Chapter 963 - Die!

The Tri Judgement Slash was about to swallow up the Dark Succubus, when Plenty calmly waved his staff. A tide of bones erupted from the ground and formed a shield in front of it.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The three slashes collided into the shield in quick succession. To the surprise of the entire crowd, the Dark Succubus only staggered several steps back, and the shield was still perfectly intact.

Smoke Stub’s eyes trembled. He had no idea what kind of protection magic this shield was, but its defensive capabilities were phenomenal!

At the same time the Dark Succubus served as a body to block the attack, Plenty brandished his staff. Dark magical energy started rapidly condensing at the tip.

Nightmare Curse!

Smoke Stub was moved forward to attack, when a shadowy energy invaded his body. His vision became slightly blurry as his steps faltered.

Curses were instant cast spells. Unless the player used a defensive skill that blocked curses beforehand, there was no way to dodge them. Thankfully, curses generally didn’t have powerful crowd control effects. They were usually more annoyances than anything else.

Plenty’s Nightmare Curse couldn’t be cured for the first five minutes.

Smoke Stub charged forward and slashed down on Plenty with his greatsword.

Ever since Smoke Stub class swapped his base class to a barbarian Raider, his physical stats and Strength scaling skyrocketed. Someone like the Dark Succubus was too weak to put up any kind of resistance, and even a godly Dark Zealot like Plenty wouldn’t survive more than two hits.

At this moment, the Dark Succubus started multiplying, going from one to two, to four, to eight, and so on.

Smoke Stub’s face paled. What kind of skill was this? He’d never seen it before!

Why were there so many Dark Succubi? 

“It doesn’t matter how many there are!” Smoke Stub roared, knocking aside three Dark Succubi with his charge.

Smoke Stub looked up ahead, only to find Plenty had disappeared. “Shit!” he cursed. The skills of that Succubus were too strange. This was his first time experiencing something like this. “Whirlwind Slash!” He spun his greatsword around and sent five more Dark Succubi flying. 

Radiant Sight! 

Smoke Stub’s eyes flashed with a dazzling radiance. He believed these Dark Succubi were mere illusions and could be dispelled with his ocular skill. However, he was wrong. They were all real. To make matters worse, he couldn’t find Plenty, even sweeping his gaze over the entire arena.

The spectators were also dumbstruck. No one had eyesight on Plenty. It was as if he had vanished into thin air!

From the very start of the game, Plenty had taken note of Nie Yan and took a keen interest in Special Items, collecting them all throughout the Evil Faction. With them as foundation, he created a style of combat that ordinary players could never imagine. Of course, since he’d never shown off his combat style before, no one knew what to look for. 

The ordinary Summon Succubus spell combined with a Body Double Ring and Possession skill became a viable PvP tactic.

After bringing out a summoned creature, players could use the Body Double Ring ring to create a clone of their summon.The higher the summon’s rank, the greater the mana cost to duplicate it. Plenty picked the Dark Succubus precisely because its level was low. He could basically duplicate it infinitely. After creating a large number of clones, he used the Possession skill to hide himself among them. As he made more clones, he also continuously targeted Smoke Stub with curses.

Even though Smoke Stub had a skill that could dispel curses, it could only dispel them one at a time and there was a cooldown. Faced with so many curses, there was nothing he could do.

If Plenty were to fight him head-on, Smoke Stub certainly wouldn’t be in such sorry straights. Everything was going according to Plenty’s plan. He immediately seized the initiative by using non-conventional tactics. These little tricks weren’t very above board, but he didn’t care that much, or rather he was in no position to care. He had already made his decision. He would resort to these tactics to win the first few matches, then reveal his true strength in the latter matches!

This tactic wasn’t perfect. There was a certain chance the enemy could see through his tricks. It had no place on a battlefield, but it was extremely effective in PvP. 

Smoke Stub sent five Dark Succubi flying. He used all the AoE skills in his arsenal, but every Dark Succubus was protected by a bone shield. They were originally frail enough for him to one-shot them, but now they could tank several of his hits. Not to mention the dozen curses that greatly reduced his stats.

On the sidelines, Tang Yao knitted his brows. Plenty resorting to cheap tricks was truly something you’d never expect. However, he couldn’t see through it. If it were on the battlefield and you encountered a tactic you couldn’t deal with, you could simply run away. When the skill ran out, they were naturally done for. However, it was completely different in a duel.

“Plenty is trying to hide his strength and using cheap tricks to take out as many of us as he can. He will use his real strength to take out the rest of us,” Bladleight surmised. He could see through Plenty’s intentions. Anyone that faced the nine of them in a row would find it difficult not to lose. If someone could do it, it would be Nie Yan at his peak. It was impossible for everyone else.

Plenty was backed into a corner. If he lost, Fallen Angel would suffer a crippling blow. It would be an eternal stain on their reputation. So, for the sake of defeating Bladelight, Tang Yao, and the others, he had no choice but to try to conceal as much of his strength as possible in the first few matches. The more he revealed, the quicker he would lose.

Even though Plenty was hiding his strength, Tang Yao, Bladelight, and the others saw through a few things. When Plenty was standing on the stage, he was calm and collected. When he cast a spell, it was at the perfect timing. Thinking back to how he brought out the Dark Succubus, bone shield, and so on, his true strength definitely wasn’t lacking. If he were using his normal scepter, even if it were a frontal confrontation, Smoke Stub wouldn’t necessarily be his match!

One had to know that cheap tricks required a lot of skill. To be able to defeat an expert like Smoke Stub with them showed just how high Plenty’s caliber was. If he were an ordinary player, he’d likely be killed before getting the first skill out.

Inflicted by so many curses, Smoke Stub saw his health dwindle away to less than half. However, the desire to win was still blazing brightly in his heart. As he swept his gaze over the countless Dark Succubi, he locked onto one that happened to be keeping a distance. His eyes flashed with a cold light.


BANG! BANG! BANG! Smoke Stub sent six Dark Succubi flying.

Plenty’s eyes widened in alarm. What a guy! He actually found me! He immediately dispelled his possession. BANG! The Dark Succubi was sent flying.

Plenty reappeared on the stage. He waved his staff and targeted Smoke Stub with Shadow Bind.

Sky God’s Furor!

Smoke Stub’s body shone out with a dazzling light. The silhouette of a celestial Warrior appeared behind him as if he had become the vessel for a god. His body swelled in size.

Plenty didn’t expect Smoke Stub to explode with so much might even after being inflicted with over a dozen curses. He sighed. It looked like cheap tricks could only take him so far against an expert of Smoke Stub’s level. He would still have to use his full strength.

Lich King Form! 

Plenty waved his staff. A dark decaying power instantly surged out and enveloped his body, lifting him about half a meter up in the air.

“Burning Hand!” Plenty roared. An enormous hand of black flames appeared out of the air and shot toward Smoke Stub.

Smoke Stub roared and charged straight toward it.

BOOOM! The ground shook violently as a whirlwind of power swept all the Dark Succubi out of the stage.

The spectators retreated back in fear. Just of how high a level was this battle? The skills of these two were too frightening!

However, thinking about it, it made sense. Smoke Stub was one of Asskickers United’s peak experts. He frequently ran all sorts of high level dungeons with the main team. Meanwhile, Plenty was the Chairman of the Dark Council. Both their backgrounds were extremely astonishing. Them having super powerful skills was perfectly normal.

Previously, when Plenty brought out all those Dark Succubi, everyone thought Smoke Stub was doomed. But not only did he escape this impasse, he also forced out Plenty’s real body and launched a powerful counterattack. This kind of grit was worth admiring. 

Even though Smoke Stub had foiled Plenty’s trick, he was already an arrow at the end of its flight. Too much of his health had been shaved away. Originally, he should’ve pulled back to recover his health. However, with the Burning Hand coming straight for him, he had no choice but to go for broke.

Smoke Stub took the hit head-on and was forced back several meters. A damage value of 30,000 floated up above his head.

Smoke Stub’s 200,000 health pool was shaved away to only 50,000 by Plenty’s curses. Now, after taking another powerful hit, he could only stake it all on one last attack.

Smoke Stub’s sharp eyes locked onto Plenty.

Plenty didn’t plan to give Smoke Stub the chance. He used another Burning Hand. The giant hand made out of black flames came down from the sky, wanting to squash Smoke Stub to dead. The hand was like a giant black top, completely blotting out the sky above Smoke Stub.

A powerful pressure bore down on Smoke Stub as if several thousand lbs weighed down on him. He could hardly move an inch.

“Die!” Plenty’s lips curved into a cold smile.

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