Chapter 972 - Mysterious Throne

A shower of berserk magic bombarded Nie Yan but failed to do any damage to him.

The Umbra Demon Kings immediately dispersed. Nie Yan’s path forward was cleared open.

Still, Nie Yan patiently waited. Only after the Umbra Demon Kings were a good distance away, did he dash forward with Gale Step.

Nie Yan only needed half a minute at most to reach the bottom of the cliff wall.

Thanks to the five Divine Eclipse Dragons working together to draw the aggro from all 21 Umbra Demon Kings, Nie Yan’s path ahead was completely clear. However, even this wasn’t enough. The two Umbra Demon Kings closest to him sensed him and roared out angrily. They charged toward him, brushing off the Forbidden Magic.

Crap! How in the world did they notice me?

Nie Yan was about a hundred meters away from the Umbra Demon Kings. Never did he expect that he would still be detected!

A tremble shot through Nie Yan’s heart as he watched the two Umbra Demon Kings surround him. He was no match for these two bosses!

Thankfully, Nie Yan had prepared for this kind of situation. He had Kalenna buff him with all sorts of blessings, giving him an explosive boost in speed. As long as he reached the cliff wall, he would be safe!

The two Umbra Demon Kings rapidly closed in on Nie Yan.

Beckon Doom!

Three Doom Sentinels appeared behind Nie Yan. He had Kalenna buff them with defensive spells. His speed didn’t slow at all.

With the protection of the defensive spells, the Radiance Rupture couldn’t harm the Doom Sentinels.

The three Doom Sentinels moved to intercept the two Umbra Demon Kings.

The two Umbra Demon Kings roared and cleaved down with their greataxes. BOOOM! Triple instant kill! The Doom Sentinels were blown apart. They were nothing more than ants in front of the Umbra Demon Kings!

However, the Doom Sentinels did briefly stall the two Umbra Demon Kings.

Nie Yan glanced back over his shoulder. He was happy to find his tactic worked. Without missing a beat, he summoned Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon and protected them with shields.

The two dragons roared and went up to meet the Umbra Demon Kings. They could hold them off for a brief moment, but it still wasn’t enough. It was another 300 meters to the cliff wall for Nie Yan while the Umbra Demon Kings were only 50 meters behind him. They could still catch up to him!

Shadow Clone!

Nie Yan split into two. The real him vanished with Extreme Disappear while the clone fled in a different direction.

BANG! BANG! The two dragons also failed to withstand the attacks from the Umbra Demon Kings. Their mangled bodies arced through the air before lifelessly crashing into the ground. Instant death!

A Level 210 Demonified Lord was at least eight times stronger than a Level 200 Demonified Lord. Even Level 200 dragons like Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon were felled with one attack.

After the two Umbra Demon Kings finished dealing with the dragons, they halted their steps and stood in place with confused looks. They sensed two presences. One was particularly strong and fleeing to the left. The other was rather faint and heading towards the cliff wall. 

These two presences were naturally Nie Yan and his shadow clone.

After hesitating for a brief second, the two Umbra Demon Kings charged after the shadow clone.

True, the Umbra Demon Kings were Level 210 Demonified Lords, but they were also undead. Their intelligence wasn’t very high. So, most of their decisions were based on the aggro system. The shadow clone had the stronger presence. So, they went after it first!

The Umbra Demon Kings had no ability to think, let alone do something as complex as trying to determine Nie Yan’s objective. So, they couldn’t tell which was which.

Nie Yan smirked. Everything was going as he planned. He gradually closed in on the base of the cliff wall.

Only five seconds later, a notification popped up.

Your shadow clone has died.

However, in these five seconds, Nie Yan had already covered a distance of more than 100 meters, widening the gap with the Umbra Demon Kings to 150 meters. After killing the shadow clone, the two Umbra Demon Kings immediately set their sights on him.

Nie Yan could only stake everything he had. Looking up ahead, the cliff wall was almost within reach.

The two Umbra Demon Kings were hot on Nie Yan’s tail. They were right behind in a moment and swung down with their greataxes.

Just as one greataxe came down on his head, Nie Yan’s dodged to the side, the energy of the attack barely brushing past him.

BANG! Nie Yan could easily guess what happened to the ground behind, but he didn’t dare to turn back to look.

The two Umbra Demon Kings both missed their attacks. Seeing a silhouette fleeing into the distance, their anger soared. They roared out as their bodies ignited with black flames. Swinging out with their greataxes, two enormous, fiery slashes cleaved down from the sky.

Nie Yan was only 50 meters from the cliff wall, when a piercing heat attacked him from overhead. He held his breath as he saw the two flaming slashes coming down on him. Given how large they were, it would be impossible for him to dodge. He had Kalenna protect him with her highest rank shield.

Nie Yan took out a Specialist Health Potion and soared into the air with a Leap, braving one of the flaming slashes head-on.

BANG! The shield around Nie Yan’s body shattered instantly as flames engulfed him.

A damage value of over 90,000 floated up above Nie Yan’s head as his body was flung toward the cliff wall. He quickly downed the Specialist Health Potion before shooting out a web line at the cliff wall. With a hard tug, he swung through the air and landed on the wall.

He didn’t die!

Nie Yan was panting heavily, cold sweat drenching his neck. That was an attack from a Level 210 Demonified Lord! 

The only reason Nie Yan had survived was because of the magic immunity effect of Adjudicator of God. He’d activated it earlier to move around freely through the Radiance Rupture. The flame slash the Umbra Demon King unleashed was at least 80% magic damage. All of it was completely negated, meaning he only took 20% damage. Even then, that was still enough to instantly shatter his shield and shave away more than 90,000 of his health.

Seeing the two Umbra Demon Kings fast approaching, Nie Yan activated the Crawl skill and quickly scaled up the cliff wall like a spider.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The sound of the rocks crumbling below him threatened to swallow him whole.

Nie Yan ignored the Umbra Demon Kings as he climbed up the mountain with graceful agility.

At about 60 meters up the wall, Nie Yan looked down. The two Umbra Demon Kings were moving around restlessly at the base. They couldn’t climb. So, all they could do was roar and flail their greataxes.

Nie Yan looked up into the sky. He saw several enormous flying creatures circling above him. They were even larger than the Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon. He definitely couldn’t let them discover him, or else he would be done for.

Borrowing the protruding bones as cover, Nie Yan slowly approached the pyramid tower. As he circled round to the front, he found an opening just large enough to fit a single person.

Looking up at the sky to confirm those flying creatures hadn’t noticed him, Nie Yan carefully entered the pyramid tower. His surroundings instantly became dark.

Nie Yan had no idea where the narrow passage led to. The sides of the walls were lit up with torches, their dim flames flickering to and fro, stretching out far into the distance.

Nie Yan walked with extreme caution. He had no idea what he would encounter around the next corner.

Six minutes later, Nie Yan arrived in a large hall. The ceiling was about 30 meters high. The rows of towering pillars made this place appear especially grand. Painted on them, the walls, and the ceilings were beautiful murals of demons and angels. It depicted a war between the two sides. At the center was a mighty angel facing a dark creature with countless tentacles. That was likely the God of Light and the Death God.

Only after making sure there were no monsters here, did Nie Yan relax. At the end of the hall stood an empty throne made out of a mysterious black metal. There also appeared to be something beside the throne.

It appeared he was too paranoid. There really were no monsters here.

It made sense. Just entering this pyramid was already extremely difficult. The Umbra Demon Kings guarding outside were powerful beyond belief. It was enough to make this an SSS-rated quest. If even more powerful monsters appeared inside, then it really would be too unfair!

Nie Yan focused on the thing next to the throne, his heart trembling. As he took a step toward it, an immense pressure bore down on him.

This force couldn’t be resisted. Nie Yan felt as if he were going to be squished into a meaty patty. It was the aura of a god!

This frightening strength reigned over all!

Could it be that he was going to die here? Nie Yan was filled with unwillingness. After braving through countless dangers, was he really going to die right before the finish line?

Did he fail to meet some important condition of the quest?

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