Chapter 985 - Book of Order

The Chapter of Holiness floated in the void, emanating a powerful holy aura.

The last remaining chapter! The title of Supreme Pontiff was within grasp!

Nie Yan had started to realize a certain truth over the years while playing Conviction. The strong only grew stronger! Those more skilled than their peers could complete more difficult quests and obtain better gear and skills. With this better equipment, they could naturally take on even higher difficulty quests and get their hands on even better loot. Like this, they would pull farther and farther ahead from ordinary players.

Nie Yan was a prime example. After becoming a Legend, many things became much easier to obtain, such as the final chapter from the Book of Order and the Supreme Pontiff title. After obtaining these things, his strength would rise by another level, and he would pull even farther ahead.

Nie Yan climbed up to the top of the stairs and stopped in front of the floating Chapter of Holiness. He reached out to it with his hand.

The Chapter of Holiness appeared to sense the...

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