Chapter 964 - Dark Demon Guard

What a powerful spell! Not to mention it could be cast multiple times in a row! Smoke Stub hurriedly protected himself with a golden shield.

BOOOOM! The Burning Hand ruthlessly slammed into Smoke Stub.

Smoke Stub suffered another powerful attack. The golden shield around his body shuddered as a damage value of 10,000 floated up above his head.

Burning Hand!

Plenty hit Smoke Stub with another Burning Hand. This normally didn’t pose much of a threat. Now, however, he was like a candle at the end of its wick. He only had a sliver of health left, and he had no way of dodging this spell.

Nie Yan watched the livestream with rapt attention. Even if Smoke Stub could dodge the Burning Hand, victory was still impossible. It was clear that Plenty was holding back. Even if he hadn’t used those cheap tricks to shave away so much of Smoke Stub’s health, Smoke Stub still wouldn’t have more than a 30% chance of winning.

Sure enough, after several more exchanges, Smoke Stub eventually ran out of health and collapsed to the ground.

Nie Yan felt his heart sink. Smoke Stub, Bladelight, and the rest were all roughly on par in strength. Factoring out class advantages, not one was significantly better. Plenty was clearly stronger than them by a notch or two.

Smoke Stub’s defeat led to a huge stir, especially to those who were familiar with Smoke Stub’s strength.

“It looks like the guild leader of Fallen Angel is no joke.”

“Of course, he is the Chairman of the Dark Council! Do you have any idea how many high difficulty chain quests and super high level bosses you have to kill to obtain all the chapters from the Book of Chaos? How could he possibly be weak!”

Plenty won back some face for Fallen Angel by defeating Smoke Stub. If he had lost as well and in the first match at that, Asskickers United would forever cement itself as the most powerful guild in all of Conviction.

The second person to take the stage was Mistaken Smile.

Since Thieves suppressed casters and Bladelight and the rest were all roughly on par with each other, Nie Yan estimated Mistaken Smile had about a 35% chance of winning. However, anything could happen.

Plenty stood on the stage valiantly, refusing to take a rest. When Mistaken Smile stepped forward, he said, “Asskickers United has so many experts. If two of you were to go up against me at once, I admit I would lose. But if it’s one on one, none of you will ever defeat me!” If these players Asskickers United could easily defeat him, then all the effort spent questing and becoming stronger would be all for nothing!

One had to know, the entirety of Fallen Angel had poured an enormous amount of resources and manpower on him. For the sake of collecting the chapters from the Book of Chaos, more than 100,000 players had died on a low estimate. Only through their sacrifice could he reach this nigh invincible state. This was something Bladelight, Mistaken Smile, and the others couldn’t compare to.

Originally, Plenty had an air of arrogance around him. How could Smoke Stub, Mistaken Smile, and them possibly compare to him? Before this showdown, he believed he could easily 1v3 or 1v4 them, since he could do the same with the peak experts from the Evil Faction. Only after seeing the first 10 matches did he realize his misjudgement. Even he himself probably couldn’t go against Smoke Stub and them 1v2.

“Winner, loser, we won’t find out until we actually fight!” Mistaken Smile said, brandishing his dagger.

“Come.” Plenty stared at Mistaken Smile. Humbled after his match with Smoke Stub, he decided to go all out.

Nie Yan watched the livestream. He was eager to see how Plenty would do against Bladelight and them. However, regardless of the outcome, Plenty’s strength put enormous pressure on him. No one could 1v1 him, not even the pillars of Asskickers United! It looked like he would have to work even harder, or else he wouldn’t have the qualifications to face Plenty!

Nie Yan continued south, killing all the enemies in his path. Several minutes later, another large creature entered his sights. Could it be another Dark Demon King?

The creature looked nearly identical to the Dark Demon King. Nie Yan halted his steps. He prepared to leave. If he was spotted, he would probably be killed! 

Nie Yan was about to walk in another direction, when he noticed something different about this monster. It was somewhat smaller than the Dark Demon King. After looking closer, he was sure of it!

Could it be that that wasn’t a Dark Demon King?

Nie Yan decided to get closer and take a look. He entered stealth and approached the creature. After getting close enough, he activated Transcendent Insight.

Dark Demon Guard (Demonified Lord): Level 190

So it was only a Dark Demon Guard, and not a Dark Demon King! Nie Yan relaxed. A Level 190 Demonified Lord was still extremely powerful but not impossible to deal with!

Nie Yan would have to kill every monster in this unholy place sooner or later anyway. So, he might as well get to it.

Nie Yan had his pets, which were slaughtering monsters some distance away, group back up with him and also summoned Paladin Lafus.

Lil’ Gold was the tankiest out of his three dragons. The Violet Eye Dragon came in second, while it also had decent magic ability. As for the Divine Eclipse Dragon, even though it was the squishiest out of all three, its magic ability was in a tier of its own. Finally, Paladin Lafus could simply stay in the rear and support. His attacks would have no effect on the Dark Demon Guard!

This was Nie Yan’s first time facing a Level 190 Demonified Lord. It was stronger than a Level 180 Demonified Lord by several times over. However, between Zennarde’s Sword, his level, and the Divine Eclipse Dragon, Nie Yan had also grown much stronger.

Nie Yan felt confident. Even if he couldn’t defeat the Dark Demon Guard, he could always flee!

Every step the Dark Demon Guard took shook the ground.

Nie Yan pondered his options. The Dark Demon Guard was a melee monster, making it far easier to deal with than a ranged one. However, that didn’t mean he could fight it head-on!

Seeing the Dark Demon Guard lumbering around, Nie Yan wasn’t naive enough to believe that it was actually this slow. If it wanted to, its movement speed would definitely be astonishing. Melee-type Demonified Lords had to be fast, or else they would be easily kited to death by Mages. The system wouldn’t put in a boss like this.

As his thoughts reached the idea of kiting the boss, Nie Yan had an idea. If it worked, he could even take down the Level 200 Dark Demon King!

Defeating a Level 200 Demonified Lord would prove difficult, but there would be no issue in defeating this Level 190 Demonified Lord!

“Let’s give it a go!” Nie Yan muttered. He had Lil’ Gold and the Violet Eye Dragon charge toward Dark Demon Guard.

When the Dark Demon Guard discovered Nie Yan and the two dragons, it roared at the sky, then brandished its greataxe and charged toward Nie Yan who gave off the holy aura of a Luminous Dancer.

A black and white beam suddenly cut across the air and struck the Dark Demon Guard.

FWOOM! The two beams blasted the Dark Demon Guard, causing it to wail out in pain and stagger several steps back.

Holy Nova Ray and Abyssal Pierce!

The two attacks continued for 10 seconds, both dealing over 10,000 damage per tick.

Only 10,000 damage a tick? Nie Yan was dumbstruck. When he used these two spells against Level 180 Lords, they could easily deal several hundred thousand damage per tick!

The defense of this Dark Demon Guard was extremely high!

200,000 damage was barely a tickle for the Dark Demon Guard! 

Nevertheless, the Divine Eclipse Dragon successfully attracted the aggro of the Dark Demon Guard. It let out a furious roar and charged toward its attacker.

“Now!” Nie Yan’s eyes flashed with a devious light. Lil’ Gold immediately shot forward and slid himself right in front of the Dark Demon Guard’s feet.

BOOOM! The Dark Demon Guard came to a halt as its leg collided with Lil’ Gold. It was much larger than him, but not large enough to get past.

A damage value of 130,000 floated up above Lil’ Gold’s head. Nie Yan hurriedly had Kalenna and Lafus heal him, restoring his health back to full. Even though Lil’ Gold already had over 500,000 health, Nie Yan didn’t want to take the risk. He wanted to keep Lil Gold’s health topped just in case.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon fired out two balls of light, one black and one white. BOOOM! They struck the Dark Demon Guard and exploded.

The Dark Demon Guard was infuriated. However, Lil’ Gold kept it locked in place. It had no way of chasing the Divine Eclipse Dragon. This only worked to further infuriate it as it tried anything and everything to get past Lil’ Gold.

Of course, Nie Yan wouldn’t let that happen.

Whatever the Dark Demon Guard tried, Lil’ Gold would block its path.

Even though his skills had gotten rusty over the years, Nie Yan was still extremely proficient at these little tricks!

The Divine Eclipse Dragon bombarded the Dark Demon Guard while Lil’ Gold continued blocking its path. With the two working together, the Dark Demon Guard basically became target practice for the Divine Eclipse Dragon! Though different from kiting, it basically led to the same result!

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