Chapter 194

Book 5-9.2

Yulian was completely shocked. If things went as Orca just described, they could significantly reduce the number of deaths to the warriors.

“I thought about the magic I learned, and I think it would be very useful for this type of siege battle with a castle. You heard about it right? The magic I learned is one where it lifts up a large piece of the earth and strikes it down.”

Yulian’s mind started to clear up with Orca’s words. He was surprised that he did not think about this earlier.

Yulian quickly tried to verify his thoughts.

“You mean to say that you plan on sending that piece of earth toward a castle wall or a castle door?”

“Yes. Wouldn’t that be more useful than being here for a defensive battle? The only problem is that in order to use it, I need to get decently close to a castle wall and will require protection from the other warriors.”

“If you can do that, I will personally protect you since protecting you would mean more of our warriors can live. We still haven’t trained any Shield Bearers to defend against archers.”

Orca then asked in a voice full of expectations.

“Does that mean I can come with you on this campaign?”

“It would be one thing if I didn’t know about it, but now that I do, there is really no reason for me to prevent you from going. But to be sure, I will need to see the strength of that magic of yours.”

“I know it will work. If you consider the size or weight of the lifted object, there is probably nothing that can remain without damage once it is hit.”

Orca answered with a happy voice. He could finally observe his oldest brother’s might with his own eyes after having only heard stories about it.

For Orca who could never go to war because of his weak body, that was really important.

Orca was in the end a man with a warrior’s blood. Who wouldn’t have the desire to go to war and show off their skills? Until now, he had not been able to do so because his body remained weak no matter how hard he trained.

Yulian excitedly patted his younger brother’s shoulder as he answered.

“I guess we need to significantly change our strategy thanks to you. However, Runa will need to confirm it with his own eyes, so you will need to show it to us.”

“Hahaha. My body feels really weird every time I use it, so I just did not want to use it other than in battle. I can show it to you tomorrow.”

“You did well, Orca.”

Orca started to get even more excited at Yulian’s praise.

Fourth month of Year 262 of the Continental calendar.

An urgent envoy from the Rojini Kingdom visited Pareia.

Based on the fact that Aizen could not come, they were certain that Aizen was out in the battlefield as well. If not, the Rojini Kingdom would have definitely sent Aizen as the representative of the envoy because of his friendship with Yulian. 

The diplomat of the Rojini Kingdom explained the current situation before starting to explain to them the need for Pareia to put pressure on the Silence Empire.

They had already discussed this in advance and the Rojini Kingdom had previously sent a lot of materials, but this was done to remove their uncertainty, as well as save Pareia’s face.

Yulian ordered the envoy to rest before gathering everyone for an urgent Meeting of Greatests.

“The request for us to move has finally come.”

“However, it has come earlier than I expected. I was hoping for more of the Silence Empire’s soldiers to move away from the Southern area.”

“Who knows. But in my opinion, they would never lower the amount of soldiers located at the South since that devious Borrea knows about the strength of our warriors.”

After Yulian and Runa talked back and forth, Egane confirmed the information they had previously discussed for this situation.

“Then the people to leave on this campaign are the Glow and Runa-nim, two Greatest Warriors Metro and Gubaham, as well as Orca-nim and Violet-nim while the rest of us defend against the Shuarei tribe and other tribes in the West?”

“It is because we trust Greatest Warriors Egane and Vibli that we can send such a large group to attack the continent. I leave it to you two Greatest Warriors.”

As Yulian looked toward the old Greatest Warrior and showed sincere trust, Egane started to smile as he answered.

“Even if it is Venersis, it should no longer be possible for him to invade Pareia. At least until he has a minimum of 100,000 warriors for sure. Do not worry about us and please take care of yourself. You cannot forget that the center of our Pareia is you, Glow.”

Yulian smiled at the wise warrior’s concern and nodded his head before speaking to the people gathered together.

“Runa, check our strategy one more time. Greatest Warriors Metro and Gubaham, check the status of our warriors one more time. As for you Haisha, check on the status of the Red Storm and the 5,000 cavalry soldiers and make sure they are prepared.”

All of them showed sharp gazes at Yulian’s command, before they all headed out to complete their respective tasks.

Once everybody left, Yulian closed his eyes and leaned his body back. They will need to move around crazily from here on, so you could call this the last moment of calm for Yulian. 

‘ it finally time?’

Yulian kept his eyes closed as he clenched his fists.

“Quickly enter and quickly win. We do not have much time.”

Venersis gathered the Greatest Warriors as he seemed to be confirming it for himself.

“We need to take over the majority of the Western Desert before Pareia’s forces that are heading out to the Eastern Continent return. This is especially true of the Rivolde tribe, since they are certain to be an ally of Pareia. We cannot give Pareia a foothold in the West anymore.”

All of the Greatest Warriors started to focus on each and every one of Venersis’s words.

The situation was so terrible that they could not even feel anger or jealousy toward Venersis. Seeing Pareia unify the Eastern desert and start to become stronger was enough to automatically draw out their survival instincts.

They may have been able to achieve victory over Pareia in the last war against Pareia, but when Venersis called it his defeat and shed tears in front of their Glow asking for punishment, the rest of the Shuarei warriors all cried as well. Venersis was that type of warrior, and things became much easier for Venersis after that.

“This is our last chance. I hope all of you give it everything you have, as if we miss this opportunity, the Shuarei can be said to have no future.”

Venersis’s last words riled up the courage in all of the warriors and their eyes started to sparkle with anticipation.

Sixth month in Year 262 of the Continental calendar. A large change started to appear.

The Shuarei’s War for the unification of the Western Desert. Many tribes had expected the Shuarei to use the opening once Pareia’s forces headed toward the Eastern continent to strike, and Pareia had expected the same. That was why Greatest Warriors Egane and Vibli were left behind in the tribe to defend against that potential attack. Surprisingly, the Shuarei’s decision was not to attack Pareia, but the other tribes of the Western continent.

Nobody could tell the reason behind or even the conditions of the Shuarei’s alliance with the strong nations of the Western continent, but after receiving weapons and soldiers as reinforcement, the Shuarei confidently started to move up north.

The first tribe that had to fight against the Shuarei was the Rivolde tribe.

Pareia’s Commanding Warrior Egane was gathering the reserve warriors to deploy some reinforcement, as he urgently sent a messenger to the Eastern continent to inform Yulian of the situation and ask for them to return.

However, the 50,000 warriors at the border could not return because of their promise with the Rojini Kingdom. If they retreated because of the Shuarei, the Rojini Kingdom that was moving in tandem with Pareia would end up receiving a lot of damage.

After discussing it with Runa, Yulian had Egane strengthen the defense on the crossroad between Pareia and Shuarei, before sending the remaining warriors to the Rivolde. They also started to rush the invasion of the Silence Empire’s territory a little more as well.

Seventh month in Year 262 of the Continental Calendar.

The fierce battle that seemed to be at a stalemate between the Silence Empire and the Rojini Kingdom finally started to change. The reason for this was of course the fact that the Crimson Desert’s Pareia stopped simply pressuring the Silence Empire and started to actually get involved in the war.

At this point, the continent could not help but become amazed once more at  Pareia’s strength.

They used the Castle of Storm that many others thought was good for nothing as the base to secure a steady supply route, and that supply route allowed for 50,000 strong warriors to be stationed at the border.

They then surprised everyone by taking over the Silence Empire’s Fedore region within just one week.

It was not that the defense of the Fedore region was sloppy.

The Silence Empire’s crown prince Shaone had ordered them to prepare for an attack from the desert a long time ago, and they had been making their preparations all this time.

Although they did not send out masters and extra brigades like they would if they were going against a really strong opponent, they at least had enough soldiers to defend the castle walls. They also had enough supplies stationed there so that they could train the soldiers to be prepared for Pareia’s attack.

Castles would normally survive siege battles even if the strength of the defense was one third of the strength of the offense, as long as the castle was sturdy. In addition, there was no way to say that Pareia, which had always gone to war on pirmas, would be talented at siege battles.

Yet they managed to defy everyone’s exceptions and take down the Fedore Castle which was being defended by 30,000 soldiers.

Both the Silence Empire as well as the rest of the nations were amazed by Pareia’s siege strategy. They also wanted to know just what kind of strategy was used. Unless the commander in the castle was a complete idiot, there was no way for a castle to be taken over so quickly.

They were only able to find out the secret to this magical siege when the commander of the southern territory, Count Teros the lord of Fedore, reported his defeat.

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