Chapter 962 - Plenty Takes the Stage!

Seeing Tang Yao getting swallowed up by the explosions, the spectators thought it was a win for Godking for sure. Even if Tang Yao somehow managed to evade a direct hit, the shock waves would still kill him.

After the flames subsided, there was no trace of Tang Yao anywhere.

Godking was dumbstruck. He missed?

“He’s over there!” a spectator shouted. It was taboo to reveal someone’s position like this during a match. However, the sheer destructive power of the Dark Flame Bursts had them thoroughly shocked. So, some couldn’t help themselves when they found Tang Yao’s location. Not that it mattered much, since Godking had already spotted him.

No one knew when but Tang Yao had emerged right behind Godking. With a wave of os his staff, he cast Shock Blast as a powerful wave of force swept out into the surroundings.

Godking was already in the middle of dodging. He wouldn’t be hit by a measly Shock Blast! 

Magic Lockdown!

Tang Yao waved his staff as the nebula at its tip started swirling rapidly.

Godking tried to blink away, only to discover his spell was interrupted mid-cast. It was already too late to dodge. BANG! A powerful shock wave swept over his body. A damage of value of 20,000 floated up above his head as he became crippled.

Tang Yao linked his spells together beautifully. Even the most basic spells, after linking them together, were enough to subdue a peak expert like Godking!

If Godking hadn’t been so eager to see if his Dark Flame Bursts hit, he wouldn’t have been distracted for that brief moment. If Tang Yao had cast Magic Lockdown first, then even if Godking couldn’t blink away, he could still use other spells to run away.

Tang Yao had calculated all of this. So, he used Shock Blast first to bait Godking into trying to blink away. This was basically a subconscious reaction. Every expert had their own habits and conditioned reflexes. By the time Godking failed to Blink to safety, it was already too late to use another spell before the Shock Blast struck him

Godking was a famed expert. Yet he was hit by two extremely basic spells. The spectators were stunned. As they replayed the previous exchange back in their heads, they quickly realized what happened. Their hearts trembled. Who could possibly dodge a combination like this? Even peak experts would need a good dose of luck to achieve this.

Godking was crippled for around two seconds. Tang Yao naturally didn’t let go of this opportunity. Arcane Flame Burst! A basketball sized ball of dark purple flames shot toward Godking. BANG! Flames exploded everywhere as his body was flung away, a damage value of 30,000 floating up above his head. Some distance away, he collapsed dead to the ground.

Another loss for Fallen Angel. No one was surprised anymore. Against the freaks from Asskickers United, no one stood a chance. Even Fallen Angel were making a fool of themselves.

With Godking’s loss, there was only one representative left on the side of Fallen Angel. Everyone turned their gaze to Plenty.

Everyone wondered if Plenty planned to go up.

Plenty only had two options. One, go up and face Tang Yao, Bladelight, and the rest. However, even if he could take out three or four of them, all nine would be impossible. Two, become a laughingstock. If he chose for option two, not just him, but all of Fallen Angel would never be able to raise their heads again. He wouldn’t be their proud leader, but a simple coward.

Everyone looked at Plenty, awaiting his decision. One had to know, he was a Dark Zealot, the Evil Faction counterpart to the Priest from the Righteous Faction! Nothing more than a support class! Even if he was a godly one, could he really turn back the raging tide?

Tang Yao, Bladelight, and the others also stared at Plenty. He was their final target. Everyone before was just an appetite whetter!

The crowd quietly discussed among each other. No one had high hopes for Plenty. No matter how strong the Chairman of the Dark Council was, his opponents were the nine peak experts from Asskickers United. Even if he fought them one at a time, every next match his chances of victory would grow slimmer and slimmer.

This competition changed the mind of countless players from both great factions. No one had any hope for Fallen Angel anymore. The players from the Righteous Faction were all elated. They originally thought it would be an unfair matchup since the innate skills of the Evil Faction were better. Now, however, they didn’t have any complaints. It turned out they were by far the stronger side! As for the Evil Faction, especially those from Fallen Angel, they were on the verge of flipping out. What number one Necromancer, number one Undead Warrior, number one Mystic? After losing so badly, what good were these titles?

At this moment, Plenty whispered something to the people beside him. They nodded to him and went off to do something.

Plenty knew he could easily win the first two matches with his current equipment. However, from the third match onwards, Asskickers United would’ve more or less seen through his playstyle. He estimated winning five matches was probably his absolute limit. As such, he dispatched some subordinates to fetch the best Dark Zealot equipment in the Fallen Angel guild treasury. After fighting a few matches, he would switch out his equipment. Maybe that would increase his odds of success!

Plenty entered the stage. He wore a tranquil expression, lacking the arrogance of an expert.

The players from the two great factions went into an uproar. The guild leader of Fallen Angel was finally forced to take the stage!

Tang Yao, Bladelight, and the others were discussing something below the stage.

“The big fish has finally come out. Which one of you guys wants to go up first?” Tang Yao asked. Even though none of them were clear on Plenty’s strength, the Chairman of the Dark Council wasn’t to be underestimated. In strategy, he could look down on everyone in contempt. On the battlefield, he was the focus of the enemy. So, they had to be cautious.

“Whoever goes first, they should probe his strength,” Bladelight said. He glanced at the members beside him. The nine of them were all roughly on par in strength. So, it didn’t really matter who went up first.

“I’ll go first. It doesn’t matter who goes up anyway. I want to see just how strong he is!” Smoke Stub smiled. 

“Sounds good,” Bladelight said. Smoke Stub ranked in the top five among the nine of them. If Plenty wanted to beat him, it wouldn’t be easy. Maybe Smoke Stub would perform even better than expected and defeat Plenty in the first match. If that were to happen, Fallen Angel would truly have no face left.

Smoke Stub entered the stage.

Plenty was an extremely mysterious figure, rarely ever appearing in public. No one knew just how strong he was. This was his first public match. So, naturally everyone was paying close attention.

Everyone wondered if Smoke Stub could defeat Plenty.

When Smoke Stub stopped across from him, Plenty opened his mouth. “The person I respect the most in my life is the Nirvana Flame of back then. He was truly invincible. I have no doubt in my mind I would lose if we were to face off. But I didn’t expect that three years later, even the people that accompanied him would grow to become so exceptional. You have my deep admiration. Today, I won’t hold anything back. One more thing. If Nirvana Flame manages to climb back to the peak, pass on a message to him for me. I look forward to the day we clash!”

The players from the two great factions broke into a stir. They didn’t expect Plenty as the Chairman of the Dark Council to claim the person he respected the most was Nirvana Flame. However, thinking back to three years ago, it made sense. The name of the Mad Rogue was an undying legend!

Smoke Stub could hear the arrogance behind Plenty’s words. He didn’t mind, simply chuckling. “If you want to challenge Nirvana Flame, you’ll have to get through us first. If you defeat all of us, he will naturally come looking for you!”


Back in Hell, Nie Yan watched the livestream with a pensive look on his face. Smoke Stub, Bladelight, and the other seven had all pretty much fought a match. So, Plenty had a rough understanding of their strength. At this moment, Plenty switched out his Scepter of the Dark Council to a Chaos-grade redwood staff he’d never seen before. Likely, Plenty was trying to hide his strength.

Nie Yan knew Plenty wouldn’t do anything without reason. Since he changed his scepter, it meant he wasn’t planning to go all out in the first few matches. He was clearly gunning for a full sweep!

Nie Yan knitted his brows. It was a pity he was too weak right now to participate in a competition of this level. He couldn’t help but feel a bit worried.


“Begin the match!” the referee shouted.

Smoke Stub and Plenty both moved at practically the same instance.

Plenty protected himself with a barrier. A ring of dark flames rapidly rotated around his body, preventing any enemies from drawing near.

Tri Judgement Slash!

Smoke Stub attacked the barrier with his most powerful skill. Three enormous slashes shot out toward Plenty, brimming with unrivalled destructive power.

Both sides were going all out from the start!

Plenty didn’t panic. He calmly retreated a few steps and waved his staff. A dark aura erupted from the ground as a Dark Succubus emerged on the battlefield.

The Dark Succubus was a summon. It had zero killing power against a player like Smoke Stub.

The speed and defense of the Dark Succubus was decent while its attack power was pretty mediocre. It was a middle rank summon. No matter how high its defense or health, it couldn’t withstand a single hit from Smoke Stub’s ultimate attack. Not to mention Spirit Awe which also worked against summons. So, why did Plenty summon the Dark Succubus for?

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