Chapter 954 - Archangel Tallod

The materials for upgrading the Tyrant Abak Set already cost 30,000,000 gold. However, Nie Yan estimated this new set would rival, if not outshine, the best equipment in the game.

After bidding farewell to Craftsman God Bronnick, Nie Yan left the thatch hut. Back outside, he found the party of five players from the Satreen Empire staring at him, trying to figure out his identity.

A little earlier, the five of them had discussed whether or not they should kill Nie Yan and rob him of his items, but they ended up giving up on the idea. In the entire Righteous Faction, very few players could take out something as precious as Void Gold. This kind of person definitely had an astonishing backing. If they failed their ambush and offended someone they shouldn’t have, the consequences would be unimaginable.

They stared at Nie Yan’s departing figure before going back inside the thatch hut.

Nie Yan walked away from Bronnick’s residence for a few minutes, then placed down a teleportation marker so he could return here anytime he wanted. Afterwards, he teleported back to Okoron.

Zennarde’s Sword was upgraded, and the Divine Eclipse Dragon had evolved. It was about time Nie Yan went to the Gates of Hell and met Tallod.

Okoron was as flourishing as ever. No one noticed Nie Yan’s arrival.

If it weren’t for him appearing in the Dark Demonic Space, most people would’ve already forgotten the name of Nirvana Flame. His glory was already a long and distant memory. Only a few people would still excitedly bring up tales of those old days. The deepest memory he left for everyone was the still ever dominant Asskickers United and the Starry Night Potion Shop which enjoyed a true monopoly.

After depositing the Dark Void Iron Ingot into his personal storage, Nie Yan summoned the Spectre Dragon and left Okoron again. His next destination was the Dark Demonic Space in Judgement Valley.

While Nie Yan was off doing his own thing, a huge stir was occurring in the Righteous Faction’s market.

Guo Huai dispatched a large number of players all over to collect the high rank materials Nie Yan requested. All the auction houses across the Righteous Faction were swept clean of Void Iron Ore. Even then, it still wasn’t enough. So, they set out to acquire more.

Within 10 minutes, Guo Huai utilized Asskickers United’s massive network to collect three quarters of the materials needed. Close to 20,000,000 gold flooded the market. One could imagine how big of an impact this had. The final bunch of items were fairly easy to find, with the exception of Void Iron Ore.

Guo Huai left the task of acquiring more Void Iron Ore to Tang Yao and the others. They formed a party and started farming the Chaos Temple and Sword of the War God.

They needed 100 Void Iron Ores. Even a super power like Asskickers United would have some difficulty acquiring so many.

Guo Huai had his men also search for Dark Void Iron Ore in the underworld. He would employ special methods to have them smuggled back to the surface. Gold was universal in the game. So, you could pretty much buy anything anywhere.


Fallen Angel, the Dark Council Hall.

Ever since Plenty became the Chairman of the Dark Council, many members of Fallen Angel rose to high positions in the Evil Faction. One of them was their vice guild leader, Proud Warlance. He was now a member of the council. He sat proudly on his seat, clad in the Fallen Angel Kasar Set. The silver ashen armour pulsated with a mottled light.

Plenty sat at the throne, striking a grand appearance. He wore the robes of the chairman and held the Monas Curse Scepter.

“Boss, let’s declare war on the Righteous Faction. With our current strength and the Dark Council’s dark army, we can easily capture a few dozen of Asskickers United’s strongholds,” a Necromancer in black robes suggested.

Plenty remained silent, an unreadable expression on his face.

“I know you promised Nirvana Flame that you wouldn’t attack Asskickers United as long as he was there, but that was because he was invincible back then. Things have changed, and he’s become a relic of the past. You can easily crush him now, and there’s nothing he can do to stop you,” the Necromancer continued, refusing to give up.

Plenty shot a sharp glance at the Necromancer, then coldly said, “You know very well that the Righteous Faction has at least a dozen Legendary NPCs. If we declare war, we won’t win a thing. We need a dozen Legends to even stand a chance of taking down Calore. Yet you keep pestering me about declaring war on the Righteous Faction. Are you really that afraid of him rising up again? You’re a coward, nothing more.”

Plenty’s gaze seemed to be capable of seeing through a person’s heart. The Necromancer tried to justify himself, but he could only dejectedly admit he was afraid, terrified even. He’d recently received word that not only did the 12 players he sent after Nie Yan failed their ambush, but five also died! One had to know, Nie Yan was only Level 177 at that time! If he went up another 10 or 20 levels and completed the Book of Order to become the Supreme Pontiff, they would have no hope of taking him down anymore!

Nie Yan’s levelling speed also made him feel a chill in his heart. Nie Yan was only Level 156 when he returned to the game. A few short months was all he needed to reach Level 177! This kind of progress was simply too monstrous!

If he were to learn that Nie Yan was already Level 179, he would probably faint on the spot.

“Warlance, what do you think?” Plenty asked.

“You’ve just become the Chairman of the Dark Council. While it’s true that you can mobilize the dark army to attack the Righteous Faction, it’s best if we make the proper preparations. Even without Nirvana Flame, Asskickers United has many top ranked experts. After operating in the Righteous Faction for so long, their roots run very deep. Attacking them means declaring war on the entire Righteous Faction. We have no choice but to be prudent. I think we better wait for a few of our top ranked players to become Legends first. For now, we can try sending out some people to probe their strength. I can personally go and bring a dozen players with me,” Warlance said.

Plenty sunk into silence. Warlance’s words made sense. Attacking the Righteous Faction right now simply wasn’t worth it. Without an absolute advantage, what was the point? At present, he was the Chairman of the Dark Council and was busy pulling the experts from Fallen Angel into its membership. Several of his members already had opportunities to advance to Legends. Fallen Angel’s advantage was growing bigger and bigger. Was it necessary to rush things?

“Alright, you bring a few people up there to probe their strength.” Plenty nodded. Truthfully, he already knew about Nie Yan taking out five of their members outside the Dark Demonic Space. He was also taken aback by how quickly Nie Yan reached Level 177. A trace of urgency welled up in his heart. He would have Warlance go up to probe the strength of Asskickers United’s top experts. If their strength was only so-so, he would immediately declare war!


Nie Yan had no idea these matters were going on in the underworld. He was too focused on himself to care about anything else. The only thing on his mind was climbing back to the apex with all his strength.

Before long, Nie Yan stepped inside the Dark Demonic Space, where he appeared in the safe zone. Angel Gower walked over to greet him.

“Great Prophet, have you finished your preparations?” Gower asked.

“I have, please teleport me to Archangel Tallod.” Nie Yan nodded.

“Alright, please wait a moment.” Gower chanted an incantation, a white light enveloping Nie Yan.

Bathing in the light, Nie Yan sensed the space around him warping. With a flash of light, he disappeared from his spot.

The scenery before Nie Yan suddenly changed. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself on top of a shabby transfer gate formation. Surrounding him was a vast wasteland. It felt as though he arrived in a place completely forgotten by man.

Countless boulders were scattered around the barren while the dirt was pitch black. There was no life of any sort to be seen.

An enormous gate floated in the sky overhead. It was 100 meters tall and sealed shut. In the middle of the gate was a carving of an enormous skull with a malevolent appearance. It looked extremely life-like, almost as if it came from a real being. 

Guarding the gate was a tall angel. He was clad in silver white armour and wielded an enormous sword over 10 meters in length. Growing out of his back were three pairs of wings. They were transparent and wispy, almost as if they were made out of light. They were several dozen meters in size. Fluttering in the wind, they radiated a divine aura.

This was the legendary Archangel Tallod, the Guardian of the God of Radiance and propagator of faith!

After the fall of the gods in the ancient past, Tallod became the Righteous Faction’s most powerful representative, a Level 360 Lord! He was on the same level as War God Kelo, and he had light attribute Divine Power, the bane of all evil creatures. Meanwhile, the most powerful representative of the Evil Faction was his shadow, Fallen Angel Augus. According to lore, the God of Radiance granted divinity to Archangel Tallod, allowing him to ascend to godhood and discard the darkness within himself, and from that abandoned darkness, Fallen Angel Augus was born.

Sensing a visitor, Archangel Tallod opened his eyes which shone with a profound light. He stared at Nie Yan.

Nie Yan instantly felt his spirit purifying, his mind no longer bothered by distracting thoughts.

What formidable divine power!

This pure divine power seemed to reign over all!

Kalenna, floating beside his shoulder, immediately became respectful.

“You’ve come,” Archangel Tallod finally spoke. His voice seemed to travel all the way from the ancient past to the present.

“Yes, Archangel Tallod,” Nie Yan respectfully greeted. He didn’t dare to behave rudely in front of an NPC of this level.

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