Chapter 974 - Legendary Thief!

The final reward for delivering the Death God’s Skull to Archangel Tallod was 300 Divine Power. Nie Yan was already at 180 Divine Power, most of which came from killing Dark Demon Kings. Combined together, he had a total of 480 Divine Power, allowing him to equip the Death God’s Edge.

With the Death God’s Edge in one hand and Zennarde’s Sword in the other, Nie Yan’s attack power would rise by another level. Not to mention the Death God’s Edge had crit bonuses and the ability to inflict various high rank curses as well as the Death God Tempest supplementary skill.

Be it in PvP or PvE, this weapon’s might was not to be looked down on!

The two daggers were the ultimate weapons. Nie Yan’s only regret was that he didn’t have the armour to match them. However, that would soon change.

Nie Yan sunk into deep thought. After he successfully completed his class advancement, he still had many things to do. First, he had to find the Inheritance Gems to rank up the Tyrant Abak Set and turn it into a Chaos set with the Dark Void Iron. After that,...

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