Chapter 133


Book 4-3.6


The man felt his consciousness starting to fade away from pain and started to move his body left and right.

“You still haven’t figured it out. Warriors hate warriors who do not fight fair. You are someone who possesses amazing skills, yet you do not fight fairly. As a result, we hate you too. And I know exactly how to handle warriors who do not fight fairly.”

Thrint grabbed the man’s left hand and started to twist the man’s finger with a stiff expression.

Crack. Crack. Crack.


The man shouted out in pain but Thrint did not stop. In the end, all of the joints and bones in the wrist of the man’s left hand were broken.

“I don’t know much about assassins but I do know that for someone to get to your level, they need to work hard and have a strong will. That is why I’m sure that you won’t start talking with just this much. Am I right?”


The man continued to moan. Thrint did not care too much and now grabbed the man’s right hand and started to do the same thing and break the bones in the right hand.

Edwin could not even think about stopping him as he calmed his shaking heart and continued to watch.

Thrint did not need to put in much effort to break all of the bones in that right hand. After that, he lifted up his fist and attacked the man’s elbow.


After completely breaking the man’s elbow, Thrint started to frown.

“It hurts my fist a bit too. This method is probably not such a good idea.”

He then lifted up the man’s two arms that were still tied.

Grind. Grind.

The man, who had been withstanding the sound of his own bones breaking, finally fainted.

“My my. I was so nervous that I didn’t control it very well.”

Thrint stood up and went to the corner of the room to grab a vase and poured it on top of the man’s face. The falling water and flowers made the man regain consciousness. 

The first thing the man saw once he opened his eyes was the red flower that was slowly absorbing his blood, as well as Thrint’s face.

“Ah oo ah ee uh oo uh.”

The man tried to say something, but there was no way he could talk properly without any teeth.


At that moment, the door opened and Haisha came in the room. He was shocked to see what was going on and called Thrint’s name out loud. Behind Haisha, tied up in ropes, were the other assassins who came with the man.

“”How could you do this to a person……!”

Haisha saw the man’s swollen arm and hands as well as his completely destroyed mouth and started to mumble in disbelief. Thrint grabbed the man’s head and lifted it up.

“To me, this is not a person but an animal that knows the antidote for Shubeon. And animals only listen when you beat them up.”

The ones who were really surprised at Thrint’s words were the S-grade assassins who were behind Haisha with gags in their mouths.

Seeing that their master no longer looked to be human, they started to shake in fear. The assassins could not figure out how the warriors were all at this location.

Honestly, Haisha, Thrint, as well a some of the lead warriors were hiding at this location a couple days before the rest of the warriors returned. They were waiting here to ambush the assassins. They sent the majority of the warriors back to Pareia to trick the enemy. That was why the assassin never expected them to still be here.

“He keeps mumbling something but I can’t understand what he is saying. We could have had a proper conversation if he complied with my request from the beginning.”

Thrint put the man down and asked.

“You can nod your head right? I will ask you one by one so respond by nodding your head. Understand?”

The man did not nod or shake his head at Thrint’s question.

“I really want to praise you and tell you that you are amazing, but I have no thoughts whatsoever to do that right now. I am disappointed that I judged you wrong. I wasted precious time.”



The man felt a terrible pain in his eye, lowered his head, and started to twist his body. Every time he did that, he could feel pain from his broken arm and fingers and tried to bang his head on the ground. Unfortunately, the man’s head was already back in Thrint’s hand.

Wiggle wiggle.

Everybody was looking at Thrint as he held the man in the air by the head. Edwin quickly motioned to Haisha with his eyes. If the man ends up dying like this, they wouldn’t have a way to find the antidote.

Haisha nodded his head in response and called out to Thrint.

“Thrint, enough. He might end up dying like that.”

“This bastard will not die from this much. I can guarantee it.”

Thrint looked toward the man’s destroyed face and continued to speak.

“There is no way someone with this much mental strength and skills would die a dog’s death like this, Am I right?”

Thrint started to smile. It really looked like he was the grim reaper playing with a life that was about to end.

Haisha started to ask the assassins behind him.

“Do any of you know which poison was on this dagger?”


None of the assassins moved or responded. After seeing that, Thrint started to speak.

“How could they respond with a gag in their mouth? Before you take the gag out, you need to make sure to remove all of their teeth, Haisha.”

The assassins could only wait and hope that they die quickly as they heard Thrint speaking like that.

“I promise on my pride as a warrior that I will let the person who tells us the antidote back safely.”

The assassins looked to be debating the deal for a bit before not moving in the end.

“We don’t need them Haisha. Once I find out from this bastard, we can just skin them alive and rip them up into pieces.”

The assassins felt like their body was ripping into pieces just listening to Thrint speak. There was no way they would know how terrible that kind of pain was, but they felt the fear that the man would definitely kill them by ripping them into pieces.

Thrint turned his back toward the man. He thought about what gave him such a strong will. But that was only for a moment.

“Alright, shall we start again?”

Thrint tapped the man’s hand with his finger as he continued to speak.

“Which is the antidote? If you answer, I can send you off painlessly.”

The man’s entire body quivered every time Thrint tapped on his hand. His body was not listening to his mind.


“Do you feel like answering? If not, you will need to change your mind quickly. There’s still quite a lot of places in your body to break and or pull off. There’s also a way to skin you without using a knife.”


Thrint cleaned the man’s face that had become bloodied with a cloth before lifting up each of the bags with the medicinal herbs one by one in front of the man’s face.

“Is it this one? If it is, just nod your head.”

The man finally started to respond. The man looked at the leather bag and shook his head.

“Then this one?”

Thrint picked up a different bag and shook it. After doing that a couple times, once he picked up the fifth bag and shook it, the man nodded his head.

Thrint smiled brightly as he answered.

“You should have done so from the beginning. Then shall we test it out?”


The man lifted his head and made a noise at Thrint’s words. Thrint left the man there and picked up the dagger from the floor before heading to one of the assassins. 


Thrint did not respond even when Haisha called him and grabbed the heads of one of the assassins before pulling him forward.

“Mm, mm, mm~”

The assassin who was pulled forward was making noises without even realizing he was making noises. Thrint stabbed the dagger into the assassin’s shoulder without any hesitation.


The assassin let out a muffled groan through the gag. Thrint took the dagger out before stabbing it in the assassin’s thigh next.


Once the assassin started to roll around in pain, Thrint started to speak.

“Stand and jump up and down in place, If you jump slowly, I will cut off your toes and then your ankles, followed by your knees.”

The assassin became shocked and stood up with a painful expression as he started to jump up and down in place.

They had lost the courage to bite down on the poison in their mouth and kill themselves a long time ago. The only thing dominating their minds was the fear created by Thrint. They followed his words like it was an order from God.


The assassin started to moan again. He looked at the dagger that stabbed him once more and looked toward Thrint.

“Jump quickly and move your body as much as possible.”

The assassin started to jump up and down with all of his strength. Once he started to run out of breath, he tried to open his mouth as much as he could through the gag to gasp for breath.

“Enough. Now sit.”

As the assassin sat down in relief, Thrint poured the powder from the bag on the assassin’s injuries. Haisha and Edwin finally figured out why Thrint had done that. He was trying to test it to see if it really was the antidote.

A moment later, a white bubble started to boil from the assassin’s injury.

“Uuuuuuuh, ahhhhhh!”

The assassin started to flail. A moment later, his body fell limp, as if he had died.

Once the man closed his eyes, the assassins anticipated that they would be the next test subject. Weren’t they perfect to serve as test subjects?

“You lied to me.”

As Thrint mubled with a stoic expression, he approached the man once more.


Thrint instantly sliced the man’s nose off before starting to slice his lips. Even Haisha had to turn his head away from such terrible scene.

“I suddenly had a great idea. There’s quite a lot of ingredients here. I just need to stab all of them and try your medicines one by one. Why didn’t I think of this great idea earlier? Don’t you think so? Ah! Don’t worry about not having enough ingredients. We just need to go catch more assassins.”

The man thought that it was the end. If they lost all of the S-grade assassins he brought with them, the kingdom and the Eastern Continent would lose the foundation of the entire assassin guild. If that happens, he wouldn’t be able to serve his lord at all. He was starting to feel regret that he did not make a deal with this warrior early on with just his life and the antidote. The man put some blood on his tongue and wrote on the floor.

I will give it to you so let at least one person live.

The ugly writing showed the man’s pain and anxiousness.

Thrint thought for a moment after reading the words. He was worried because Shubeon's life was on the line.

“I will allow it.”

At Thrint’s answer, the man crawled as best as he could to push the antidote with his head. He was hoping that they would let at least one person go as they promised.

It was too woeful of an appearance for the master of the ‘Black Knife,’ the strongest assassin guild in the Eastern Continent.

Retaliatory Blade and The Shire

The response was fast.

And it was something they needed to gain.

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