Chapter 951 - The Divine Eclipse Dragon Evolves!

Gower could teleport him straight to Tallod? Nie Yan couldn’t help but feel a little excited. He’d already lost track of how long the Death God’s Edge was sitting in his bag. He hadn’t heard any news about Archangel Tallod. Though he hadn’t gone himself to investigate the Gates of Hell, he did once have Guo Huai send people. This was certainly a pleasant surprise. Like this, he could save a lot of time and effort!

Nie Yan knew Tallod’s quest wouldn’t be simple. After all, one of the quest items was the Death God’s Edge. This was a Sacred Object!

However, Nie Yan worried he wasn’t strong enough to go right now. He couldn’t wait too long, but he at least wanted to feed the Divine Eclipse Dragon the Dark Demon Crystal and upgrade Zennarde’s Sword.

“Sir Gower, I still have some business to take care of. Would it be possible for me to come back later?” Nie Yan asked. This kind of request shouldn’t be a problem.

“Of course, Great Prophet. You can come back and look for me at any time,” Gower said.

Nie Yan exited the Dark Demonic Space. He teleported back to Okoron with Instant Transmission and headed into a certain villa.

The villa occupied a roughly 300-meter wide area, surrounded by six-meter high walls. It was quite luxurious, only that the location was a bit remote. This was a little rest area he specifically left for himself. Very few people knew about it.

Nie Yan walked out into the courtyard and summoned the Divine Eclipse Dragon. It was five meters tall and covered in silvery ashen scales. It exuded the aura of a king, which overshadowed all dragons.

Nie Yan brought out the Dark Demon Crystal. The Divine Eclipse Dragon’s gaze instantly locked onto it, a begging cry escaping its throat.

Nie Yan couldn’t wait to see the changes in the Divine Eclipse Dragon after eating the Dark Demon Crystal. He tossed it in the air.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon snapped the crystal up and gulped it down in one go.

In the next moment, a dazzling radiance started glowing on the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s scales. The alternating flashes of black and white were mesmerizing.

Land bound dragons were different from their flying counterparts. Advancing from one rank to the next was incredibly difficult for flying dragons, taking at least one to two months or even longer. On the other hand, land dragons weren’t restricted by ranks. After eating something, it would be quickly digested.

Nie Yan struggled to look at the Divine Eclipse Dragon through the blinding light. It underwent immense changes. After growing to eight meters tall, it also grew a second head! A twin-headed dragon! One head had a white horn that radiated holy aura, and the other had a black horn that radiated dark aura.

A powerful aura swept out. Anywhere the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s gaze swept past, cyclones would form in the surroundings.

Nie Yan felt his heart palpitate. The Divine Eclipse Dragon had evolved into a twin-headed dragon! Apart from its formidable might, it also gave a sinister appearance. 

Nie Yan checked the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s status window. Its Growth Rate had doubled from 30 to 60! It had also learned 30 new skills.

The Dark Demon Crystal really was too powerful! It seemed only logical now that it was a one of a kind item. If Nie Yan had evolved the Divine Eclipse Dragon when it was still Level 0, just how powerful would it be now!? However, thinking about it, if he hadn’t brought its level up, there was no way he could’ve gotten the Dark Demon Crystal. It didn’t matter anymore either. He’d already fed it.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon’s two heads could individually and simultaneously cast spells. It was only a pity that one head could only cast light magic and the other could only cast dark magic.

Nie Yan couldn’t help but think how valiant the Divine Eclipse Dragon would look with both its heads casting magic at the same time. Just thinking about it made his blood boil with excitement!

With this extraordinary pet, why would Nie Yan ever worry about catching up in level?

Conviction didn’t lack anything. Even dungeons like the Dark Demonic Space were in no short supply!

Before evolving, the Level 183 Divine Eclipse Dragon was already more frightening than any Level 200 player or pet. Even Lil’ Gold would have to grow to Level 270 to rival its stats. After eating the Dark Demon Crystal, he wondered what sort of level it had reached. Its stats had increased by 30%, and its two heads could cast magic at the same time.

The ultimate levelling weapon... Nie Yan sighed in admiration. If he could bring the Divine Eclipse Dragon to Level 200, as long as he didn’t bump into any Demonified Lords, he could go through Elites and Lords like dicing vegetables!

Nie Yan unsummoned the Divine Eclipse Dragon. His next objective was to upgrade Zennarde’s Sword. Only then would he feel confident in making a trip to the Gates of Hell.

After stocking up on consumables, Nie Yan left Okoron. He summoned the Spectre Dragon and took off toward his next destination. Glancing at his pet space, the Darkwing Dragon was still curled up in pain. He had no idea if it was struggling to survive, or fighting to break through. It all depended on luck.

Hadrock Valley, this map was located on the border of the Satreen Empire. Apparently, Craftsman God Bronnick was a tauren with an extremely explosive temper. Most players that came here would be driven out.

Only players with 500+ Influence were allowed an audience with Bronnick.

Nie Yan had 1,100 Influence in the Viridian Empire and 500 in the Satreen Empire.

Influence was incredibly difficult to build up. Even now, 500 Influence was an unreachable number for most players. On the entire surface, only a small amount of players had reached it.

One could imagine how inconceivable of a thing it was for Nie Yan to achieve 1,100 Influence three years ago.

The few people who were allowed an audience with Craftsman God Bronnick came here every now and then for the quests he gave out. They were all high difficulty ones that took one to two months to complete. The reward was more than worth it, though. Bronnick would upgrade your equipment to Chaos gear. If he had the right materials in stock, he could even make an item second only to a Sacred Object.

Even though Nie Yan had two Sacred Objects, he couldn’t equip them. So, he had yet to experience the true might of one.

About 20 minutes later, a valley covered in a thick layer of clouds appeared in Nie Yan’s vision. That was his objective.

The Spectre Dragon descended into the clouds. After passing through the dense mist, he saw a faint red glow in the distance, the air brimming with the smell of sulfur.

This was a valley in Hadrock Valley that served as Bronnick’s forge.

The Spectre Dragon landed on the ground. Nie Yan unsummoned it. Looking at his skill bar, he discovered all his skills were greyed out, including Gale Step. It looked like this place forbade PvP. He walked along the path and headed deeper into the valley.

Let’s upgrade Zennarde’s Sword! Nie Yan’s eyes lit up with anticipation.

Several minutes later, Nie Yan spotted a thatch hut right at the edge of a crater. That was Bronnick’s residence. Five Level 190+ players were already waiting outside his door. Seeing Nie Yan walking up the path alone, they looked at him with eyes full of skepticism.

“Is that guy stupid? Why did he come alone? Doesn’t he know you have to have at least a party of five to accept Bronnick’s quest?” a Shaman remarked.

“Look, he’s only Level 179. What the hell is he coming here for?” an Orc said. He couldn’t help but feel superior. To reach Level 193 and his current achievements, he didn’t know how much blood and sweat he spent. Anyone below Level 180 wasn’t even worthy of a second glance.

“I bet it won’t be long before he’ll be walking back up that path like a sorry sap. Bronnick will kick him out,” the Shaman said.

“After turning in this quest, we can get a Void Ore. That’s worth at least 100,000 gold! So, 20,000 between the five of us. Which one of you wants to use it?” the orc Warrior asked. On the topic of Void Ore, his face broke into smiles.

“Give it to me. I need an upgrade for my staff,” an Elven Mage said.

Nie Yan followed behind the party of five, eavesdropping on their conversation. Many new items and materials were introduced during his three-year hiatus. This Void Ore they were talking about, he had no clue what it was. However, at a 100,000 gold valuation, it was worth more than ordinary Legendary-equipment! Would his Dark Void Iron and Void Gold be worth the same, or more even? It looked like he would have to research more on his general knowledge, though not right now. He was already outside of Bronnick’s residence.

The party of five entered the thatch house first. Nie Yan knitted his brows. Who knew how much time they would take speaking with Bronnick. Right now, he didn’t even want to waste several minutes.

Forget it, they came first, Nie Yan inwardly grumbled.

Nie Yan followed the party inside the thatch hut. He finally got a look at Craftsman God Bronnick. He was over two meters tall with a hearty build. His appearance was the same as any other tauren, save for his long, grey beard.

“Craftsman God Bronnick, we’ve found the item you requested,” the orc Warrior said, bringing out an old parchment scroll.

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