Chapter 988 - Heads Rolling with Every Step

Nie Yan summoned his dragons. The void creatures were also invading the underworld. So, he could do some levelling along the way.

Since the start of the void invasion, Nie Yan’s level skyrocketed. He caught up to Tang Yao at Level 210. Of the Level 220+ Demonified Lords that spawned in the Righteous Faction, he had single-handedly taken down more than half of them.

Nie Yan no longer hid himself behind a cloak. His azure armour flickered with a dazzling radiance within the darkness. A pair of black wings slowly fluttered on his back. These were Demon Wings he crafted from the Demon Feather. In the past few weeks, Guo Huai had helped him collect the other materials he needed for crafting them They didn’t give any stat bonuses, only the ability to fly.

Even so, these wings were still useful to Nie Yan. He now had decent aerial mobility.

Apart from his unrivalled equipment, Nie Yan also had an old man wielding the Amos Void God Staff following behind him at a steady pace. A white nebula...

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