Chapter 1004 – Don’t Even Think About It

Even something like directly plundering the world’s rules had taken place in front of them. If so, then breaking through the cage of rules and condensing one’s God Mark should be easy, right?

Compared to that, it wasn’t anything at all!

Could it be that Qin Yu’s mystical teacher had finally made a move?


Perhaps only such an unsurpassed existence that dominated above the infinite realms and myriad worlds, even replacing a part of the heavens and earth, could have such a terrifying ability.

Their judgment was clearly wrong.

Qin Yu absolutely wasn’t a Ruler’s disciple who had been abandoned, one who would have difficulty raising his head in the future.

On the contrary. If this person could have a Ruler personally take action and help him break through to the God boundary, then this was surely the descendant that they liked and appreciated the most.

The status and value of such a Qin Yu rose more than a hundred times over from before!

But what caused the East Zhou Family to feel sad was that the stir Qin Yu caused today was far, far too large. It was so large that there was no way they could cover it up. In other words, news of today’s events would soon spread throughout all quarters.

To plunder the world’s rules for himself and smoothly break through to the God boundary…even if others didn’t know that he was a Ruler’s disciple, they would still crazily compete for him.

“Duly, you and Qin Yu are old acquaintances. No matter what price you must pay, you must have him remain in the family. You absolutely cannot lose him!” The Elder who warned East Zhou Duly to choose a different follower had now completely reversed his position.

The Elder hesitated for a moment before saying, “While it seems inappropriate for me to say this, if there are any feelings between you and Qin Yu, you must tightly hold onto them. If you can end up with him, then that will be your life’s greatest lucky chance. Even the entire East Zhou Family will profit as a result!”

East Zhou Duly revealed an awkward expression before helplessly saying, “Elder, you are overthinking things. Although I am old acquaintances with Qin Yu, it would be better to describe it as a brief cooperation. Nothing else was involved.”

The Elder smiled. He softly said, “Duly, you are being confused by the situation…with Qin Yu’s status, he has countless methods to enter the Path of 10,000 Souls. Why would he choose to make things difficult for himself and chase you all the way here to willingly become your follower?”

East Zhou Duly’s heart skipped a beat. While she thought the chances of what the Elder said weren’t that great, a red flush started to creep up her face.

Because…his words made sense and seemed reasonable. Could Qin Yu really like her…Qin Yu’s figure appeared in her mind and she suddenly became flustered. She took a deep breath and suppressed these haphazard thoughts.

“Elder, rest assured. No matter what the reality is, I will do my best to have Qin Yu stay here.”

“Good. If you need any support from the family, just tell us. The East Zhou Family will support you with the highest degree of authority we possess.” The Elder had a dignified expression, “You should know that right now, Qin Yu will be the strongest force you can draw support from. If you can be on good terms with him and he supports you with a clear attitude, that will have endless benefits for you in the future.”

Not staying for much longer, the Elder left in a hurry. The East Zhou Family seemed to have expected the sudden downpour and storm that would soon follow. Even if they were confident in their strength, they had to fully prepare themselves for the battle that was to come in order to prevent any accidents occurring and being exploited.

As East Zhou Duly was feeling shy and awkwardly contemplating whether she should try using her beauty to enchant Qin Yu, news of his breakthrough to the God boundary and the storm he caused in doing so rapidly spread out.

After confirming the authenticity of this news, Qin Yu’s value, which had been lost, suddenly increased numerous times over from its original state. He became the focus of attention once again.

To plunder the heavens and earth for his own use…although they had no idea what happened in Qin Yu’s God boundary breakthrough, this in itself was enough for all parties to have confidence in him.

The cage of rules could surely not imprison him. His breakthrough to the God boundary was already a certainty!

Such a Qin Yu was even more unfathomably deep and mysterious. He was wrapped in layers of fog, making a person feel instinctual awe.

That’s right, it was awe!

To plunder the heavens and earth and seize its strength for oneself, just what boundary was needed to accomplish this? Although no one knew for sure, they could roughly guess it.

It seemed that the supposed transcendent teacher that stood behind Qin Yu was greater than they thought…they feared that this teacher’s strength was truly transcendent!

Of course, no one believed that the stir Qin Yu caused today was done by himself. If so, only one possibility remained; that towering figure behind him had taken action.

For this kind of unsurpassed existence to take action, plundering the good fortune of the heavens and earth to give to him, how could Qin Yu’s status be ordinary? He was likely a treasured and highly regarded disciple.

Ignoring the Path of 10,000 Souls, just the status and traits that he revealed so far were enough to spur every influence to try and gain his friendship.

No one was stupid. If they could be close with Qin Yu then they could naturally take a turn around him and get in touch with the mountain behind him.

Just this point alone was enough for some people to make their own attempts. They were willing to take some risks, even if it meant getting their wrists broken by the East Zhou Family.

After all, as influences that had the qualifications to obtain a spot in the Path of 10,000 Souls, they were all somewhat confident in themselves.

It was said that the East Zhou Family’s Fourth Miss was a genuine beauty…

It was said that East Zhou Duly was an old acquaintance of Qin Yu…

It was said that both sides spoke to each other often and their behavior was close and intimate…

Know thyself and know thy enemy, only then would one be undefeated. If there was an influence that could rise up from the infinite realms and myriad worlds, becoming a powerful force in their own right, they would certainly understand this truth.

Since it was decided that they would compete with the East Zhou Family for Qin Yu, they had to seek out the key to the entire matter in order to get twice the results with half the effort.

And now, as news spread out through various secret channels, the various influences came to the same conclusion as if by prior agreement – the reason that Qin Yu went to the East Zhou Family was East Zhou Duly.

If it was said that they didn’t feel envy then that would be a lie. After all, the East Zhou Family didn’t do anything at all; they only had the good luck of giving birth to such a beautiful and outstanding young woman. With that, they were able to form relations with Qin Yu first. In the future, they might even obtain bigger benefits.

Luckily, we are also large families and we also have many outstanding daughters. There will always be a chance in the future.

The problem is, what excuse do we make to approach Qin Yu without being loathed by him? And how do we tear open all the hindrances and barriers that the East Zhou Family put up?

Flies could always find cracks on the surface of an egg no matter how small they were. This description might not be appropriate, but it was enough to express the approximate intent and meaning of the other influences.

As long as they wanted to find a reason, they would always manage to find one. For instance, within the East Zhou Family, there was a certain Elder who was going to be holding his 3000 year birthday celebration.

As for us, we have always been on good terms with the East Zhou Family. Since we know about this, it’s completely reasonable for us to visit to pay our respects and offer congratulations. It wouldn’t be considered rude at all.

We took the initiative to celebrate a person’s birthday. With so much courtesy and thoughtfulness, no matter how reluctant the East Zhou Family was, they couldn’t push people away, right?

Of course, it is only the 3000 year birthday celebration of an Elder, so it isn’t enough for the high-level figures to go. In that case, it’s appropriate to dispatch some outstanding juniors.

As a result, a certain not well-known Elder of the East Zhou Family was left dumbfounded as he received countless birthday greeting jade slips. The youths on the list all had immense backgrounds too.

If this were any other time, then receiving these jade slips would certainly cause one’s honor to rise dramatically and it would be enough for a person to brag about for hundreds of years.

But now, even an idiot knew what sort of game these guests were trying to play. All of them were hurrying over for this celebration with dark intentions in mind.

Otherwise, why would so many cultivators and young ladies renowned for their beauty appear on the list of guests?

This was just so…ridiculous!

A certain Elder of the East Zhou Family cried without tears. He never imagined he would be a raft that others would take advantage of to cause trouble. In particular, when he saw the discontented eyes aimed at him from the Council of Elders, he felt even more anxious.

Hey, I am just a new and ordinary young Elder without any influence. If I offend any of these big brothers here, my future will certainly be pitiful to the extreme.

But I have already replied and said that the birthday banquet was cancelled for some reason, yet those people didn’t answer back at all. They are clearly pretending that they don’t know anything, so what am I supposed to do? I am also feeling helpless here!

The East Zhou Patriarch was expressionless, “Since they are so enthusiastic, my East Zhou Family will not refuse them. If they want to come then let them come. After all, they’ll find an excuse as long as they want one. We cannot avoid this in the end.”

He had already left seclusion. Although he had only vanished briefly, the feeling he gave off had changed immensely.

The ubiquitous oppression that used to linger around his entire body had disappeared. Now there was only a loose calmness and carefreeness.

Even if one stood in front of him he seemed far away in the distance. His aura was unsteady and couldn’t be captured at all.

Everyone knew that the Patriarch had made harvests during his seclusion. Even if he didn’t make a breakthrough, his cultivation bottleneck had loosened.

As long as he was given enough time, there was a high chance he could break through his current cultivation and reach the boundary of strongest beneath a Ruler!

And this was all thanks to the advantages that Qin Yu brought to the East Zhou Family after coming here. As long as they remained on good terms with him, there would be even more benefits in the future.

How could they let such a Qin Yu be stolen by others? Hum hum, so what if there are beautiful women? Do you think my East Zhou Family doesn’t have any? Don’t even think of taking him from us!       



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