Chapter 974 - Legendary Thief!

The final reward for delivering the Death God’s Skull to Archangel Tallod was 300 Divine Power. Nie Yan was already at 180 Divine Power, most of which came from killing Dark Demon Kings. Combined together, he had a total of 480 Divine Power, allowing him to equip the Death God’s Edge.

With the Death God’s Edge in one hand and Zennarde’s Sword in the other, Nie Yan’s attack power would rise by another level. Not to mention the Death God’s Edge had crit bonuses and the ability to inflict various high rank curses as well as the Death God Tempest supplementary skill.

Be it in PvP or PvE, this weapon’s might was not to be looked down on!

The two daggers were the ultimate weapons. Nie Yan’s only regret was that he didn’t have the armour to match them. However, that would soon change.

Nie Yan sunk into deep thought. After he successfully completed his class advancement, he still had many things to do. First, he had to find the Inheritance Gems to rank up the Tyrant Abak Set and turn it into a Chaos set with the Dark Void Iron. After that, he needed to get to Level 200. Then came Karsi’s quest to rescue the Ten Holy Paladins. Even at this stage of the game, a Legendary servant would still be of immeasurable value. The Book of Order would come next. It would not only give him the Supreme Pontiff title, but also let him summon an Archangel. Finally, there was the Hidden Treasure of the Dragon Race, which would hopefully give him a special reward, and the wings for which he needed to find a few more materials. This last point was of vital importance if he were to fight winged opponents.

These six things were his main priorities. Beside that, his quest window was filled with six other quests both large and small that he hadn’t completed yet. However, he didn’t consider them important. He’d probably just pass them on to someone else. After reaching this point, even if he completed them himself, they would do little to make him stronger. For example, Cahill’s Parchment Scroll was likely related to some treasure. However, he couldn’t be bothered to retrieve it. One of the top members in the guild could do it instead.

As long as Nie Yan succeeded in becoming a Legend, all his quests would become a piece of cake for him.

Nie Yan retrieved the Death God’s Edge from the gate. In the instant it entered his hand, it let out a dazzling radiance before slowly fading away, leaving behind an ominous red glow.

The feeling of being able to wield the Death God’s Edge was wonderful.

“You have fulfilled all the requirements to step into the Legendary realm. Do you wish to become a Legend? If so, I shall be your guide,” Archangel Tallod said.

Do you wish to become a Legend? In order to step into the Legendary realm, one of the Sacred items in your possession will be bound to you. 

Nie Yan decided to have the Death God’s Edge bound to him, then confirmed his choice.

From out of nowhere, six small angels appeared above Nie Yan’s head. They were about the size of Kalenna. There were both men and women, their bodies draped in pure white robes. They sprinkled white specks of light which floated down from the air and entered his body.

Nie Yan felt a warm energy flowing throughout his body. This was a completely new feeling.

Roughly three minutes later, the angels disappeared without a trace.

“Nirvana Flame, you have completed your ascension. From henceforth, you will serve as a representative of God in the human world, spreading the light in his place. You can choose to make your ascension public to the world. If you do, you will receive the support of the entire Righteous Faction. You may also choose to keep your identity concealed. However, if the Righteous Faction comes under attack, I hope you will step forward to save the innocent and banish all evil,” Archangel Tallod said. 

Do you wish to make your ascension to a Legend public? 

Nie Yan had been worried news of him becoming a Legend would make its way to the Evil Faction. But it seemed there was nothing to worry about, since he could choose to conceal this information!

Nie Yan declined to make his advancement public. This was a server-shaking piece of news! Unbeknownst to everyone, he had become the first Legendary player in the game! Be it the players from the Righteous Faction or Evil Faction, none of them would even consider this a possibility.

Since news of becoming a Legend could be hidden, Nie Yan wondered if there were others who had advanced before him. One thing was for sure though. Apart from him, no one else in Asskickers United had become one. In fact, only Plenty came to mind when he thought about it.

Nie Yan glanced at his character window. In front of his name was a long list of titles: Legendary Thief, Great Hell Judge, Great Prophet, Great Duke, and Venerable Nirvana Flame - Edmet.

Edmet was the family name of the guider, signifying that Nie Yan was guided to the Legendary realm by Tallod Edmet.

Nie Yan had acquired many more titles over the years. However, as his standing rose within different regions and the Righteous Faction as a whole, none of these titles were worthy of being displayed with his name.

Any one of the five high rank titles mentioned would make a person gasp in astonishment. Moreover, one person possessed them all! When Nie Yan completed the Book of Order, he would even gain another one, Supreme Pontiff!

After advancing to a Legend, Nie Yan saw a 300% boost to all his stats. Like this, his movement speed and attack speed directly closed in on the post Chaos Temple and Sword of the War God cap. If he were to face an Umbra Demon King now, he could easily chip away at it until it was dead!

Apart from the stat bonuses, Nie Yan could also choose to rank up three of his skills to Legendary. He chose Gale Step, Backbreaker, and Counter. These three skills were the most important to him. Skills like Annihilation Slash, Apocalyptic Extinction, and so on were all supplementary skills from his equipment and so couldn’t be selected. 

Gale Step, Backbreaker, and Counter became Gale Step of Nirvana Flame, Backbreaker of Nirvana Flame, and Counter of Nirvana Flame. Nie Yan couldn’t help but wryly smile. However, the change in the names signified they were no longer ordinary skills. They had received the branding of a Legendary Thief!

If Nie Yan used Gale Step of Nirvana Flame, any player below Legendary wouldn’t be able to detect a trace of his existence. As for Backbreaker and Counter, they became much fiercer than before. Their effects were increased by at least sixfold. Even if he were to face a super powerful boss, they would still have an effect!

Nie Yan also learned the Legendary skill book he found in Hell, Fawne’s Phantom.

This was a skill similar to Gale Step, but it had no cooldown or duration. It was basically a passive skill. Its effects were up to the player to comprehend.

While Nie Yan was distracted by all his new stat bonuses, a notification popped up to all players of the Righteous Faction.

Hell has been released. All players from the Righteous Faction are welcome to enter this new map and explore it. 

The release of a new map generally wouldn’t shock players. After all, there were at least five or six every month. However, the official website released quite some information on Hell, including the mobs that spawned here. This immediately caused an uproar.

Hell had a total of 13 Level 200 Demonified Lord spawn areas, while on the entire surface world there were only 23 Level 200 Demonified Lord spawn areas. These Demonified Lords usually took at least a week to respawn, some a month or more. There simply weren’t enough to go around. Every day countless players would camp these areas. As soon as the boss spawned, a large scramble would break out. Now, a new map with more than a dozen new Level 200 Demonified Lords was released. How could the players not be excited?

Countless cities opened up transfer gates directly to the Gates of Hell. Before long, expedition teams from all the large guilds set out to explore Hell.

Nie Yan chatted with Archangel Tallod for a bit, wanting to dig up anything extra. However, all Tallod spoke about was the history of the conflict between the Righteous Faction and Evil Faction. Gleaning no useful information, he could only give up.

As he looked at the players in the distance rushing over, Nie Yan weighed whether he wanted to go back now and upgrade his equipment or take on a Level 210 Umbra Demon King first. After all, as a Legend he could probably take them on!

There were at least 200 Umbra Demon Kings. From Nie Yan’s point of view, that was a large pile of experience!

“Let’s upgrade my equipment first!” Nie Yan decided. Even though a large number of players had entered Hell, it would take several weeks for them to explore far enough to encounter the Umbra Demon Kings.

Nie Yan teleported to Judgement Valley with Instant Transmission. With his current strength, killing the Chaos Keeper would be a piece of cake. He’d be able to retrieve the two remaining Inheritance Gems in one hour tops!

Have you gotten the materials I asked for?」Nie Yan sent a message to Guo Huai.

We have everything, including the Dark Void Iron. However, Bladelight and them want to help you get the higher quality Void Silver. Sadly, we’ve only collected 16 ores so far, still not enough to smelt one ingot,」Guo Huai replied.

That’s fine. It’s the thought that counts. Just deposit everything into my personal storage. I’ll go pick it up in a bit. You can dispatch an expedition team to Hell. The levelling speed there is pretty good. But be careful. The mob density there is unusually high. Bring more Priests and Paladins,」Nie Yan said. After which he continued to explain the situation inside Hell.

Guo Huai gasped in shock as he listened to Nie Yan talk of the hordes of wraiths and undead blotting out the sky and covering the land. Let alone going there to level, he was worried their members would be killed as soon as they stepped foot in there. Only an expedition team of several hundred Masters could survive such a place! Since there were so many monsters, the levelling would certainly be fast. It was best to use AoE magic!

I’ll send out an expedition team right away!」Guo Huai said. 

After finishing his chat with Guo Huai, Nie Yan rushed over to the Chaos Keeper spawn area. Time was precious. He wanted to get everything done as quickly as possible!

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