Chapter 975 - Inheritance of Life Gem

The Depths of Judgement Valley.

The Chaos Keeper had spawned three days ago. However, no one had managed to kill it yet.

At this stage of the game, a Level 190 Demonified Lord wasn’t too difficult to deal with. However, few Masters bothered to come here to fight this boss. There were many reasons for this. First and foremost was the fact that Judgement Valley was a PvP hotspot, especially for skirmishes between the two great factions. It didn’t matter who came to deal with the Chaos Keeper, there was always someone ready to interfere. It also didn’t help that the Chaos Keeper didn’t drop anything particularly amazing. In fact, what it did drop was pretty sub par given the difficulty of the boss. So, it really wasn’t worth the effort for higher level players.

Nevertheless, the Chaos Keeper was still a hotly contested battleground.

After flitting through a patch of forest, Nie Yan finally entered the hunting grounds of the Chaos Keeper. Seeing this Level 190 Demonified Lord again,...

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