Chapter 971 - Demon King Seal!

With the goal right before his eyes, Nie Yan felt time was of the essence. His motivation was reinvigorated and he picked up the pace.

Sure enough, a person’s potential was decided by how much effort they were willing to put in.

Five days later, Nie Yan finally collected the sixth Demon King Seal Fragment. After putting it in his bag, it fused together with the other five fragments. The complete Demon King Seal! It looked like the seal of an ancient emperor, with the design of a demon spreading its wings carved on the surface.

Nie Yan examined the item.

Demon King Seal: Special Item

Properties: Leave this item in your bag to gain 10% additional experience when hunting monsters. 1% chance for monsters to drop an additional magic item.

These bonuses were great, far better than the six fragments added together.

It was worthy of an item that dropped from Hell. Nie Yan had spent a month and a half down here already. His harvests were ample. Of course, this was to be expected since the gatekeeper was Archangel Tallod and the entrance key a Sacred Item.

With the Demon King Seal, Nie Yan had an even better chance of reaching Level 200 in five months’ time.

“Plenty, just you wait! I'll come looking for you!” Nie Yan clenched his fist. No matter what, he wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy Asskickers United!

After completing the Demon King Seal, Nie Yan felt there was no longer any reason to continue levelling in this area. He set off toward the pyramid tower of bone he spotted before.

About half an hour later, Nie Yan arrived at his destination.

Nie Yan had the Divine Eclipse Dragon and his other pets hunt monsters in the area. Meanwhile, he approached the foot of the mountain upon which the pyramid tower stood. Up ahead were 60 enormous monsters. They completely sealed off the path. Each one of these monsters was more frightening than a Dark Demon King. He closed in on one of them and activated Transcendent Insight.

Umbra Demon King (Demonified Lord): Level 210

The Umbra Demon King sensed something and looked over in Nie Yan’s direction.

Nie Yan hurriedly hid behind a large pile of bones and activated Extreme Disappear. The Umbra Demon King glanced over at his hiding spot, but failed to find anything. Finally, it turned around and walked away.

Nie Yan couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. Level 210 Demonified Lords! They were a full 10 levels higher than the Dark Demon Kings!

Sure enough, just one of these monsters was already far too strong for him to take on, let alone 60 of them. A frontal confrontation was suicide.

It seemed like Nie Yan’s only option was to sneak past them.

However, sneaking by these Umbra Demon Kings was easier said than done. They could easily one-shot him!

Nie Yan glanced at the Divine Eclipse Dragon, Lil’ Gold, and the Violet Eye Dragon farming in the distance. An idea came to mind. He could have his trio of dragons draw away the attention of several Umbra Demon Kings. Like this, it would alleviate some of the pressure on him.

Nie Yan didn’t expect to succeed on the first try. However, dying had to be avoided. If he died, the quest would fail. So, he had to move with caution.

Nie Yan circled around the bone mountain and carefully examined the terrain. The defenses at the front were the tightest, with 62 Umbra Demon Kings roaming around. To both sides of the mountain were also 40 to 50 Umbra Demon Kings. The back of the mountain was the least heavily guarded, with only 21 Umbra Demon Kings. However, behind them was a cliff wall about 100 meters high.

This cliff didn’t pose much of an obstacle to Nie Yan. All he had to do was draw the Umbra Demon Kings away.

Nie Yan decided to choose the path of least resistance. He had his trio of dragons regroup to his side as he began to carry out his plan.

First, Nie Yan had his shadow clone dash toward an Umbra Demon King. Before long, it approached within 200 meters of it.

The Umbra Demon King noticed the shadow clone’s presence and let out a terrifying roar. It charged forward while madly flailing its greataxe.

Nie Yan hurriedly had his shadow clone flee as far away as possible.

The Umbra Demon King barrelled forward with enormous strides, the earth violently quaking beneath its feet. Nie Yan could tell the distance between the two was rapidly shrinking.

The Umbra Demon King’s movement speed was at least 8,500!

Nie Yan felt a chill run down his spine. Even he wasn’t even half a fast as this Umbra Demon King!

Faced with this kind of boss, running away was impossible!

The Umbra Demon King quickly closed in on the shadow clone. It brandished its greataxe and cleaved down.

The shadow clone leaped out of the way! CRASH! A several meters wide scar was carved out of the earth in the place the shadow clone originally stood.

The shadow clone managed to dodge the first attack, but before it had a chance to continue fleeing, the Umbra Demon King cleaved down again with its greataxe. BOOOM! Dirt and bone fragments flew everywhere.

Your shadow clone has died.

The shadow clone barely lasted a minute!

The Umbra Demon King’s attack speed was even more frightening than its movement speed at at least 9,500! Nie Yan moved like a snail in comparison, with only 5,300 attack speed.

Faced with this kind of attack speed, Nie Yan estimated he’d be lucky to dodge even two attacks. As for its attack power, even his three dragons combined couldn’t compare.

However, the most frightening aspect was that there were 21 such existences gathered together in one spot.

Nie Yan lingered around the outskirts of the area for two days, occasionally sending out the Divine Eclipse Dragon, Violet Eye Dragon, Lil’ Gold, Paladin Lafus, and his shadow clone to probe the attack patterns of the Umbra Demon Kings. Only like this could he gather the confidence to take action.

On the third day, Nie Yan decided to bombard the Umbra Demon Kings with Forbidden Magic.

The maximum attack range of the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s Forbidden Magic was 1,200 meters. Nie Yan wanted to know if he could lure the Umbra Demon Kings from such a great distance.

Nie Yan led the Divine Eclipse Dragon to the top of a hill about 1,200 meters away. The air was filled with a dark haze. It was hard to spot the Umbra Demon Kings from this far away.

Nie Yan used the shadow clone to locate the Umbra Demon Kings, then had the Divine Eclipse Dragon cast its Forbidden Magic.

Holy energy started rapidly converging in the air, flooding the surroundings with light.

Glorious Radiance!

This Forbidden Magic had the largest attack range. It had a cast range of 900 meters and a radius from the epicenter of the attack of about 300 meters. So, it was just enough to reach the Umbra Demon Kings.

Sensing the torrent of holy energy converging in the sky, the Umbra Demon Kings turned restless.

However, their detection range was far lower than 1,200 meters.

After two full sets of syllables, a boundlessly dazzling sphere of light streaked down toward the earth like a meteor. BOOOM! It detonated mid-air and rained down a torrent of pure and holy flames.

As the Forbidden Magic fell down, Nie Yan had his shadow clone activate Adjudicator of God.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Holy flames rained down on the Umbra Demon Kings. A blanket of 100,000s floated up into the air. However, this kind of damage was nothing to these bosses.

After suffering an attack the Umbra Demon Kings immediately dispersed. Five charged toward the source of the attack, while the rest escaped the range of the attack, leaving the path to the mountain wide open.

Borrowing the shadow clone’s vision, Nie Yan was elated. This method could work!

Even though a Forbidden Magic like Glorious Radiance wouldn’t deal much damage to the Umbra Demon Kings, it could scatter them!

Nie Yan didn’t expect this crazy idea to work. However, it still carried some danger. If he were unlucky enough to bump into one of the Umbra Demon Kings and suffered an attack, he would undoubtedly die!

Without a better method, Nie Yan had no other choice. Besides, if he didn’t try, how would he know?

Glorious Radiance lasted for about two minutes. The holy energy in the sky rapidly dissipated as the surroundings settled down. Seeing the five Umbra Demon Kings fast approaching, Nie Yan had his Divine Eclipse Dragon retreat far away. When the Umbra Demon Kings failed to find anything, they turned around and left.

Through the shadow clone’s eyes, Nie Yan discovered the Umbra Demon Kings gathered below the cliff wall again.

The duration of Forbidden Magic was limited. Nie Yan had to make use of every second. If a mishap occurred, he would be doomed!

After waiting around for another day and replaying his plan over and over again in his mind, Nie Yan finally made his decision. He was going to give it a shot.

Nie Yan recalled Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon. He had the Divine Eclipse Dragon activated Doppelganger and Enrage. Five Divine Eclipse Dragons appeared on the hilltop.

Nie Yan carefully carried out his plan. Two Divine Eclipse Dragons remained on the hilltop, preparing to cast the Forbidden Magic. Another three approached the Umbra Demon Kings from the flanks.

Double checking everything, Nie Yan confirmed he was ready.

Nie Yan flitted across the wasteland, stopping at about 300 meters from the Umbra Demon Kings. Looking to his sides, the three Divine Eclipse Dragons slowly closed in on their targets, 300 meters, 200 meters...

Nie Yan narrowed his eyes as his heart raced. It was about to begin!

The three Divine Eclipse Dragons let out a low dragon cry, their voices cutting across the air like thunder. The Umbra Demon King stirred as half of them charged toward the three dragons.

Meanwhile, a large amount of holy energy violently surged in the air. It was another Forbidden Magic similar to the previous, Radiance Rupture!

Balls of light started streaking down from the sky like a meteor shower.

Nie Yan waited for the right moment before activating Adjudicator of God.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Countless balls of light exploded on Nie Yan’s body. Streaks of light and debris flew everywhere.

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