Chapter 929 - Dark Behemoth King

All the Shadow Dancers of Asskickers United carried a trace of Nie Yan’s style. They attacked with ruthless precision, leaving the enemy with no opportunity to react. They were the most skilled experts of the guild as well as its pillars. Naturally, Nie Yan wouldn’t hide anything from them. Everything he knew was passed on to them. Their skill was roughly equal to his, the only difference being the equipment quality; Nie Yan had some of the best equipment in the entire game. Being ambushed by such an unrivalled group of Thieves, one could easily imagine the outcome. Add on the fact that these Magisters were focused on casting their Forbidden Magic, their fates were sealed from the start.

Within Asskickers United’s ranks, Sunny South cast his Forbidden Magic. An enormous sphere of light crashed down on the ground and exploded, engulfing a section of Angel Corps’ forces in a dazzling radiance. After the light dissipated, all that remained were corpses.

This Forbidden Magic wiped out 30,000 enemy players. Sunny South’s control was impeccable. Only 200 allied players took damage, none of it lethal.

The last shred of morale on the side of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group was destroyed. By now, they had suffered another 200,000 casualties, reducing the size of their army to only 300,000. Even though the ones still alive were all elites, the enemy outnumbered them by almost two to one and were superior in individual strength. A complete wipeout seemed inevitable. The likely fallout of this scenario would be a mass exodus. Whether they could come back from that was up in the air.

The scroll in Nie Yan’s hand lit up with a dazzling brilliance before disappearing. A powerful ripple of death energy swept out for 3,000 meters across the battlefield. Immediately, skeletons started climbing up from the corpses on the ground. Their bones were pure-white while their sockets blazed with an eerie green soulfire. 

A total of 100,000 skeletons. They all had powerful stats. Some were clad like Warriors. Others donned Mage robes and could cast magic.

Seeing so many skeletons rising up beside them, the players from Asskickers United were taken aback. They thought for a second that these skeletons were raised by the enemy. However, to their shock, the skeletons didn’t attack them, but rather charged straight for the forces of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group.

“It’s the boss’ spell!”

“Brothers, kill!”

The confidence of Asskickers United’s troops was bolstered even more. They charged forward like a surging tide. With the 100,000 skeletons leading the vanguard, it was the equivalent of having another 100,000 allies. They already held the advantage. Now with powerful reinforcements like these, if they still failed to wipe out the enemy, they might as well ram their heads into a wall.

Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group’s morale was already at rock bottom. The Forbidden Magic followed by Nie Yan’s scroll became the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Before the frontline was even defeated, the rear was already on the verge of fleeing in a panic.

Soaring Angel stared blankly at his army being wiped out before his eyes. There were less than 200,000 troops remaining. He cursed in voice chat,「Stone Splitter, where the hell are our Occult Behemoths!? What’s taking you so long?」 

「They have a 10-minute cast time. W-we’re almost finished!」Stone Splitter explained. He knew they were in a dire situation. If they waited any longer, the entire army would collapse. Then, even the Occult Behemoths couldn’t turn the tide anymore.

“GROAWR! “GROAAWR!” Two heaven-shaking roars rang out across the firmament, shaking heaven and earth.

The troops of Asskickers United froze up in fear.

“W-what’s going on?”

Whereas a disturbance broke out in Asskickers United’s ranks, the troops from Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group remained relatively calm. Soaring Angel had notified them in advance, so they knew what was happening.

Two enormous beasts emerged at the rear of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group’s forces. Their appearances resembled bears with pitch black fur and a pair of sharp, bull-like horns. Standing over 30 meters tall, they were practically mobile fortresses. They were Occult Behemoths from another world—Level 250 Dark Behemoth Kings!

The two Dark Behemoth Kings dwarfed the Shadow Demon Wolf and Violet Eye Dragon in size. In the face of these enormous titans, the wolf and dragon were nothing more than ants! However, Occult Behemoths had a limited summon duration of half-an-hour. After which they were forced to return to their own world.

However, this was enough time to reverse the tide of war!

Soaring Angel leaped onto the back of one of the Dark Behemoths. He coldly shouted,「Kill!」

The Dark Behemoth King leaped into the sky, soaring over 100 meters in height, before crashing down back to the earth like a meteor. BOOOOOM! 300 skeletons were turned to dust as the impact carved a giant crater out of the ground. 

The Dark Behemoth King charged forward. With a swing of its massive paw, it took out 200 players.

The other Dark Behemoth King didn’t stay idle either. Under the command of Stone Splitter, it wreaked havoc on Asskickers United’s troops, killing a thousand players in the blink of an eye.

In the face of these frightening beasts, all other life forms were insignificant, like specks of dust. A dense barrage of magic rained down on the Dark Behemoth Kings, but they took no damage at all.

They were practically unrivalled overlords. They single handedly flipped the entire situation on the battlefield.

Countless flying mounts swooped down from the sky in an attempt to kill one of the Dark Behemoth Kings. The behemoth raised its paw and snatched one of the flying mounts out of the air. KRRAAACK! It crushed the flying mount to death, then chucked the lifeless corpse back into the air, taking out another six flying mounts.

The two Dark Behemoth Kings helped Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group create an astonishing reversal. No matter how fiercely the players from Asskickers United resisted, they were trampled on by these two beasts.

「Where’s our Occult Behemoth!?」Nie Yan anxiously asked. Logically speaking, Arachne Empress Finas should’ve already appeared by now. Once she entered the battlefield, these Dark Behemoth Kings would meet their match.

「Our Magisters got ambushed by enemy Shadow Dancers! We’ve taken care of the situation without suffering any losses, but it’ll take another four minutes to summon Arachne Empress Finas,」Bladelight replied.

「What!?」Nie Yan’s eyes darkened. After all his precautions, it seemed like it still wasn’t enough. To make matters worse, it happened at a crucial moment like this! Though they couldn’t be compared to the likes of Sun, King of the World, and Mistaken Smile, Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group had a couple of highly skilled Shadow Dancers on their payroll. Likely, they’d been stalking Xie Yao and the others for days now. The only positive note right now was that Xie Yao and the others hadn’t suffered any damages, or else the consequences would be unimaginable.

「What do we do now?」

「We buy as much time as we can! Have all our flying troops focus on those two Dark Behemoth Kings. Our ground force has no way of stopping them!」Nie Yan anxiously shouted. Against titans like these Dark Behemoth Kings, the players on the ground were nothing more than bugs to be squashed, not even amounting to cannon fodder. The flying mounts could at least put up a tiny bit of a fight.

After the order was passed down, countless flying mounts launched a fierce assault on the Dark Behemoth Kings.

Soaring Angel raised his head to the sky and let out a cold chuckle. “Send out as many flying mounts as you want, they’ll all end up as cannon fodder!”

The Dark Behemoth King opened its maw, creating a giant, dark sphere of energy in its mouth. FWOOOM! It shot out the energy ball into the air, which then detonated into a huge explosion. BOOOOM! Over 100 flying mounts instantly dropped dead from the sky.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Stone Splitted enjoyed the same situation as Soaring Angel.

Asskickers United’s flying mounts were no match for these land-bound kings.

The players from Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group had originally given up all hope. However, after seeing these two Dark Behemoth Kings sweeping through the ranks of Asskickers United, turning the tide of the battle around, their fighting spirits reignited. They all madly rushed forward, launching a fierce counterassault.

If Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group fell, who knew what hardships awaited them in the future. Seeing a sliver of hope, they immediately snatched onto it. This was their one and only chance to mount a comeback!

In the blink of an eye, Asskickers United lost 200,000 troops, half of which were the skeletons.

Soaring Angel stood atop the Dark Behemoth King’s head. Looking down at the players below fleeing like ants, his heart was filled with satisfaction. The forces of Asskickers United were helpless to stop him. He let out a sinister smile, “Go to hell, Nirvana Flame! I’ll send you and all your little troops to the grave! The final victor will be me, Soaring Angel!”

Nie Yan quickly flitted across the battlefield, but he couldn’t keep up with the enormous strides of the Dark Behemoth Kings, let alone stop them. The Shadow Demon Wolf wasn’t of any help either, it couldn’t survive a single hit. So, they could only watch helplessly as the Dark Behemoth Kings went on a slaughterfest. Nie Yan gritted his teeth. Were they really going to lose at the hands of these Occult Behemoths?

Nie Yan’s heart surged with rage. He raised Zennarde’s Sword and cleaved down, unleashing an Annihilation Slash. BOOOM! Over a hundred enemy players were killed. 

Unfortunately, Nie Yan’s killing speed was nothing compared to that of the two Dark Behemoth Kings. In front of these Occult Behemoths, he too was as insignificant as an ant!

Numerous flying mounts came swooping down from the sky in an attempt to stop the Dark Behemoth Kings. However, they were all swatted to death.

「What the hell is going on!? Why hasn’t Arachne Empress Finas been summoned yet!?」Nie Yan roared. If she wasn’t summoned soon, it would be too late!


Back in the Clemenci Stronghold, Cao Xu was watching the Dark Behemoth Kings decimating Asskickers United’s troops through the livestream. However, his expression was tense as ever, a deep frown on his forehead. Even though it appeared like a comeback was inevitable, he still felt a sense of unease, as if some frightening existence was about to appear to cut off their last strand of hope and plunge them back into the abyss of despair.

Cao Xu prayed this feeling was wrong, but it was soon proven right as a frightening earthquake—far worse than when the Dark Behemoth Kings were summoned—shook the entire battlefield, threatening to upheave the heavens and earth. His face paled.

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