.

He sent over a thought fluctuation through their connection. But like a pebble dropped into a sea, he didn’t obtain any response.

Qin Yu felt helpless. That little blue lamp fellow was growing increasingly silent these days. He had no idea what it was doing.

He took a deep breath and stood up.

Whatever. In any case, what happened was a good thing for him. If he couldn’t find a reason now, he would figure it out later. Everything in this world occurred for a reason. Since it happened, there would come a day when he learned why.

East Zhou Duly’s training chamber had been practically destroyed. Qin Yu emerged from the ruins. As he looked around, his lips twitched as he revealed an awkward expression.

Before, he clearly remembered that outside East Zhou Duly’s training chamber was an incomparably exquisite garden filled with all sorts of rare and precious flowers and other plants.

But now, the ground had been almost thoroughly overturned. The rubble was piled up and countless crushed stones littered the area. Everything had been destroyed.

She had lent him her training chambers out of good intentions but this was the end result. While he knew that East Zhou Duly would be happy that he broke through to the God boundary, he still felt uncomfortable about this.

Before Qin Yu could think more, a respectful voice sounded out, “May I ask, did Mister Qin come out of seclusion?”

Qin Yu answered and someone flickered into sight. They took several steps forward and bowed deeply. “Greetings, Mister Qin.”

This person was a fresh face. His aura was average, but Qin Yu could feel the boundless strength hidden within his body. It was like a deeply slumbering volcano, ready to erupt at any moment.

Qin Yu’s eyes sparkled and he said, “I have left seclusion. Has the Path of 10,000 Souls opened yet?”

This was the issue he cared for the most right now.

The cultivator said, “Mister, there is no need to worry; the Path of 10,000 Souls has not yet opened. The miss is currently attending a longevity banquet, and requests Mister Qin’s presence.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “Longevity banquet? I’m not interested in that. Once it’s over, have East Zhou Duly come and see me.”

“Mister Qin, please wait.” The man bowed again, “Many honored guests have come to today’s longevity feast for the sole purpose of seeing you. If you don’t make an appearance today, I fear these people will not willingly leave. The Patriarch has already come out of seclusion. He and the young miss both hope that you can join them.”

These words were tactful, but Qin Yu could already guess the meaning behind them.

It seemed that because of his existence, the East Zhou Family experienced some problems.

Thinking about it, this was reasonable. With the performance he just put on right before the Path of 10,000 Souls was due to open, it was inevitable that all the parties would try to compete for him.

Especially after they confirmed that he broke into the God boundary.

Qin Yu thought for a moment and nodded, “Lead the way.”

“I thank you for your understanding.” The cultivator relaxed. He bowed once again and turned to guide the way.

After stepping out from this nearly ruined garden, Qin Yu discovered that he still underestimated how highly the East Zhou Family valued him.

Outside the garden right now, there were several dozen cultivators just like this man in front of him.

Disregarding all else, with just their strength alone they could fight an Origin God if they worked together.

“Greetings, Mister Qin!”

Qin Yu slightly bowed. Though he maintained a calm expression, he was even more curious.

What sort of status did the East Zhou Family determine he possessed for them to treat him with such high regards?

This was a considerable misunderstanding!

At the hall of the longevity banquet, a maid leaned over and whispered into East Zhou Duly’s ears. Her eyes immediately brightened. Smiling, she stood up and walked out.

As the real focus of today’s longevity banquet, her actions immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Just as she stepped out of the hall, a guest on the left side of the hall, near the front, who possessed considerable status said, “May I ask where the Fourth Young Miss of the East Zhou Family is going?”

Everyone knew each other’s thoughts. It was just that they were cautious of each other and didn’t dare to blatantly tear apart all pretense of face. But at this time, there was no need to disguise their words any longer.

East Zhou Furu cursed inwardly. If you ask me, who am I supposed to ask? If it weren’t for all of you bastards, would my 3000 year birthday celebration have turned into such dog shit?

But even if he cursed inwardly, it was all inwardly. Since everyone decided to still have some consideration for face, it was best to be friendly if possible.

He lightly coughed and smiled. Just as he was about to feign ignorance and give some random answer, a subordinate walked over and whispered into his ears. East Zhou Furu’s complexion immediately changed and he waved away the subordinate. He stood up and said, “Everyone, I have invited an honored guest to attend my longevity banquet today. Please rise and join me in welcoming him.”

As he finished speaking, he stood up from his table and walked into the hall.

He hadn’t been an East Zhou Family Elder for long and thus his authority was limited. But, he still had the status to know about Qin Yu’s ‘background’.

A Ruler’s disciple!

Tsk tsk, just this point alone, even ignoring Qin Yu’s potential, was not something that he could hope to compare with.

The Patriarch had passed down strict orders that no one could reveal anything about Qin Yu’s status to anyone. But if I have a better attitude and focus on him, even if I overstep a little, that isn’t too much, right?

After all, who didn’t know that while the opening of the Path of 10,000 Souls was imminent, Qin Yu was a sweet little pastry and these people here were all big bad wolves wanting to gobble him up.

Hehe, I am doing this to increase the pressure on these ‘big bad wolves’ and teach them that if they want to steal someone from our East Zhou Family, they are simply dreaming!

“Mister Qin!”

There was a roll call from outside the hall. This was a reception that all guests with honored statuses were given as a show of respect.

Shua –

The hall immediately fell silent. All eyes gathered at the entrance. Eyes brightened and filled with admiration. East Zhou Duly had suddenly left and East Zhou Furu had put on this act. They weren’t stupid so they naturally guessed who this Mister Qin was.

They were indeed worthy of being the East Zhou Family. Their conduct was magnificent. Even if the East Zhou Family knew what they all came here for, they still continued what they were doing with great momentum.

They were clearly saying: I know what you are all thinking. You want to look for a chance to take Qin Yu away from our family, right? But even if I give you this opportunity and place him right in front of you, just what methods can you use?

Of course, admiration was just admiration. They wouldn’t hesitate in making their move. They had come to the East Zhou Family with great fanfare and even prepared generous gifts. Wasn’t doing all of that just for this moment?

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