Chapter 976 - Sacred Set - Abak!

The remaining Inheritance of Arcana was in the hands of another Level 190 Demonified Lord. Within 20 minutes, Nie Yan traveled to the underworld and killed it before teleporting back to Okoron with Instant Transmission.

As usual, Nie Yan hid his appearance behind a black cloak as he headed to his personal storage.

If it weren’t for aiding World Bloc’s expansion into the virtual reality market or so many brothers relying on Asskickers United to feed their families, Nie Yan would rather spend his time as an ordinary player; levelling, looking for treasure, and haggling over prices in the marketplace. However, since he’d decided to walk the path of a hegemon, he could no longer enjoy the privilege of the common man.

Nie Yan deposited everything he didn’t need into the Asskickers United guild treasury. After which he withdrew all the materials he previously asked Guo Huai to collect, including the Dark Void Iron.

Nie Yan glanced at the five Inheritance Gems in his bag and arranged them according...

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