Chapter 969 - The Fifth Shattered Divinity!

Just when Nie Yan thought this kill was in the bag, the Dark Demon King let out a deafening roar that cut across the sky. Its body turned a glowing scarlet red as it swelled in size.

“Shit! It went berserk already?” Nie Yan’s eyes trembled.

The super powerful lords would generally only go berserk when their health fell to 10%, sometimes even at 15%. However, the Dark Demon King went berserk at 30%! This completely broke the norm!

The Dark Demon King brandished its greataxe and cleaved down on Lil’ Gold.

Nie Yan hurriedly had Lil’ Gold pull back, but it was already too late.

BOOOM! Lil’ Gold was smashed into the bed of bones below him, his body completely submerged. He had no way of moving.

The Dark Demon King brandished its greataxe once more. With another hack, blood flew into the air as Lil’ Gold transformed into a ray of light.

Nie Yan’s heart shook. He hurriedly ordered the Violet Eye Dragon to retreat.

The Violet Eye Dragon didn’t even have the time to turn around,...

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