Chapter 980 - Legendary Video!

Imperial Sword and Crimson Note found a safe vantage point and secretly recorded Nie Yan’s battle.

Since the duo was relatively far away, Nie Yan didn’t discover them. Like a well-oiled machine, he killed the Umbra Demon King in front of him, then lured over three more Umbra Demon Kings. Them befell the same fate as the ones before them, their health chipped away until it bottomed out.

“Look! He has several pets over there!”

“One of them looks like a Golden Dragon. Why does this guy have so many pets?”

“How can he control three pets?” Imperial Sword gasped. This completely overturned his common sense. A player was only supposed to have one pet! The enormous Divine Eclipse Dragon was especially eye-catching. He was taken aback by the fact that its two heads could seemingly cast magic independently.

Who knew how shocked Imperial Sword and Crimson Note would be if the Divine Eclipse Dragon had used Doppelganger!

The two didn’t link Lil’ Gold back to Nie Yan. Many people had Golden Dragons these days, at least several tens of thousands in the entire Righteous Faction....

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