Chapter 989 - Killing Godking

Nie Yan slaughtered everyone who came for him. These players were simply too weak, lacking even the qualifications to probe his strength. He decided to try out some of the 100 skills he could learn from the Book of Order. Even if he wasn’t familiar with them, they were still more than enough to kill these small fry.

Between killing players, Nie Yan quenched his thirst on void creatures. He made quick work of them and raised his experience all the way to Level 210, 65%. Just a bit more grinding, and he would catch up to Plenty! 

A Level 220 Void Predator appeared up ahead. Nie Yan was about to engage it, when he detected the presence of a large group of players in the distant forest.

After thinking for a moment, Nie Yan summoned his shadow clone. It entered stealth and dashed toward the forest.

Before long, blood-curdling screams rang out from the forest. These players were no match for the shadow clone!

Some players attempted to approach Nie Yan, who had his dragons blast them from afar...

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