Chapter 968 - Legendary Skill!

Nie Yan’s heart was brimming with elation and excitement. When he first logged back in after his three-year hiatus, he thought he had no chance of climbing back to the peak. However, as the Divine Eclipse Dragon grew stronger, its mobbing speed rose to such ludicrous heights that the impossible seemed possible.

All Nie Yan’s hopes were placed on the Divine Eclipse Dragon. If he hadn’t obtained its egg three years ago, he would have no way of levelling this easily.

All those years ago, Nie Yan had built a great foundation. Even now it still stood rock solid, since many of his items had boundless upgrade potential!

With things such as the Divine Eclipse Dragon, Zennarde’s Sword, Death God’s Edge, Paternoster's Warhamer, the Tyrant Abak Set, and so on, as long as Nie Yan put in the effort, climbing back to the rank of experts was an easy matter. He just didn’t know if he could return to his prime from three years ago, when he was the undisputed number one player in the game. After all, people like Plenty were also exceptionally talented and blessed with immense luck.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon reaching Level 200 meant Nie Yan was one step closer to returning to the peak.

Nie Yan impatiently opened the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s status page. 

After reaching Level 200, the Divine Eclipse Dragon saw a substantial boost in stats. It also learned two Legendary skills, Doppelganger and Enrage.

Doppelganger: Split into five clones. The clones have 100% of the user’s stats and last for one hour. As long as one of the clones is still alive, the user won’t die. Cooldown: 1 day

Nie Yan couldn’t help but gasp in amazement. Doppelganger was indeed worthy of being a Legendary skill! It was far stronger than his Shadow Clone! Where his shadow clone was a separate entity entirely, these clones were still linked to the Divine Eclipse Dragon and only by killing all of them would it die. This skill was more powerful than any Forbidden Magic. One had to know, all five bodies could cast Forbidden Magic. With two heads each, that was 10 Forbidden Spells in total. Even a Level 200 Demonified Lord couldn’t survive such an attack!

The second skill was similarly amazing.

Enrage: Enter an enraged state. Stats increased by 300% for 10 minutes. Cooldown: 5 hours

With its high Growth Rate, this skill only made the Divine Eclipse Dragon more frightening of a powerhouse. Not to mention the cooldown was only five hours, which meant it could be used about three times a day!

Nie Yan’s eyes fell on the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s name. He hadn’t noticed it before, but there were changes to its name!

It was originally just called the Divine Eclipse Dragon, but now it had changed to Legendary Magic Beast, the Divine Eclipse Dragon Gimmeria Worun.

Nie Yan didn’t expect the Divine Eclipse Dragon to gain a proper name. The first part was clearly a title, while Gimmeria was most likely its name. As for Worun, that was the clan of dragons it hailed from.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon was a Legendary Magic Beast. Its strength was on a level of its own.

Nie Yan searched online and discovered a bit of ancient lore on the Divine Eclipse Dragon. Thousands of years ago, it was the king of land dragons. However, it ultimately went extinct because of its low reproductive rate. The only proof of its existence for many generations was a single egg. But after that vanished, the last traces of this species disappeared completely.

This was all recorded down. In other words, the Divine Eclipse Dragon was undoubtedly one of its kind!

Just this information alone made Nie Yan endlessly excited. Generally, the more ancient and rare something was, the stronger it was. Thankfully, the Divine Eclipse Dragon hadn’t fallen into the hands of someone else.

What Nie Yan didn’t know was that he had also spent quite a bit of effort into hatching the Divine Eclipse Dragon. Only with the help of Beast Tamer Hall did he succeed. Odds were, he was the only Beast Tamer in the Righteous Faction who had the qualifications to hatch it.

The hatching of the Divine Eclipse Dragon marked the crucial point of Nie Yan returning back to the peak.

This world truly was full of coincidences!

With two Legendary skills, The Divine Eclipse Dragon could probably take on a Dark Demon King now!

Nie Yan set off to where one of the Dark Demon Kings was located. He’d already marked the coordinates of every Dark Demon King he encountered on the map. He could slowly take them down one at a time.

15 minutes later, an enormous skeletal creature entered Nie Yan’s vision. Standing over 30 meters tall, it resembled a titanic beast. Even though this wasn’t Nie Yan’s first time seeing one, upon closer inspection, he still couldn’t help but hold his breath. He wondered if Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon could even take a single stomp from this behemoth.

If Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon couldn’t lock it down, it wouldn’t matter if the Divine Eclipse Dragon could split into five.

Nie Yan scanned the surroundings. The area was completely barren. There was no terrain he could use to his advantage.

After thinking for a bit, Nie Yan ultimately decided to just go for it. Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon were already over Level 190. They were probably strong enough to take a few hits, and that was all he needed!

Nie Yan passed down a command. The Divine Eclipse Dragon activated Doppelganger. It split into five, after which they all activated Enrage. Battle Angel Kalenna waved her staff, buffing the five Divine Eclipse Dragons, Lil’ Gold, and the Violet Eye Dragon with various blessings.

All preparations were complete. Nie Yan firmed his resolve. Win or lose, he would have to attempt it to know for sure.

Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon roared before barreling towards the Dark Demon King.

The Dark Demon King was the strongest boss Nie Yan had fought so far. He couldn’t afford to hold anything back. He summoned his shadow clone and dashed forward as well.

Sensing the enemies fast approaching, the Dark Demon King swung around. It let out an equally fierce roar as it charged toward toward Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon. Its speed was astonishing.

BANG! BANG! Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon were knocked six meters back. They both took over 300,000 damage. That was two-fifths of their health gone in an instant!

However, Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon were unphased. They stubbornly rushed back forward.

The Dark Demon King’s first attack was especially fierce. After exhausting the momentum from its charge, it could only use its greataxe to attack.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Five dark and five light spells bombarded the Dark Demon King. The ferocious bombardment caused it to wail out in pain.

The Dark Demon King’s exact health was hidden, but those 10 attacks dealt at least 1,000,000 damage. Unfortunately, its health bar only dropped by a small sliver. 

BANG! Lil’ Gold was sent flying with a kick.

If it weren’t for Kalenna and Paladin Lafus’ potent heals, Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon would’ve died numerous times already.

Apocalyptic Extinction!

Nie Yan debuffed the Dark Demon King with a slew of curses, then launched a relentless assault with his shadow clone. Zennarde’s Sword blazed, chipping away chips of bone. It was a Sacred-grade weapon at the end of the day. Its attack power was astonishing. Every attack dealt at least 60,000 damage. The shadow clone was the same.


Even after having its stats suppressed by 50% by the Demon King Stone, the Dark Demon King was still this strong. Nie Yan couldn’t imagine how frightening it was at full strength!

Tang Yao and Plenty could both solo Level 200 Demonified Lords. Nie Yan started to get a better understanding of where he stood compared to them.

Under the fierce assault, the Dark Demon King went into a rage. It cleaved down with its greataxe. BOOOM! A pillar of black flames soared into the sky.

BANG! Nie Yan felt a powerful force slam into his chest as he was sent flying. A damage value of 80,000 floated up above his head. The Shadow Clone, Lil’ Gold, and the Violet Eye Dragon were also sent flying.

The Dark Demon King was just about to continue its assault, when one of the Divine Eclipse Dragons fired out an enormous black ball of light. BOOOM! The powerful blast forced the Dark Demon King to retreat half a dozen steps. A damage value of 15,000,000 floated up above its head.

Dark Divine Burst, a single target Forbidden Magic!

Just as the Dark Demon King regained its footing, an enormous white ball of light slammed into it. The ball of light ruptured with dazzling rays. Smoke started coming off the Dark Demon King’s bones as it cried out in misery as it staggered further back.

Holy Stellar Flare, another single target Forbidden Magic! 

Seeing the Forbidden Magic was effective, Nie Yan passed down an order to the five Divine Eclipse Dragons.

The Dark Demon King fell into sorry straits. Every time it regained its footing, it would be blasted by another single target Forbidden Magic. It didn’t even have a chance to get up to its feet, let alone attack.

The 10 heads of the five Divine Eclipse Dragons fired Forbidden Magic one after another. After completing a cycle, they would use a different Forbidden Magic. The time between spells was calculated to perfection, leaving no room for the Dark Demon King to recover.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon could use all light and dark Forbidden Magic. The two attributes had more than 10 each. With them being cast one after another, the might was astonishing.

Only 50 Forbidden Magic would be enough to blast the Dark Demon King into smithereens.

After two rounds of 10 Forbidden Spells, the Dark Demon King lost more than two thirds of its health.

The Dark Demon King’s mournful cries lingered in the air. Seeing this Level 200 Demonified Lord being trampled so thoroughly, Nie Yan couldn’t help but smack his lips, even if it was 50% weaker than normal.

After another round of Forbidden Magic, the Dark Demon King would be dead. Nie Yan became excited. As long as he could successfully take this one down, the rest would naturally follow. He could slowly take his time dealing with them. He wondered what kind of amazing loot they would drop!

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