Chapter 993 - Battle of the Pinnacle (3)

Dark electricity crackled all around Plenty. Occasionally, a stray bolt would hit the ground and send rubble flying everywhere.

With his path to Plenty obstructed, Nie Yan’s heart sank. Since they were already starting to use skills of this caliber, he wouldn’t hold back either. Kalenna waved her staff as a white radiance fell over him.

Kalenna’s Guardian Barrier!

A dazzling barrier enveloped Nie Yan. After which he braved the lightning and dashed straight for Plenty.

Thunder God’s Hammer!

A giant white hammer appeared in front of Nie Yan and shot directly toward Plenty. This was the supplementary skill transferred over to the Tyrant Abak Set from Paternoster's Warhammer! It was extremely deadly. If Plenty were hit, he would be barely clinging onto life at best. Even then, the added stun effect meant his fate was sealed!

BANG! BANG! Two electric serpents struck Nie Yan, causing the barrier around him to tremble lightly. A damage value of 200 floated up above his head.


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