Chapter 986 - Absolute Might!

When Nie Yan returned to Okoron, he found the whole place in chaos. Countless players were rushing towards the city walls. However, they couldn’t stop some void creatures from breaking through the city’s defenses. They floated ominously above the ground, resembling mega sized spectres with sharp teeth and claws. The troops from Asskickers United desperately fought back against them.

A Void Walker moved through the city, toppling down buildings while completely brushing off the shower of magic raining down it.

Even though the players fighting the Void Walker were panicked and confused, they still managed to form a relatively effective resistance.

“Mages, take position to the left. Use the buildings as cover. Maintain your damage output! Warriors, protect the Mages!” a Priest from Asskickers United ordered. The players in the surroundings rallied under his leadership.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The Warriors charged forward while the Mages bombarded the Void Walker with their magic.

A Level 200 Demonified Lord was normally an untouchable existence...

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