Chapter 968 - Legendary Skill!

Nie Yan’s heart was brimming with elation and excitement. When he first logged back in after his three-year hiatus, he thought he had no chance of climbing back to the peak. However, as the Divine Eclipse Dragon grew stronger, its mobbing speed rose to such ludicrous heights that the impossible seemed possible.

All Nie Yan’s hopes were placed on the Divine Eclipse Dragon. If he hadn’t obtained its egg three years ago, he would have no way of levelling this easily.

All those years ago, Nie Yan had built a great foundation. Even now it still stood rock solid, since many of his items had boundless upgrade potential!

With things such as the Divine Eclipse Dragon, Zennarde’s Sword, Death God’s Edge, Paternoster's Warhamer, the Tyrant Abak Set, and so on, as long as Nie Yan put in the effort, climbing back to the rank of experts was an easy matter. He just didn’t know if he could return to his prime from three years ago, when he was the undisputed number one player in the game. After all, people like Plenty were also...

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