Chapter 972 - Mysterious Throne

A shower of berserk magic bombarded Nie Yan but failed to do any damage to him.

The Umbra Demon Kings immediately dispersed. Nie Yan’s path forward was cleared open.

Still, Nie Yan patiently waited. Only after the Umbra Demon Kings were a good distance away, did he dash forward with Gale Step.

Nie Yan only needed half a minute at most to reach the bottom of the cliff wall.

Thanks to the five Divine Eclipse Dragons working together to draw the aggro from all 21 Umbra Demon Kings, Nie Yan’s path ahead was completely clear. However, even this wasn’t enough. The two Umbra Demon Kings closest to him sensed him and roared out angrily. They charged toward him, brushing off the Forbidden Magic.

Crap! How in the world did they notice me?

Nie Yan was about a hundred meters away from the Umbra Demon Kings. Never did he expect that he would still be detected!

A tremble shot through Nie Yan’s heart as he watched the...

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