Chapter 991 - Battle of the Pinnacle (1)

The Rank 10 Darkwing Dragon terrorized the sky, tearing through multiple Rank 9 flying mounts in the blink of an eye. 

The flying mount riders from Fallen Angel fled in every direction. Instead of giving chase, Nie Yan had the Darkwing Dragon swoop down toward the stronghold.

“The Darkwing Dragon is coming for us! E-everyone, run!”

In the face of the invincible and unstoppable Darkwing Dragon, the players from Fallen Angel lost all will to fight and quickly scattered.

Both light and dark energy rapidly converged above the Darkwing Dragon. Before long, two beams pierced through the air and headed directly for the stronghold below. They spiralled around each other before finally merging at the end. BOOOM! A giant explosion shook the entire stronghold.

The destructive blast swept mayhem through the entire stronghold.

After the dust and smoke settled, everything within a several thousand meters radius of the blast zone was transformed into ruins. The walls were...

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