Chapter 1003 – Seizing World Tribulation

If the stone pagoda said there was a way then there really was a way. In this type of situation, it wouldn’t dare to joke around with Qin Yu.

“Tell me.” Qin Yu simply responded.

The stone pagoda was silent for a moment before beginning, “As you’ve sensed, when a cultivator breaks through a limit and steps into the God boundary, the world rules they control will weave together under the function of a mysterious strength, condensing into a God Mark.”

“Get to the point. You should know that I don’t have the time to listen to your long speech.”

“…The point is that long ago, there were some people that were extremely confident in themselves. They weren’t willing to hand over the condensation of their God Mark to the mystical workings of an unknown strength and thus chose to do it themselves.”

If the stone pagoda had a face, it would certainly be smiling, its expression high and lofty with a trace of disdain. “Of course, with your boundary, you shouldn’t know that the quality of the God Mark you form will directly correlate with the strength you will possess after stepping into the God boundary. In fact, because of the God Mark, you may even obtain certain marvelous and wondrous lucky chances that exist in the world.”

“I’ll tell you one more time, get to the point!”

The stone pagoda vowed that if it ever had a chance to rise up and free itself from these chains of slavery, it would surely push Qin Yu to the ground and ruthlessly rub his face into the dirt.

Didn’t this fellow know that when others were putting on a performance, being a good audience member was the bare minimum he could do?

Just wait! I believe that this day will eventually arrive!

But for now…I will endure it.

“Because of certain reasons, I happen to know a method where you can voluntarily condense your own God Mark.” The stone pagoda simply stated, “But I have to warn you, a God Mark isn’t just weaving together brand marks of the rules and twisting them into a shape; it is far more than that. It is something that is compatible and recognized by the world. It is an extremely complex type of brand marking.

“Any mistake or deviation will cripple your God Mark…if things really arrive at that step, then even if you break into the God boundary you will be among the worst and weakest. Basically, if that were to happen, you can forget wishing about your cultivation ever increasing again. So, while there is a way, you need to consider it clearly. If a problem occurs, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Qin Yu frowned before composing himself. Less than a breath of time passed before he said, “Give me the method of forming the God Mark.”

It wasn’t that he was impulsive to the point where he didn’t want to carefully mull over whether or not he should use this method for something as important as the God Mark. Rather, in this current situation, he had tried everything else and couldn’t figure out a way.

Since he had no other path to take, then even if he knew there were dangers and he might even end up crippled, he could only brace himself and tread forwards.

Because even if he crippled himself he would at least still be alive. And as long as he was alive, there were countless possibilities in the world.

Death was the greatest terror that brought everything to an end.

In truth, even though the stone pagoda wasn’t impressed by Qin Yu’s cultivation and also hated the fact that he refused to coordinate with him while he was putting on a display, it had to acknowledge that Qin Yu’s willpower and resolve was praiseworthy.

If it were anyone else, then even if they knew this was the only path left for them, they would hesitate over and over because it involved their future.

Taking Qin Yu as an example, the stone pagoda had met some similar people in the past, and they had always ended up doing decently well.

Perhaps this foolish master who it was helplessly forced to recognize wasn’t as poor as it imagined. In the future, it might be able to slowly anticipate what may happen next.

Of course, the stone pagoda only had these thoughts in its mind. It would never reveal them.

This brat Qin Yu, he already didn’t give any face to it. If he knew that it felt a bit of appreciation towards him, wouldn’t he just overturn the heavens at that point?

Haha, I absolutely will not give him that opportunity!

Since you want the method to condense the God Mark, I will give it to you. As for what the result will be…that depends on your luck.

After all, no two identical God Marks existed in this world. The condensing process could only depend on Qin Yu; no one could intervene.

Hum –

A warm current flowed into his mind, then exploding into light that transformed into information. The information rushed through his body and marked itself in his soul.

Qin Yu closed his eyes, carefully perceiving the God Mark condensing method that the stone pagoda passed to him. After a long time he let out a deep breath.

So it was like this.

He really couldn’t imagine what sort of shockingly talented and incredible person had invented this method in the ancient past. That person actually wanted to act on behalf of the heavens and earth, manipulating that mysterious strength for their own use and then using their own will to condense their God Mark.

Of course, one also had to realize how confident and arrogant this person must have been to dare do such a thing…after all, just a single misstep and they would be thrust into an endless abyss.

This was simply insane!

But now, Qin Yu was going to become a fellow lunatic.

He carefully deliberated over it before determining that he understood the method fully, without any confusing areas at all.

Qin Yu took a deep breath. His thoughts stirred, and the rule brand marks within his soul which hadn’t been able to weave together successfully began to tremble.

This sort of vibration was produced from his soul. It started to spread out, soon reaching his body and coming into contact with the repulsing pressure of the world and producing a strange resonance with it.

Perhaps this confirmed a truth of the Great Dao…in a hopeless and desperate situation, the world was still willing to give him a ray of hope.

Because soon after, as the repulsing and crushing strength of the world began to vibrate in sync with his rules, the fluctuations began to mobilize the mystical strength that arrived from nothingness.

Passing through the shaking of his own rule brand marks and resonating with the world’s repulsing strength, the mysterious strength started to weave together…this process repeated itself, but Qin Yu could feel how complex and unimaginably difficult it was to continue.

In this state, he had to perfectly condense a God Mark that matched his standards; it was almost impossible.

In the ancient past, the vast majority of cultivators who tried utilizing this method ended up screwing themselves over. Their tears were forever stained with lament and sorrow.

Even if one or two succeeded every now and then, their relative number in comparison to those that failed was so low that it could be ignored.

It was because of this that such a crazy cultivation method slowly vanished from the world, and its inheritance was lost in time.

But now, since he had come this far, there was no point in thinking over these things any more.

Qin Yu poured his mind into the trembling of the brand markings of the rules. He tried to increase the revolutions of the mysterious strength.

As for what kind of God Mark he needed to condense…

To be honest, he didn’t have any specific concept in mind. But when it came to condensing the God Mark, there was a phrase people often said: Every person was different and the way they melded together with the world was different. Let your desires freely flow and simply follow the path it takes.

The approximate meaning was that humans were all different and the God Marks they formed were equally different. As long as one acted according to how they felt, they would obtain a God Mark that suited them.

Of course, the premise was that they walked the right path. If they took a wrong turn or fell into a slippery ditch, then that would be too embarrassing.

But Qin Yu waited for a long time and discovered a serious problem. Why didn’t this feeling appear even now?

Without that feeling, it was like waiting for nothing. It was like blind people discussing the color of milk, or having him taste plain boiled water and asking him if it was spicy or bitter…he had no idea!

What to do?

Could the stone pagoda have placed him in a trap?

But this wasn’t right. There was zero advantage to doing that.

If Qin Yu suffered bad luck, it wouldn’t be able to stand on the side and watch while having fun. Its fate would likely be even more pitiful than Qin Yu’s.

Then why?

Qin Yu wanted to know the reason why, but the reason was no longer the most important issue at hand. If he couldn’t follow his feelings, he could only rely on his intuition. If this was true, then the God Mark he ended up finally condensing would certainly be ‘emotional’.

His lips felt a bit bitter, but since he had reached the point of no return he had no choice but to continue onwards.

Qin Yu took a deep breath. With a thought, the rule brand marks in his soul began to gently move.

Bang –

A loud noise exploded in his mind. It was a sound far more terrifying than ten thunderclaps exploding in his ears. Qin Yu felt his consciousness immediately fly up into the air. Then, everything fell into darkness.

If his consciousness was dispersed then he would lose control of the strength in his body. When that happened and the condensing process of the God Mark stopped, he would suffer a backlash from the heavens and earth.

He was violating the majesty of the heavens and earth, trying to use his own will to condense his God Mark. If he succeeded then it would have been fine, but if he failed he would have to pay a dire price.

The consequences were something that the current Qin Yu wouldn’t be able to withstand.

But the most horrifying outcome didn’t appear. Because after Qin Yu’s consciousness fell into darkness, the rule brand marks within his soul were wrapped up by an invisible strength and started ‘knitting’ themselves together.

A God Mark outline gradually appeared. Its degree of complexity was beyond imagination. Just looking at it left a person’s brain feeling pained and swollen. It meant that this unformed God Seal already possessed a certain degree of terrifying power.

In the next moment, the trembling brand marks of the rules around Qin Yu that had resonated with the repulsing strength of the world started to tumble and surge. They became like giant stone mills that spun around, wanting to grind him into powder.

As if the heavens and earth had sensed this particular aura and decided it would not allow this God Mark to appear in the world.

Bang –

There was a shocking thunderclap, like tall mountains moving at high speed and crashing into each other.

A power broke free from within Qin Yu’s body and started to contend with the crushing strength of the world…and it didn’t fall behind at all.

But one couldn’t forget that at the same time, this mysterious power was helping Qin Yu condense the God Mark.

From this, one could infer that even if it resisted the crushing strength of the world, it still easily did its job. It was difficult to imagine how great this strength actually was.

Externally, it resisted the crushing strength of the heavens and earth. Internally, it condensed the God Mark. But, this God Mark was far too complicated, so much so that even the quantity of rule brand marks within Qin Yu’s soul couldn’t support its continued condensation.

If the amount wasn’t enough, what could he do?

The best and most direct method was certainly to make up the gap.

The strength that guided the formation of the God Mark slowed down for a moment. Then, with a roar, it erupted from within Qin Yu’s body.

The feeling was like a great beast that had been slumbering for countless years finally awakening from its sleep with a deep roar.

The crushing strength of the heavens and earth stagnated for a moment. Then, it exploded into pieces.

In the next moment, the torn pieces of the strength of the heavens and earth howled into Qin Yu’s body. His body was like an infinite abyss that could swallow everything as it inhaled all of these torn fragments.

East Zhou Duly’s personal training chambers were built according to extremely high specifications. But in the face of this power, it was as fragile as an eggshell. It shattered and broke into countless pieces.

As a result, the entire East Zhou Family residence was alarmed.

Countless cultivators looked up with amazement. They turned towards the direction where Qin Yu was, and they could clearly hear the lamenting wails of the heavens and earth.

Like a weakling being ruthlessly beaten up again and again.

The higher a person’s cultivation was then the clearer they sensed it and the more dignified their complexions became. Endless awe and amazement shined in their eyes…because at this moment, someone was seizing the world’s tribulation and was forcibly integrating the world’s rules into their body!

In the world, there were countless rules, endless Great Daos.

They existed here because they evolved from the heavens and earth. They could be understood, controlled…and also plundered.

But the premise was that one needed enough strength to achieve this, and they had to achieve it without dying from a backlash of the world afterwards.

Originally, they thought this was something that only existed in the legends, but now they were able to determine that such a fierce character truly existed.

The place where this occurred was East Zhou Duly’s dwelling. After a brief inquiry, they discovered that the person who caused such a stir was Qin Yu.

The East Zhou Family was left shaken.

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