Chapter 971 - Demon King Seal!

With the goal right before his eyes, Nie Yan felt time was of the essence. His motivation was reinvigorated and he picked up the pace.

Sure enough, a person’s potential was decided by how much effort they were willing to put in.

Five days later, Nie Yan finally collected the sixth Demon King Seal Fragment. After putting it in his bag, it fused together with the other five fragments. The complete Demon King Seal! It looked like the seal of an ancient emperor, with the design of a demon spreading its wings carved on the surface.

Nie Yan examined the item.

Demon King Seal: Special Item

Properties: Leave this item in your bag to gain 10% additional experience when hunting monsters. 1% chance for monsters to drop an additional magic item.

These bonuses were great, far better than the six fragments added together.

It was worthy of an item that dropped from Hell. Nie Yan had spent a month and a half down here already. His harvests were ample. Of course, this was to be expected since the gatekeeper was...

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