Chapter 956 - Deceased Skulls

Nie Yan’s heart was filled with curiosity. Unfortunately, the Advanced Adjudicator of Light title gave no hints as to whether it could advance any further.

Truthfully, Supreme Pontiff and Chairman of the Dark Council were the highest rank titles of their respective factions. If there were another title above Advanced Adjudicator of Light, would it be even better than Supreme Pontiff?

Righteous Faction +1,200 Influence, this was too frightening. It was even greater than the amount of Influence he gained from Great Prophet and all his other titles combined. As for the revival skill, he didn’t immediately see how it would be of use to him. What NPC was there to revive? Nie Yan doubted he would have many opportunities to use it, unless he were in some very special circumstances.

Nie Yan continued heading deeper into this wasteland of death. This place was a levelling paradise. The monsters in the vicinity all swarmed toward him. They were practically endless.

The initial excitement eventually faded away as the levelling turned into a monotonous grind. Nie Yan felt time passing at an excruciatingly slow pace.

Nie Yan traversed through the mountains of corpses and seas of bones. There seemed to be no end.

The first day came to an end. Nie Yan checked his level. After the Divine Eclipse Dragon cast several Forbidden Spells, he had shot up to Level 182. Three levels in a single day. If anyone were to find out, they would have a heart attack. However, since the several Forbidden Spells the Divine Eclipse Dragon cast had cooldowns of around a month, it would be some time before he could repeat it. Nevertheless, levelling here was far better than anywhere else. Even the Dark Demonic Space couldn’t compare.

Nie Yan looked around his surroundings to check for loot. After all, these undead were all Level 180 monsters!

Unfortunately, the drop rate of these monsters turned out to be pitifully low.

After passing by the corpse of a scorched demon, Nie Yan saw something black sparkling on the ground.

“What is this?” Nie Yan mumbled as he picked it up. The object was ice cold to the touch. Flipping his palm over to examine it, he discovered it was some sort of ore.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. His appraisal senses for ores were extremely sharp right now. As soon as he saw it, he thought of the Void Gold Ingot he obtained back in the Dark Demonic Space. He promptly examined it.

Ancient Occult Silver Ore: Special Material

Nie Yan couldn’t help but feel disappointed. So this thing wasn’t Void Gold. He knitted his brows. “Then what is this Ancient Occult Silver?”

Nie Yan searched online fort the term Ancient Occult Silver. A lot of search results popped up for Occult Silver, but there was nothing for Ancient Occult Silver. It looked like he would have to go ask Craftsman God Bronnick about it later.

There were corpses scattered all over the ground. Nie Yan was like a battlefield looter, searching around for spoils. The monsters here didn’t drop equipment, only different odds and ends.

Ancient Black Copper Ore: Special Material
Ancient Platinum Ore: Special Material
Ancient Viridian Iron Ore: Special Material
Ancient Violet Gold Ore: Special Material

Nie Yan found many more of these odd ores, more than 60 in total. He had no idea what they were used for. However, anything that dropped in a place like this certainly wasn’t ordinary. So, he picked them up anyway, even if it wasted a bit of time. He eventually noticed that only the Level 180 Lords dropped these ores. Even then, it was still rare with a drop rate of 1 in 60.

The low drop rate was all the more reason for Nie Yan to pick these ores up.

Apart from the ores, Nie Yan also collected 600 skulls.

Deceased Skull: Level 180 Elite Bone Demon
Deceased Skull: Level 180 Lord Shadow Knight

Nie Yan had no idea what the ores were used for, but he was quite familiar with the use of these skulls. The Necromancers from the Evil Faction could summon undead and command them. However, these undead didn’t come out of nowhere. There needed to be a summoning item. That was where these Deceased Skulls came into play.

A Necromancer generally carried anywhere between 20 to 30 Deceased Skulls with them at all times. The low level skulls had high drop rates and were relatively common, while the highest level skulls were near impossible to find.

The Deceased Skulls Nie Yan was picking up were already quite rare. If they were smuggled to the underworld, a single Level 180 Elite Deceased Skull would easily sell for 20,000 gold. As for the Level 180 Lord skulls, the price was even higher. Of course, this was assuming supply and demand were in equilibrium. They weren’t, so it was impossible to tell what they would actually go for.

Needless to say, if Nie Yan were to smuggle these Deceased Skulls to the underworld, it would cause a huge uproar in the Evil Faction!

Only a special map like Hell would drop so many high level Deceased Skulls! Glancing at all the skulls in his bag, Nie Yan felt like he was looking at a sack of gold.

Of course, Nie Yan wouldn’t dump all these Deceased Skulls in the marketplace of the underworld. Who knew how many would fall into the hands of Fallen Angel? He would only be making the enemy stronger!

Nie Yan contemplated on how to best use these Deceased Skulls as he returned to the monotonous grind. It would be a waste to let them sit in the guild treasury and collect dust.

A light bulb lit up in Nie Yan’s head. Even though Fallen Angel had unified the Evil Faction more than three years ago, there were still pockets of resistance spread all throughout the underworld, just like how the remnants of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group would occasionally pop up to stir up trouble on the surface. Of course, they would be promptly dealt with, and they had very little effect on the larger scale. However, they were still a pain and never gave up.

Nie Yan didn’t want to let these Deceased Skulls fall into the hands of Fallen Angel. So, he would sell them to Fallen Angel’s enemies. He would be hitting two birds with one stone. It was a perfect plan!

The idea quickly became a well thought out plan, lifting Nie Yan’s spirit. When he would finally leave this place and sell the Deceased Skull, there’d be a nice show to watch!

The days came and went. Nie Yan was slowly inching back towards the top of the level leaderboards. Thinking about how he wasn’t far from returning to the peak, he couldn’t help but get excited.


While Nie Yan was grinding like a madman in Hell, a huge stir broke out in the Abernathy Great Grasslands.

Warlance had shown up in Judgement Valley with 20 top elites from Fallen Angel. They went on a rampage, killing more than 1,200 players from Asskickers United before vanishing without a trace. When they turned up again, it was outside a stronghold controlled by Asskickers United. The people there stood no chance against these close to Level 200 peak experts. More than 6,000 players were killed before one of Fallen Angel’s Dark Incantists cast a powerful Forbidden Magic, turning the stronghold into cursed grounds. Anyone that entered would take 1,000 damage every second. This effect would last an entire year. In other words, this stronghold was uninhabitable for a whole year.

The players from Asskickers United were infuriated. More than 200 Masters went over to surround Warlance’s group. However, Fallen Angel had come prepared. They disappeared again without a trace, only to show their faces sometime later near another one of Asskickers United’s strongholds in the Abernathy Great Grasslands.

Okoron guild headquarters. Guo Huai was infuriated as he read the incoming reports. Fallen Angel was clearly provoking them! Did they think Asskickers United was so easy to bully!?

Guo Huai immediately issued an order.「Bladelight, quickly come back with the others!」 

「We’re already on our way. We’ll be back in five minutes tops!」Bladelight replied. He’d just checked the forums and guild chat. So, he was already aware of the situation. He caressed the handle of his sword, a hint of excitement welling up in is heart. Finally, some action! After grinding endless mobs and dungeons for so long, he was starting to get bored out of his mind.

Bladelight glanced back at Lei Su, Tang Yao, and the other members of the team. It looked like they were also itching for a real battle. He chuckled. “You guys already know the situation. Fallen Angel is finally taking action against us. Let’s go, it would be rude not to respond to their greetings. Most of them are easy to deal with. But we have to be careful against Plenty and Warlance. One is the Chairman of the Dark Council, and the other is a member. Their equipment, levels, and skills are probably pretty high up there.”

“Great timing! It’s been a while since we’ve had a real battle. I felt like my bones were going to rot.” Smoke Stub laughed. Not only the youngsters, even an old and seasoned veteran like him was longing for some action.

About five minutes later, many of Asskickers United’s top ranked players gathered in Okoron. There were over 2,000 people in total. Now was the time for a battle of experts. Ordinary players wouldn’t be of much help in this situation.

Asskickers United’s conference hall was bustling with voices. The large room was packed to the brim. The 2,000 people here were all Masters!

“Executive Guild Leader, give us your command! How are we going to deal with those guys?” a player asked.

After finding out two of their strongholds had been attacked, all of Asskickers United was buzzing like an angry hornet’s nest. Their honor could not be trampled on!

Faced with this kind of situation, Guo Huai remained completely calm. Over these past three years, he had seen all sorts of things, both good and bad. He had long since attained the absolute calm of a leader.

“Smoke Stub, Lei Su, you two lead your own parties into the underworld. Since Fallen Angel decided to send their people here to cause us trouble, we’ll naturally respond in kind. If they destroyed two of our strongholds, we’ll destroy a dozen of theirs! Bladelight, you bring a group of people to intercept Warlance’s group. Be careful, his strength isn’t to be underestimated. He’s known as the number one Warrior in the Evil Faction. You probably don’t have much experience with the skills of an Undead Warrior either. So, stay on your toes,” Guo Huai said.

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