Record of a Thousand Lives

Record of a Thousand Lives

53 Reviews
"I'll kill you in the next life."
A young man firmly swore.
『I look forward to it.』
The heart of the young man was torn apart along with the world.
He had lived for over 20,000 years.
He was tired of going after hidden classes and hidden artifacts.
He was tired of everything.
He was even tired of dying at the hands of the Demon Lord.
But, Kang Yoon-Soo has regressed for the 999th time.
To kill or to die.
The 1,000th life of the man who mastered all classes has started.
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225 Chapters
Licensed From
Flatter/KW Books


Status in Korean: Completed with 222 chapters

Editor: Felis

Original work ©Flatter/KWBOOKS

53 Reviews
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2 years ago
Really enjoyable. The MC is like a gamer who has been playing the same game till he's sick of it and then some. As such he knows everything by heart and plans to make his way out after finishing off the Demon Lord who is obsessed with killing him.

Very Emperor's Domination style on the sense that he knows so much he's overpowered, but a completely different attitude. No more playing around being the weakling, stealing the beauties and killing for fun. The guy has a plan for himself to get out of that hellish playthrough cycle, so he has optimised it and sticks to it. A very good contrast from ED. So give it a shot, about 10chaps in the style either has grown in you or you'll drop it.

2 years ago
Looks fun!

8 chapters in:

MC is bored of existing. Chapter 1 is a really entertaining setup of the story to come. This seems to have multitudes of potential pitfalls, and it almost definitely won't be the best book you've ever read, but it seems to be a good one to keep up with!

The class system is alright, secret classes and all. It seems fairly arbitrary so far (in regards to acquisition).

The characters are written well enough to justify power dynamics and fight scene outcomes.

I recommend this only if you've already read The Second Coming of Gluttony, as that novel is the best regressor novel on this site.

2 years ago
It seems like any other regression novel, but I’m giving it a positive rating for now. Seems decent, with skills, secret classes, average protagonist, the norm.

When it has more chapters it’ll probably be a decent read for when you want to pass time, but for now I’d just say put it on the reading list and wait. The translation is excellent, which is a plus. I’d say while the protaganist is average, he’s slightly better then most protagonists, but he still seems similar to a cardboard cutout. Guess I’ll just wait and see. I guess it’s around a 6/10.

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