Chapter 970 - The Sixth Shattered Divinity!

After confirming he hadn’t missed anything, Nie Yan returned to levelling with the Divine Eclipse Dragon. As for Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon, he revived the two. They were in a weakened state, but would soon fully recover.

On the second day, the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s two Legendary skills came off cooldown. Nie Yan found a second Dark Demon King and killed it.

From its corpse dropped an Ancient Scale and skill book. Unfortunately, there was no Shattered Divinity this time.

No matter what kind of skill book it was, it couldn’t be compared to another Shattered Divinity. Still, Nie Yan wasn’t disappointed.

Nie Yan took a look at the skill book. 

Fawne’s Phantom (Thief): Legendary
Requirements: Legend

It was a skill that could only be learned after becoming a Legend!

Fawne was one of the most famous elven Thieves in Conviction’s history, a Legend. This skill book actually carried his name! Nie Yan wondered what this skill did, but there was no description. 

This wasn’t the first Legendary skill book. There were already many of them in Asskickers United’s treasury, acquired when the guild members took down Level 200 Demonified Lords. However, since no one had yet become a Legend, they were collecting dust. Among the collection, there were two for Thieves.

Nie Yan couldn’t help but be filled with anticipation. As long as he became a Legend, he could learn three Legendary skills!

All Nie Yan needed was one more Shattered Divinity!

Since Shattered Divinities couldn’t be traded, Nie Yan could only rely on himself to obtain them. There was no official information on where they dropped, but through trial and error he learned that Demonic Lords like the Dark Demon King had a certain chance of dropping them.

Now what Nie Yan needed most was luck!

Nie Yan wondered if another one would drop by the time he took out all the Dark Demon Kings.

Over the next few days, Nie Yan would set aside some time to hunt the Dark Demon Kings. He spent the rest of his time hunting the smaller mobs.

Nie Yan’s harvests were incredibly. The six Dark Demon Kings and the countless smaller mobs he killed helped him level up to Level 193. Apart from this, he also obtained some great loot, including two Demon King Seal Fragments and five Ancient Scales.

Demon King Seal Fragment: Special Item

Properties: Leave this item in your bag to obtain an additional 1% experience when hunting monsters. 0.10% chance a monster will drop an additional magic item. Gather six Demon King Seal Fragments

An item that increased experience gain and drop rate!

If this Demon King Seal Fragment were to be placed in the marketplace, it would cause the strongest and richest players to fight over it. Even if it only increased experience gain by 1%, this was still extremely valuable to any player over Level 150. After all, it meant you could progress 1% faster than others. The astronomical amount of experience required to level up would also seem just that little bit less daunting. Occasionally, items that increased experience gain did appear. However, they were all equipment that had to be worn. Items like the Demon King Seal Fragment which could be left in your bag were extremely rare. It was easily worth 6,000,000 gold.

As for the increased drop rate, that was even better. Every monster had a certain chance of dropping an item. An increase of 0.1% meant you would receive an additional item for every 1,000 monsters you killed. Not to mention magic items were things that gave supplementary skills.

Nie Yan had already gathered two of these fragments. He wondered if the reward for collecting six of them would be a complete Demon King Seal.

Hell was vast. Likely, there were many more Dark Demon Kings he hadn’t discovered yet. Each one he killed could drop a Demon King Seal Fragment!

For the sake of gathering six Demon King Seal Fragments, Nie Yan expanded his search range. He traversed the endless sea of bones without pause.

After 10 whole days, Nie Yan still failed to find the end of Hell. However, he did encounter two more Dark Demon Kings and obtained another Demon King Seal Fragment.

Nie Yan could feel the effects of gaining 3% additional experience. These Demon King Seal Fragments would have a huge impact on his future growth. Even if he wasted a bit more time in Hell, it would be worth it. He wouldn’t even mind spending three or four more months here!

On the level leaderboards, Nie Yan was still Level 156. However, everyone knew that was because he was still in appear offline mode. So, they were every day guessing what his updated level would be. With the levelling speed of a Thief, it definitely couldn’t surpass that of a Mage. This was evident on the leaderboards. The number one player was Tang Yao at Level 206, 92%. Meanwhile, the highest Level Thief was Sun at Level 201, 32%.

Sun’s levelling speed was already nothing short of astonishing for a Thief, but he was still a full five levels behind Tang Yao. The higher the level, the more significant this gap was. One had to know, Tang Yao had been Level 206 for close to two months already, but he still hadn’t levelled up. If you were to compare time, then Tang Yao was at least five months ahead of Sun.

Taking all information available to them into consideration, the playerbase estimated it would already be a heaven-defying miracle if Nie Yan was Level 185 by now. Little did they know that he was already Level 193.

The playerbase concluded the highest Nie Yan could go before his duel with Plenty was Level 195. Meanwhile, Plenty should be able to reach at least Level 205. In a one versus one duel, a 10-level difference was detrimental. Not to mention Level 200 was watershed. The difference would simply be too big.

In terms of equipment, even though Asskickers United had mobilized everyone to help Nie Yan, one couldn’t forget that Plenty was the Chairman of the Dark Council and the guild leader of Fallen Angel. His equipment was the best in the entire underworld. He also had all of Fallen Angel behind him. He wouldn’t necessarily lose out to Asskickers United!

Defeating Plenty in five months, what a joke! Many players felt Nie Yan was in over his head. In the entire Righteous Faction, the only ones who had faith in him were the members of Asskickers United.

The discussion in the outside world didn’t bother Nie Yan one bit. He fully immersed himself in levelling, only checking the forums sporadically. Reading the mocking and pessimistic comments on the forums, he dismissed them with a laugh. If they knew he was already level 193, they’d change their minds real quick.

It didn’t matter what people predicted. Results were all that mattered!

Nie Yan wandered around this barren wasteland of death. Over this past month and a half, apart from that strange pyramid tower, he discovered nothing else. It appeared that place was his destination. However, defeating those 60 super powerful bosses was going to be incredibly difficult.

A devilish laughter cut across the air. Nie Yan’s face lit up with joy. A Dark Demon King!

Nie Yan finally found another Dark Demon King! He dashed over toward the source of the sound. Before long, a towering silhouette appeared in his vision.

Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon charged toward the Dark Demon King. These two had both reached Level 200, which had greatly enhanced their stats; especially Lil’ Gold, with its defense tripling!

Nie Yan no longer needed to spend as much effort to kill a Dark Demon king.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon split into five. After activating Enrage, they started a ferocious assault on the Dark Demon King.

A string of ludicrously high damage values floated up above the Dark Demon King’s head. Its mournful cries rang out across the air.

After whittling the Dark Demon King’s health down for approximately half an hour, Nie Yan dashed in to finish it off with a Hell Execution.

Nie Yan guessed that once he reached Level 200, he wouldn’t need the Demon King Stone anymore to take down a Dark Demon King. By then, he would be strong enough to take care of it himself!

Nie Yan estimated he would reach Level 200 if he stayed here for four months. This already far surpassed his original expectations.

Approaching the Dark Demon King’s remains, Nie Yan’s heart tumped fiercely. Another viridian crystal fragment!

When Nie Yan picked up the crystal fragment, his hands couldn’t stop shaking from excitement. Legend, a Legend, I can finally become a Legend!

Nie Yan finally fulfilled all the requirements for advancing to Legend!

When Nie Yan put away the Shattered Divinity in his bag, a notification popped up.

You have fulfilled all the requirements to become a Legend. Seek out Archangel Tallod. He will help you complete your advancement.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. It turned out you had to visit Archangel Tallod to complete your advancement. It made sense. Only an NPC of that level could help a player ascend to the Legendary realm.

Nie Yan could finally become a Legend! It truly hadn’t been easy. The journey it took to get here was far more difficult than becoming a Shadow Dancer. It was a pity he couldn’t immediately advance, or else his levelling speed in Hell would increase considerably.

Nie Yan suddenly had an idea. Before the portal leading out opened, he definitely had to complete this quest! Then when he became a Legend, he wouldn’t have to worry about finding another place to level!

After placing all the items required to advance to a Legend in one corner of his bag, Nie Yan continued searching around the Dark Demon King’s remains and found another Demon King Seal Fragment. Now he had a total of four fragments, two away from completion. Given the drop rate of these fragments, it wouldn’t be too difficult to gather the rest.

Nie Yan could already imagine his glorious return.

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