Chapter 966 - Demon King Stone

Many players were skeptical. However, Asskickers United’s higher-ups quickly confirmed its authenticity. The account without a doubt belonged to Nie Yan. Since accounts were bound to the person themselves, there was no way to fake an identity. He was indeed the poster.

News of Nie Yan’s return had already spread to every corner of Conviction. However, this challenge still left everyone dazed.

Nie Yan had taken a three-year break from the game! During this time, Plenty went from around Level 150 to Level 205, only a bit away from catching up to Tang Yao, while also completing the Book of Chaos and obtaining high rank titles like Chairman of the Dark Council. There was also the matter of his gear. With the resources available to him, he had acquired himself some of the best equipment in the entire game. This showdown only proved how far ahead of the pack he was; even the peak experts of Asskickers United couldn’t beat him.

It was mind boggling to the playerbase that Nie Yan would have the confidence to challenge Plenty, even if it was in five months. From their perspective, Nie Yan had only started playing again a couple of months ago. Though his level on the leaderboards was still 156, after seeing his achievements in the Dark Demonic Space, they guessed he had reached somewhere around Level 170 at most. This might be impressive, but nowhere near enough to challenge Plenty!

How shocking was this news!

Nie Yan lived up to his nickname of the Mad Rogue. He really was mad!

Given what everyone knew of Nie Yan, he wouldn’t do anything unless he was confident. This meant he believed he truly stood a chance.

Was Nirvana Flame going to reclaim his throne at the summit?

Asskickers United had suffered a blow in morale. Even though Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and them had steamrolled through nine of Fallen Angel’s peak experts, the position of number one expert was still snatched away by Plenty. How could they possibly be happy with this result? However, Nie Yan’s post instantly lifted their moods and caused the entirety of the guild to stir. The boss was challenging Plenty! What an exciting development!

Even though the players from Asskickers United had no idea how Nie Yan was going to get strong enough to challenge Plenty in five months’ time, which of his accomplishments in the past didn’t subvert expectations? Every member had full confidence in him. Since he dared to issue the challenge, he naturally had a plan!.

The crowd gathered in Judgement Valley gradually scattered. Fallen Angel also returned to the underworld.

Plenty singlehandedly reverse sweeped Bladelight, Tang Yao, and them to win the competition. All of Fallen Angel was rejoicing. After all, their boss had had snatched up the position of number one expert. Still, shock reigned in the guild at this moment.

「Nirvana Flame really is suicidal! He wants to challenge the boss in five months? Dream on! Can he even get to Level 190 in that time? I’ll eat my socks if he can even reach 180! Not to mention the boss is now Chairman of the Dark Council!」

「Hard to say. That’s Nirvana Flame we’re talking about. He isn’t the type to wildly boast. Plus, Asskickers United’s reputation is on the line as well.」

Fallen Angel’s guild chat was filled with discussion. Plenty read through the messages with a frown.

“Nirvana Flame is finally back,” Warlance said, glancing at Plenty.

“What are your thoughts?” Plenty asked.

“Knowing him, he will definitely come looking for us in five months. I don’t know how strong he’ll be by then, but if he didn’t have some assurances, he wouldn’t have issued the challenge,” Warlance said.

Plenty wore a deep expression. “This pertains to the honour of Asskickers Unied. So, he definitely isn’t joking around, meaning he has the confidence in climbing back to the peak in the next five months. If he really pulls it off, he will create another legend. However, I won’t sit still and wait for him to catch up! In five months, we will see who comes out on top! Gather all the peak experts in the guild. I have a mission for them. I want to build up a new set of equipment!”

After Plenty instructed his subordinates, he also went to work himself.

Watching Plenty leave, a strange feeling sprouted from Warlance’s heart. He was worried Plenty was going to lose. However, Nirvana Flame was probably Level 170 at most right now, still a long shot away from Plenty’s Level 206. Could he really catch up? This was simply inconceivable. How could a Thief’s levelling speed be faster than a caster’s? If Warlance knew Nie Yan had a super powerful pet like the Divine Eclipse Dragon and was already level 183 right now, he would probably be breaking out in cold sweat.


Somewhere deep within Hell. Nie Yan didn’t bother with the forums anymore after posting his challenge. He only casually glanced at the guild chat, checking on the discussion going on there.

Since the date was set for his challenge with Plenty, he had to hurry up. Catching up in such short time would still prove extremely difficult. Not to mention Plenty would only be stronger in five months!

Nie Yan would have to give it his all if he wanted to stand a chance of victory.

His main priority right now was to complete the quest in Hell!

Nie Yan gazed at the Dark Demon Guard before him. He had finally shaved away this Level 190 Demonified Lord’s health to less than 30%.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon was moving around and firing magic nonstop.

The Dark Demon Guard tried to charge past Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon several times, only to be foiled at every attempt.

When the Dark Demon Guard’s health fell to 10%, its entire body turned blood red, and its aura soared.

It was going berserk! 

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. He hurriedly passed down an order to the Divine Eclipse Dragon. As it chanted an incantation, magical energy in a several hundred-meter radius started sailing towards it.

One set of syllables, two sets of syllables…

Sensing the intense fluctuations in the air, the Dark Demon Guard felt a threat. BANG! BANG! It sent Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon flying with a Charge.

The Dark Demon Guard rushed toward the Divine Eclipse Dragon.

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The Dark Demon Guard was getting closer and closer.

Nie Yan didn’t panic. He knew there was still time!

The Dark Demon Guard closed in fast, 50 meters, 40 meters, 30 meters… Suddenly, a boundless pressure bore down from the sky.

An enormous sword of holy light and blazing black meteor descended from the sky. BOOOM! BOOOM! The two single target Forbidden Spells struck the Dark Demon Guard. Two massive damage values floated up above its head. Its last remaining 10% health was gone in an instant.

THUDD! A dying cackle sounded from this monster of bones as it crashed to the ground, kicking up a large cloud of dust.

Nie Yan glanced at his experience bar. It filled up by 6%. This much for a single monster was almost unheard of!

Nie Yan faintly smiled. Everything was going as planned. He walked over to the Dark Demon Guard’s remains and rummaged around. He found a single item, a gem fragment about the size of an egg.

Demon King Stone Fragment (1/5): Special Item

Properties: Can only be used in Hell. Reduces the stats of Dark Demon Guards and Dark Demon Kings by 8%.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. With this item, he would have a much easier time facing Dark Demon Guards and Dark Demon Kings.

This was just one fragment. It appeared there were four more.

If Nie Yan could gather all five fragments and levelled up to 185, he felt he could take on the Level 200 Dark Demon King.

Thinking to this point, Nie Yan decided to search around for more Dark Demon Guards. Half-an-hour later, he spotted a massive figure in the distance.

It wasn’t a Dark Demon Guard but a Dark Demon King! 

It turned out this map didn’t only have one Dark Demon King! Nie Yan’s heart trembled. Taking advantage of the fact it hadn’t noticed him, he quickly ducked far away.

After almost two whole days, Nie Yan finally mapped out the surrounding region. Within a 50 kilometres radius, there were six Dark Demon Kings and more than 20 Dark Demon Guards roaming around.

Even though Nie Yan could solo Level 200 Demonified Lords by now, there were only a few in the entire Righteous Faction, and they spawned once a month. Usually, entire expedition teams would set out to hunt them at certain times. Of course, there were also many kill stealers out there. So, it was near impossible to monopolize them.

Nie Yan wondered where Hell was located to have so many Dark Demon Kings!

At Nie Yan’s current level, defeating the Dark Demon Kings would be a challenge. He could only take out the Dark Demon Guards one at a time.

However, hunting Dark Demon Guards to level up was still pretty efficient. Nie Yan estimated he could level up quite a few times in the next two to three months.

The Demon King Stone Fragment only had a chance of dropping every one out of six Dark Demon Guards.

About a month later, Nie Yan hit Level 189.

In his first month and a little back in Conviction, Nie Yan spent his time grinding away in the Dark Demonic Space. Now, he’d been in Hell for over a month as well. Anyone else would have gone mad from the monotony.

The portal out came and passed. Nie Yan decided to extend his stay in Hell.

Apart from his level, his harvests over this past month were ample. The Divine Eclipse Dragon had already reached Level 199. Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon also reached Level 193.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon was a whole 10 levels higher than Nie Yan. Were it any other master, it would’ve long since rebelled. Thankfully, he didn’t have to worry about that.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon was only a tiny bit away from reaching the Level 200 mark. Its stats were already far higher than any player could imagine. One had to know, this was the sole dragon king in both great factions, the most powerful pet!

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