Chapter 930 - Arachne Empress Finas!

An unbelievably powerful, primordial aura pierced through time and space and entered the Atlanta Continent.

Off in the distant plains, an enormous dark portal formed out of thin air, and out came an equally large figure. It was an arachnid-like monster standing over 60 meters tall, with the lower half of a spider and the upper half of a beautiful woman with skin as white as jade. Her eyes were closed as her long locks of black hair draped down her shoulders.

An ancient aura pervaded the surroundings.

Everyone was frozen stiff by this frightening presence. Even the two Dark Behemoth Kings were trembling in fear.

Arachne Empress Finas! She finally appeared!

A Level 300 Lord was practically an unrivalled existence.

The players from Asskickers United erupted into cheers.

“It’s the boss’ Occult Behemoth, Arachne Empress Finas!”

“Dang! She’s awesome! In front of Finas, those Dark Behemoth Kings are nothing!”

Reality proved cruel for Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group. Their hopes were snuffed out as soon as they were reignited. The two Dark Behemoth Kings didn’t stand a chance against Arachne Empress Finas.

Back in the Clemenci Stronghold, Cao Xu stared fixedly at the screen. Though when he got a good shot of Arachne Empress Finas, he closed his eyes in resignation. In the end, they still suffered defeat.

Among the ranks of Angel Corps, Soaring Angel’s previously gloating expression was frozen on his face. He originally believed victory was virtually guaranteed with the two Dark Behemoth King’s on his side. Of course, he’d accounted for the possibility that Asskickers United would have Occult Behemoths of their own. After all, they’d summoned the Crypt Lord before. Nevertheless, he still carried a sliver of hope that they would win by some stroke of luck. That last hint of hope was now thoroughly crushed.

Soaring Angel refused to believe this was the end, that several years of effort would all go down the drain, that he would lose to Plenty for leadership over the Brutus Capital Group! An intense feeling of unwillingness welled up from his heart. No! Not like this!

Stone Splitter! Come with me! We’re going to kill that damned spider!」Soaring Angel practically went mad. He had his Dark Behemoth King charge toward Arachne Empress Finas.

Understood!」Stone Splitter followed up with the other Dark Behemoth King.

The two Dark Behemoth Kings rapidly closed in on Arachne Empress Finas, whose eyes were still closed as if she were fast asleep.

Seeing this scene, the players from Asskickers United felt their hearts sink. If Empress Finas didn’t wake up, they would still be wiped out by these two Dark Behemoth Kings in the end!

Nie Yan’s figure flitted across the battlefield. The Darkwing Dragon came swooping down beside him. He leaped up onto its back. After which it shot forward toward Arachne Empress Finas at an astonishing speed. As it flew past overhead, he leaped down.

The two Dark Behemoth Kings were getting closer and closer to Empress Finas. 500 meters, 300 meters, 100 meters...

They were about to reach her in the next moment.

Nie Yan landed on Empress Finas’ back. As he placed his palm on her, a mental link was established.

“Stay like that forever! Never wake up! Die!” Soaring Angel shouted madly. He had his Dark Behemoth King pounce toward Empress Finas.

Nie Yan’s eyes flashed with a cold light. “Awaken, Arachne Empress Finas!”

A strong gust of wind blew aside Empress Finas’ hair, revealing a stunningly beautiful face that deeply entranced anyone that gazed upon it. It was almost enough to make you forget about her grotesque lower half.

Empress Finas’ eyes snapped open. It was as if time came to a stop. Her pitch-black pupils as deep as the starry night sky scanned the surroundings. Everyone on the battlefield felt as if they had been transported to another dimension, shrouded by a vast and infinite dark void.

Her stare alone was already this terrifying!

Empress Finas’ eyes fell on the two Dark Behemoth Kings. They instantly froze up, as if they were petrified.

Only now did Soaring Angel realize how laughable it was to think the two Dark Behemoth Kings could kill Empress Finas.

A single glance from her could already rob them of all their fighting strength!

Empress Finas flicked her finger and bound the Dark Behemoth King of Soaring Angel in a thick cocoon of webs. It lost its balance and collapsed to the ground, unable to budge an inch. She then turned her attention to the other Dark Behemoth King. With another flick of her finger, an enormous black spur erupted from the ground and impaled its abdomen. “GROooaoar…!” It let out a mournful cry as it hung in the air. Stone Splitter was also skewered. A double instant kill!

As for Soaring Angel, his blood-curdling cries rang out in the air as the corrosive webbing dissolved his flesh and bone before finally going silent.

Empress Finas moved her eight legs and charged toward the forces of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group. Everywhere she looked, enemies were petrified into white stone statues. A slight tap was all that was needed to cause them to crumble into a pile of rubble.

Before long, a hundred thousand stone statues dotted the battlefield.

The last remaining forces of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group were finally cleaned up. A 3,500,000 strong army was completely annihilated!

Asskickers United didn't come out of this final battle unscathed either. They only had 350,000 ground troops and 2,000 flying mounts left. All their siege weapons were destroyed. 

Standing atop Empress Fnas’ head, Nie Yan gazed across the battlefield. Countless corpses filled his vision, stretching far out into the horizon. A desolate scene.

Victory was paved with the bones of countless dead. The old adage still held true today.

The glory from today’s battle didn’t belong to Nie Yan alone, but rather to all the players of Asskickers United’s alliance!

News of the battle spread like wildfire all through the forums, creating an enormous uproar. The only thing left for Asskickers United to unify the Righteous Faction was to collect their spoils of war by capturing all of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group’s remaining strongholds. Apart from this, the war in the underworld also concluded. After learning the results of the battle on the surface, Pantheon raised the white flag and swore allegiance to Fallen Angel, handing over full control of their guild.

On the first two days, 2,000,000 players withdrew from Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group. At this point, their fates were already sealed.

On the third day, Asskickers United started carrying out a blitzkrieg through the territory of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group, capturing 36 strongholds before the servers shut down.

On the fifth day, another 39 strongholds were captured.

On the eighth day, 21 more strongholds were captured, and 16 of the 30 guilds under the Century Financial Group surrendered while the rest disbanded.

On the 15th day, the Clemenci Stronghold fell along with 34 other strongholds.

Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group still had around 200,000 players left. Scattered all across the Satreen Empire, they occasionally clashed with the forces of Asskickers United. However, they were no longer a threat.

More and more of the surface came under the rule of Asskickers United. Everything under the sky became their domain. Only the underworld wasn’t theirs.


Valley of Glory. An open space was cleared out in a forest deep in the map. Here, a stone table and two chairs were set up.

Nie Yan and Plenty sat across from each other. Neither of them was wearing a disguise. Given their current positions, even if they directly met out in the open, no NPC guard would come to arrest them. This was the benefit of position and authority.

“You sure work fast, taking over all of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group’s stronghold in such a short time. We’d been hoping to get a slice of the pie.” Plenty calmly laughed, sizing up Nie Yan. This was his first time talking to Nie Yan face-to-face like this. Even though they collaborated for so long, they’d never had a casual conversation.

Plenty wasn’t arrogant and flashy like Soaring Angel. He wore ash-coloured robes, giving off a sense of wisdom and calmness beyond his years despite only being 28. 

After Pantheon raised the white flag, Fallen Angel annexed control of all their strongholds to prevent them from ever rebelling in the future. Despite the peaceful transition of power, the entire process still took 16 days. Yet Asskickers United only required 15 days to seize Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group’s territory by force.

“Naturally, I can't have you taking land from the Righteous Faction, now can I?” Nie Yan chuckled, expressing his stance. The surface belonged to him and him alone. Right now, the only power that could pose a threat to Asskickers United was Fallen Angel.

Plenty straightforwardly smiled. “Don’t worry. As long as you remain in Asskickers United, our forces will never try to invade the surface. However, if you ever withdraw from Asskickers United or perhaps Conviction one day, that would be a different story.” He knew if he were to compare himself with Nie Yan, he was at least a peg lower. Moreover, given the strength of Asskickers United, starting a war with them was simply not worth it.

Nie Yan inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Plenty was a hard person to get a read on, but Nie Yan knew he was a man of his word.

Plenty continued, “Honestly speaking, I should be thanking you. You helped me obtain what I wanted by defeating Soaring Angel.”

Nie Yan knew Plenty was referring to the leadership of the Brutus Capital Group. “I hope we won’t become enemies in the future.”

“Likewise,” Plenty replied. He certainly didn’t want to provoke an enemy like Nie Yan. He flashed a mysterious smile. “I’m guessing you’re planning to take action against the Century Financial Group next?”

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