Chapter 995 - Past Life, This Life (Fin)

Huahai, the Moro River Banquet Hall. This establishment was bustling, with a steady stream of people coming and going. A total of 6,000 people were invited for tonight’s celebrations.

The gathering was quite secretive. No one from the public knew why they were here.

The guests came from all walks of life. There were the CEOs of large financial groups as well as ordinary shop owners you would find in your everyday corner store. There were bureaucrats and white-collar workers. Some were even freelancers with no particular job. However, none of them seemed to care about any of this. They chatted merrily, shoulder to shoulder as if they were close brothers.

If other players from Conviction were here, they would be shocked speechless. The names these people were calling each other were the most famous characters in the game.

The top few floors of the Moro River Banquet Hall were merged together. 600 people were gathered together across 40 tables....

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