Chapter 978 - Returning to Hell!

Unbeknownst to Nie Yan, while he was busy reinforcing his equipment, countless players flocked to Hell with 20-man teams. The end result was them being quickly surrounded by an endless horde of undead and killed. 

It was a quick and painful lesson. Hell was a boundless pit of undead.

However, many people refused to accept this outcome and formed 1,000-man expedition teams. It took 12 expedition teams in total to gain a foothold and clear out a safe area. From there, they expanded outward to hunt monsters. Like this, a large number of players, many of which belonged to Asskickers United, entered Hell and so began a grand levelling spree in this brand new map.

Hell was a special map with only two entrances, one in each great faction. The Death God’s Edge was the key to opening the Gates of Hell. If the Righteous Faction opened Hell, their players could enter Hell for an exclusive amount of time, and vice-versa with the Evil Faction. So, the players from the...

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