Chapter 967 - Level 200 Divine Eclipse Dragon

With the Divine Eclipse Dragon about to reach Level 200, Nie Yan couldn’t help but get excited. This would be another milestone! And more importantly, the Divine Eclipse Dragon would learn new magic, maybe even a Legendary one.

It would be a game changer if the Divine Eclipse Dragon learned a Legendary skill. Its combat power would break through to a whole new realm. At present, it could easily take on a Dark Demon Guard. At Level 200, it could take down Level 200 Dark Demon Kings!

Nie Yan’s levelling speed would increase dramatically when he started grinding Dark Demon Kings. Plus, they should drop even better loot!

Nie Yan’s desire to level up intensified. He restlessly found another Dark Demon Guard.

Since passing through the Gates of Hell, Nie Yan’s strength had increased by at least 30%. Combined with the four Demon King Stone Fragments in his bag, which had a powerful suppressing effect on the Dark Demon Guards, he could take one down in about an hour and a half. 

Under the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s ruthless bombardment,...

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