Chapter 987 - Fallen Angel, Get Ready!

Calore, Temple of Light. The flames of battle couldn’t reach here, a gentle holy aura in the air.

News of Nie Yan’s coronation ceremony had quickly spread around the Righteous Faction. Even though the situation across the continent was chaotic right now, many people still came to witness this historic moment.

After all, the Supreme Pontiff held the highest authority in the Righteous Faction.

The main hall in the Temple of Light was packed with players. A red carpet was rolled out that led directly to a seat at the front of the room. The throne of the Supreme Pontiff! A symbol of absolute authority!

In front of the throne was Archangel Tallod clad in his silver white armour. The ethereal wings of light on his back fluttered back and forth. His palms rested on the pommel of his greatsword, which was pointed downward toward the ground. He appeared dignified.

After the Gates of Hell opened, many players became familiar with Archangel Tallod. Seeing his dignified expression, they knew better than to open their mouth. Even though the main...

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