Chapter 982 - Death God’s Bone

Under the cover of the six tornadoes, Howling Wind’s body became a blur before splitting into three clones, which dashed off in different directions.

The ground stiffened as a layer of frost spread out. THUT! THUT! THUT! A dense cluster of ice spikes erupted out.

Howling Wind’s attack was ferocious. If a player were to encounter such a frenzied assault, they would likely turn tail and flee.

Nie Yan’s silhouette flickered before disappearing from his spot.

Fawne’s Phantom!

Nie Yan was like a phantom, his silhouette flickering back and forth. It was impossible to pinpoint his exact location.

No matter how much of a seasoned expert Howling Wind was, he’d never seen a skill like this before. His heart sank. With a wave of his staff, he sent a shower of spells raining down on Nie Yan.

Eye of Truth!

Nie Yan’s eyes blossomed out with a profound light. Sweeping his gaze over the three Howling Winds, he discovered to his shock that all three were real. “Whatever, I’ll just kill them all.”

Gale Step of Nirvana Flame!

Nie Yan’s figure blurred,...

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