Chapter 943 - Clever Use of the Incorporeal Potion

As soon as the Dark Zealot gave the order, the Mystic blinked over to within five meter of Nie Yan. With a flick of his wrist, his hands ignited with a ball of flames. His sword went ablaze as he let loose a slash.

“Die!” the Mystic shouted. Nie Yan’s name was invisible, but his level wasn’t. “Judgement Valley is no place for weak Level 156 trash!”

What frightening speed!

This attack speed was unprecedented three years ago. Even the Nie Yan of back then wasn’t this fast!

A scorching hot flame sword cleaved down.

Nie Yan hurriedly had Kalenna buff him with several blessings.

Gale Step!

With a flash of light, Nie Yan took advantage of the brief invincibility of Gale Step to retreat far back. A second slower and he would’ve been toast.

“Oh? Pretty quick. You’ve got a guardian angel too. But if you want to escape me, it won’t be that simple!” the Mystic blinked over, his flaming sword already cleaving down on Nie Yan.

BOOOM! Everything within a 10-meter radius was engulfed in an inferno.

As the flames reached his skin, Nie Yan activated Shadow Waltz and dashed out.

If not for the game sense and instinct Nie Yan built up before he quit, he would’ve been swallowed up by the flames. This attack speed was far beyond his imagination. He felt true danger for the first time.

So a Mystic could be this powerful!

Before the invincibility of Shadow Waltz wore off, the Necromancer had already summoned 30 skeletons to block Nie Yan’s path. The Dark Incantist buffed them, then threw out several curses at Nie Yan. However, none of them stuck. So, he immediately switched to magic attacks.

“You actually need our help to kill a Level 156 scrub? Fiendmark, are you still asleep? Come on, man!” the Necromancer chided.

Fiendmark was already annoyed that his curses were ineffective. The Necromancer’s snide remark only served to further infuriate him.

“Something is weird about this Thief. My curses don’t work on him!” the Dark Incantist said.

The Slayer shot forward like a meteor. A dexterity focused Slayer was the most potent killer, even more frightening than a Thief.

Nie Yan’s invincibility had just worn off, when he saw a torrent of slashes coming straight towards him. His heart trembled. The skeletons were blocking his path of escape! With a flick of his wrist, he switched out to Zennarde’s Sword and let out a deep roar.

Annihilation Slash!

10 flaming swords merged together in the air, then came cleaving down towards the ground. 

BOOOM! The skeletons were obliterated.

The Necromancer looked in shock at the enormous sword. He quickly waved his staff as an enormous bone shield appeared in front of him. BANG! It was instantly destroyed, exploding into pieces. The remnant force from the attack struck his body, dealing 13,000 damage.

Even though the Necromancer had well over 30,000 health, he was still badly frightened by this attack. If it weren’t for his bone shield just now, he would’ve been killed! Wasn’t this Thief supposed to be only Level 156?

“What the hell! Are you sure he is a Level 156 Thief?” the Necromancer cursed.

“H-holy shit! I-it’s Nirvana Flame! That’s Zennarde’s Sword in his hand!” the Dark Incantist cried out in fright.

“Damn, you’re right! It is Nirvana Flame! I’m sure of it!” the Slayer cried out. He had closed in on Nie Yan, only to have all his attacks parried. He could hardly imagine an ordinary Thief pulling off such a feat. However, if he really was the Mad Rogue, everything made sense.

Three years ago, just the mention of his name would cause the players of the underworld to pale in fear. Stood he really before them today? Everyone was stunned.

“Fuck! Don’t just stand there you idiots! Kill him! What the hell are you afraid of? He’s just a Level 156 Thief, and his equipment is shit! Even if he is Nirvana Flame, so what? He is nothing but a washed up expert, a low level piece of trash! We have five on our side!” the Dark Zealot cried out. The five of them had an average level of 183. Yet they were scared of a Level 156 Thief. If word got out, they would be laughingstocks!

The four players snapped back to their senses. They might be facing Nirvana Flame, but he was still only a Level 156 Thief. Not to mention he hadn’t played in years, so his skills had probably deteriorated. 

“We kill him today and record it! When we post the video online, the whole world will see that the Mad Rogue is nothing more than trash!” the Slayer exclaimed, his eyes flashing with a cruel light. The dual blades in his hands turned into streaks as he sent out 10 slashes flying towards Nie Yan.

A washed up expert? Trash? Nie Yan’s anger boiled. Even though he hadn’t logged on in three years, his honor couldn’t be besmirched! Want to kill me? It won’t be that easy!

Nie Yan knew that killing these five people today was impossible. He simply wasn’t strong enough. They were clearly no strangers to PvP, and their teamwork was excellent. Not to mention they were far higher level than him. Even a trump card like the Annihilation Slash only dealt 13,000 damage to the Necromancer, to say nothing of the others.

Nie Yan’s eyes flashed with a cold light as he noted down the faces of the five in his head.

Nie Yan had used up all his escape skills. Yet these five were still pursuing him relentlessly. If he clashed with them head-on, they would force him into the passive and ultimately kill him.

Escaping this party of five would be incredibly difficult. Five Level 180+ experts who used skills he’d never seen before. Their might was frightening! To be able to endure until now was already his limit. If others knew that Nie Yan could last almost two minutes against a group of Level 180+ players despite only being Level 156, they’d be flabbergasted.

How could he escape? Their attacks were too fierce! No matter how he ran, they would stick to him like burrs, and overtake him.

Nie Yan sidestepped an attack from the Necromancer and had Kalenna protect him with a shield. At the same time, a slash came cleaving down on him. He couldn’t dodge in time. PSSHFT! The shield instantly shattered. A damage value of over 17,000 floated up above his head.

That’s it! A light bulb lit up in Nie Yan’s head.

Three spells came whizzing towards Nie Yan. The Mystic and Slayer also charged toward him from the flanks.

Shadow Clone!

Nie Yan’s body split into two, each dashing off in a different direction.

“It’s his shadow clone!”

“Which one is real?”

“Don’t know. Catch them both!”

Nie Yan’s actions caught these players off guard. They had no idea which one to chase after.

“I’ll go chase that one!” the Mystic said. He blinked over and came hurtling down with a crescent slash.

When the Slayer saw the Mystic chasing after one of them, he went off chasing the other.

Nie Yan glanced over his shoulder and found the Slayer chasing after him. A caster also had their eyes on him, several spells about to hit him. Nie Yan activated Holy Descent. BANG! BANG! BANG! The spells struck him one after the other but failed to deal any damage.

Under the cover of the explosions, Nie Yan drank a Sage-rank Incorporeal Potion. His body disappeared and became intangible.

The Slayer came from behind and slashed down on Nie Yan with his two blades. PSHFT! PSFHT! It was almost as if he cut into clouds. His target disappeared like smoke.

The Slayer was stunned. He quickly shouted, “This one is the fake! That’s the real one!”

The Slayer immediately turned around and headed over to the other Nie Yan.

The other three casters also focused their attention in that direction.

The Sage-rank Incorporeal Potion made the user’s body incorporeal, lasting for a total of three minutes. However, their movement speed would be greatly reduced. In these three minutes, they could at most cover a distance of about 400 meters. If you were in a battle and the enemy knew you used an Incorporeal Potion, they would simply guard the surroundings and stay on the lookout. After several minutes, the potion effect would wear off and you would enter a weakened state for 30 seconds. In other words, you would be an easy target.

For this reason, Incorporeal Potions weren’t practical in most situations.

The players from Fallen Angel chased after the shadow clone. Nie Yan had it use all its speed boosting skills. Its speed was still considerable. It leaped into the air, traversing over 30 meters, then shot out a web line and swung for another dozen meters.

The five players relentlessly pursued the shadow clone. Before long, they surrounded it.

With the enemy running away from him, Nie Yan struggled to escape in the other direction, looking for a place to hide.

The Mystic conjured up a ball of fire and slammed it into the shadow clone’s abdomen. BOOM! It was sent flying, a damage value of over 16,000 floating up above its head.

The shadow clone struggled to crawl back to its feet, attempting to escape. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Three spells ruthlessly bombarded its body.

POOF! The shadow clone collapsed into a puff of smoke and disappeared before their eyes.

“Wait, what’s going on?” the Mystic asked in confusion.

“Both were fake? Then where’s the real one?” the Slayer was dumbstruck. Just what happened?

The trick Nie Yan pulled with the Incorporeal Potion had utterly fooled them. They were at a complete loss at what to do.

“Nirvana Flame got away?”

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