Chapter 977 - Icy Aura

Thankfully, Jotunheim’s Descent only affected players Nie Yan deemed enemies. Otherwise, he would literally become a person no one could approach.

Nie Yan equipped the reforged Tyrant Abak Set. The sleek outfit had a unique appearance. Keeping in line with the style of a Thief, it wasn’t too conspicuous. The surface of the armour was polished to a glossy shine, flickering with a metallic radiance. An intricate rune was engraved on every piece, each completely different from the other, but forming a peculiar harmony with each other.

Azure streaks of light circulated around the surface of the armour. The powerful frost aura caused the air around Nie Yan to condense into ice crystals. Simply being near it, people in the surroundings would feel a bone-chilling cold.

Nie Yan’s gear had already reached the peak of endgame. As for accessories and so on, their impact was minimal. He could simply head to the guild treasury and pick out what he liked.

Things like accessories were merely minor details. With the new Tyrant Abak Set,...

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