Chapter 967 - Level 200 Divine Eclipse Dragon

With the Divine Eclipse Dragon about to reach Level 200, Nie Yan couldn’t help but get excited. This would be another milestone! And more importantly, the Divine Eclipse Dragon would learn new magic, maybe even a Legendary one.

It would be a game changer if the Divine Eclipse Dragon learned a Legendary skill. Its combat power would break through to a whole new realm. At present, it could easily take on a Dark Demon Guard. At Level 200, it could take down Level 200 Dark Demon Kings!

Nie Yan’s levelling speed would increase dramatically when he started grinding Dark Demon Kings. Plus, they should drop even better loot!

Nie Yan’s desire to level up intensified. He restlessly found another Dark Demon Guard.

Since passing through the Gates of Hell, Nie Yan’s strength had increased by at least 30%. Combined with the four Demon King Stone Fragments in his bag, which had a powerful suppressing effect on the Dark Demon Guards, he could take one down in about an hour and a half. 

Under the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s ruthless bombardment, a Dark Demon Guard groaned out in agony as it was forced back step by step. Even when it did manage to take a step forward, Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon would firmly lock it down, both of them having grown tremendously in terms of raw strength.

The Dark Demon Guard was powerless to put up any kind of resistance. After it died, Nie Yan scanned around its corpse before finding a glittering black gem fragment.

The fifth Demon King Stone Fragment!

Nie Yan could now fuse a complete Demon King Stone!

After putting the five Demon King Stone Fragments together in his bag, they started emitting a scorching hot black flame. They gradually moved together in formation before merging together with one final brilliant flash.

The light slowly subsided. A fist sized, black gem appeared in Nie Yan’s bag, the intact Demon King Stone.

Demon King Stone: Special Item

Properties: Can only be used in Hell. Reduces the stats of Dark Demon Guards and Dark Demon Kings by 50%. +10% to all stats if consumed by a dark creature.

A 50% stat suppression effect! Nie Yan raised an eyebrow in surprise. With this item, taking on the Dark Demon King would be a cinch. As for the +10% to all stats if consumed by a dark creature, he wondered if it would work on the Divine Eclipse Dragon.

After all, the Divine Eclipse Dragon was a dual attribute creature!

Nie Yan grabbed the Demon King Stone from his bag and held it tightly in his palm. He could sense a dark energy radiating out.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon immediately turned its attention to the gem in Nie Yan’s hand, both its mouths dripping with drool.

Nie Yan could sense the begging in its eyes. That was one question answered.

However, Nie Yan couldn’t feed it to the Divine Eclipse Dragon just yet. He still had a use for it!

“Should I try challenging a Dark Demon King?” Nie Yan’s heart stirred. At present, the number of players that could solo a Level 200 Demonified Lord didn’t exceed three. Not to mention there weren’t many bosses of that level for them to challenge. However, Nie Yan had located a total of six in Hell! Thanks to the 50% stats suppression effect, he stood a chance. And even if it didn’t drop any good rewards, the experience alone would be enough to make it worth his while!

However, hesitation sprouted in Nie Yan’s heart. Even when weakened by 50%, a Level 200 Demonified Lord still couldn’t be looked down on. It was stronger than a Level 190 Demonified Lord by several times over.

Nie Yan ultimately decided to level up a few more times first. Since he had decided to stay here for another month anyway, he had plenty of time. There was no need to rush. Besides, if he left, where else could he find such a phenomenal levelling place?

Over the course of the next month, the stir from Nie Yan’s challenge to Plenty gradually calmed down. The players from both great factions immersed themselves in levelling and secretly competed with each other. Especially Asskickers United and Fallen Angel, the competition having cemented their rivalry. Neither side was willing to back down with conflict spreading to the maps neighbouring Judgement Valley. Larger scale battles even broke out on several occasions.

Guo Huai kept Nie Yan up to date. Meanwhile, Bladelight and the others had formed a 1,000-man expedition team and were grinding Sword of the War God to help Nie Yan find void metals. After running it for a total of 600 times, they still weren’t satisfied. Only the best items were good enough for their boss! So, they continued running the dungeons in their hunt for Void Gold.

Nie Yan was being realistic by deciding to settle for Dark Void Iron. If he had Void Silver or even Void Gold, the quality of the upgraded Tyrant Abak Set would be even higher. However, up until now, Asskickers United had only collected 13 Void Silver Ores. This wasn’t even enough to refine a single Void Silver Ingot, which required 25 ores.

Even though it seemed hopeless, Asskickers United’s players didn’t give up. Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others spent 95% of their time running Sword of the War God. Their perseverance and determination didn’t lose out to Nie Yan’s.

The three innermost regions of the Sword of the War God consisted of the Radiant Lake, Silverbright Peak, and Emerald Marsh. Out of the three, the Radiant Lake was the easiest to run. Next came the Silverbright Peak, which was only cleared by Asskickers United so far. Fallen Angel’s main team had already wiped there more than 60 times. Even if Plenty personally led the team, it wouldn’t change this. After all, he was just one person. Their overall strength was several notches below that of Asskickers United. According to rumours, Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others were running Sword of the War God six times a day. But perhaps the hottest piece of news was that they were supposedly looking to attempt the Emerald Marsh. The drop rates of void metals were a lot higher here than in the other two places. There was even a chance of Void Gold appearing.

Apart from having a team grinding Sword of the War God at all times, Guo Huai also had his subordinates clean the auction houses across the Righteous Faction from all void metals on a daily basis. 

Asskickers United’s only wish was to help Nie Yan return to the peak and defeat Plenty! For this end, they were willing to pay any price!

After learning this information, Nie Yan couldn’t help but be moved. Countless guildmates were silently working around the clock to help him. If he didn’t beat Plenty, he would really be letting everyone down.

Though mentally exhausted from the several months of nonstop grinding, Nie Yan gritted his teeth and persevered. So many brothers in the guild were slaving away for him! How could he not respond to their hard work?

Asskickers United had already gathered all the required Dark Void Iron. If they could get the higher quality Void Silver, that would be even better. However, looking at the current situation, acquiring enough for one ingot would already be quite impressive. Six ingots were next to impossible.

Nie Yan thought back to the ancient ores in his bag. They were clearly different from void metals, nor were they as rare. But their use was a mystery to him. He’d already gathered more than 1,200 of them spread across a dozen different kinds. If these ancient ores turned out to be on the same level as void metals, how great would that be? However, this was only a wishful thought. If these ancient ores could be turned into void metal, he’d have really struck it rich.

Guo Huai also informed Nie Yan that Plenty had vanished into thin air after receiving the challenge. The moles they had planted in Fallen Angel had no idea where he went.

Nie Yan knitted his brows, uneasiness sprouting in his heart. In all likelihood, Plenty set off to increase his strength. He wondered what level Plenty would reach in five months’ time and whether he’d stand a chance against him.

On a more positive note, Xie Yao had also returned to the game. Three years ago, she left the game to spend time with Nie Yan. Now that she was back, it was unlikely she would catch back up to Tang Yao and the others. She wasn’t a freak like Nie Yan. Still, she currently spend her days grinding in the Dark Demonic Space to bring her level up. Her fastest clear speed so far was six hours, a far cry from Nie Yan’s one hour.

Nie Yan focused his attention up ahead again. The Divine Eclipse Dragon was still continuously firing magic, sweeping through everything in its path.

After grinding for so long, the Divine Eclipse Dragon was 97% of the way toward levelling up to Level 200.

After travelling south for an hour, a grand tower atop a mountain of bones appeared in the distance. It was snow white as if it’d been crafted from jade. It somewhat resembled a tower with a flight of stairs leading up from the foot of the mountain to the peak.

This structure appearing out of nowhere couldn’t be a coincident. It was likely related to the main quest!

Thinking to this point, Nie Yan approached the tower. As he looked at the base of the mountain, he sucked in a cold breath of air. He saw more than 60 colossal figures roaming around. They were even larger than the Dark Demon Kings!

An existence even more frightening than Dark Demon Kings, and there were more than 60 in total!

They completely blocked the path forward. Nie Yan had no way of approaching the tower.

In this kind of situation, Nie Yan didn’t dare to get closer. If he were discovered, he’d be done for!

Nie Yan couldn’t help but sigh. He started wondering if it was really possible for him to clear this quest. 60 monsters that were no weaker than Level 200 Demonified Lords, and they were packed so closely together. How was he supposed to get past them?

Entering the tower seemed inevitable. Nie Yan could only avoid it for the time being.

Nie Yan decided to get the Divine Eclipse Dragon to Level 200 and defeat the Dark Demon Kings first. Just like how the Dark Demon Guards dropped the Demon King Stones, the Dark Demon Kings might drop something similar.

After walking in a different direction for another half an hour, a white light finally fell over the Divine Eclipse Dragon. Nie Yan’s heart trembled. It finally reached Level 200!

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