Chapter 970 - The Sixth Shattered Divinity!

After confirming he hadn’t missed anything, Nie Yan returned to levelling with the Divine Eclipse Dragon. As for Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon, he revived the two. They were in a weakened state, but would soon fully recover.

On the second day, the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s two Legendary skills came off cooldown. Nie Yan found a second Dark Demon King and killed it.

From its corpse dropped an Ancient Scale and skill book. Unfortunately, there was no Shattered Divinity this time.

No matter what kind of skill book it was, it couldn’t be compared to another Shattered Divinity. Still, Nie Yan wasn’t disappointed.

Nie Yan took a look at the skill book. 

Fawne’s Phantom (Thief): Legendary
Requirements: Legend

It was a skill that could only be learned after becoming a Legend!

Fawne was one of the most famous elven Thieves in Conviction’s history, a Legend. This skill book actually carried his name! Nie Yan wondered what this skill did, but there was no description. 

This wasn’t...

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