Chapter 979 - Inconceivable Sight!

The experience from a Level 210 Demonified Lord was enormous for a player in their Level 190s, mostly due to the 600% bonus multiplier from the level difference. Nie Yan shot up from Level 196, 23% to Level 197, 62%.

Nie Yan was certainly an outlier. He was the first at his level to solo a Level 210 Demonified Lord.

It was unlikely anyone would match this feat. After all, who else but Nie Yan would have a Sacred set and be a Legend at Level 196?

Nie Yan scanned his eyes over the Umbra Demon King’s remains and spotted a greyish black fragment on the ground.

Death God’s Bone Fragment (1/12): Special Item

Nie Yan wondered what the Death God’s Bone was used for. He guessed it was similar to the Demon King Stone and Demon King Seal.

Relying on the might of Jotunheim’s Descent, Nie Yan continuously chipped away at the health bars of the two remaining Umbra Demon Kings. The seven dragons supported him from a distance with...

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