Chapter 928 - One Strike Kill

The barrier could only stop the attacks from the air. It could do nothing to stop the ground troops. Soaring Angel gazed at Nie Yan who was wreaking havoc across his ranks like some valiant general from the distant past.

“Bastard! Nirvana Flame! Just how arrogant can you get? Charging right into our lines all by yourself, what do you take my Angel Corps for?” Soaring Angel gnashed his teeth, anger overboiling from his heart. He’d been pushed around by Nie Yan for far too long, and suffered way too much at his hand. He finally couldn’t hold back any longer.「All Silverback Kongs, charge!」 

The 30 Silverback Kongs charged toward Nie Yan and his Shadow Demon Wolf. These enormous apes were like tanks as they barrelled forward. Soaring Angel drew his bow and let loose five golden arrows.

Five golden streaks whizzed through the air, traversing over 500 meters.

Nie Yan coldly chuckled. You think just that is enough to deal with me? Aren’t you underestimating me a bit too much?

The Shadow Demon Wolf leaped into the air, pouncing down on a Silverback Kong that had come charging over. PSSSHFT! Its sharp claws dug deep into the ape’s flesh. The ape wailed out with a blood-curdling cry.

Nie Yan glanced at the the five arrows streaking towards him. Homing arrows again, huh? Those might be effective on others, but they’re useless against me! Homing arrows were incredibly difficult to dodge because they had the ability to home in on targets!

Nie Yan gave a command to Kalenna. She waved her staff and protected him with a shield.

PUT! PUT! PUT! Five arrows struck Nie Yan in quick succession. A string of 100s floated up above his head. These arrows didn’t even pierce his skin.

Though the Shadow Demon Wolf was extremely powerful, it lacked AoE killing attacks. Nie Yan waved his hand, summoning Lil’ Gold, Paladin Lafus, and the three Doom Sentinels. Kalenna waved her staff yet again. A gentle ray of light fell over them, causing their stats to increase by severalfold. They immediately started sweeping through everything in their path. 

Lil’ Gold charged into the crowd of enemy players, spewing out flames. After chanting an incantation, he called down a meteor from the sky. BOOOM! Scorching hot flames engulfed the surroundings.

Paladin Lafus activated Indomitable Will. Charging forward, he left a trail of corpses in his wake.

Swaths of enemy players were cut down, like fields of wheat before a scythe. And as their bodies hit the floor, they climbed back up to their feet as shadow servants.

Soaring Angel’s face paled. First his arrows failed to do any real damage, then Nie Yan brought out another five summons, and finally his troops started turning into undead. He had to do something!「Use AoE magic!」 

A shower of spells rained down on Nie Yan. The recently arisen shadow servants were immediately engulfed in flames.

Even Nie Yan’s numerous pets and summons couldn’t withstand the assault of so many enemy forces. These players weren’t low-level fodder that could be easily slaughtered. Most were over Level 120. Their battle prowess were astonishing. After sacrificing 600 of their own, Angel Corps finally took down the Doom Sentinels, Lil’ Gold, and Paladin Lafus. However, the Shadow Demon Wolf left them feeling helpless. Its health was simply too high, and it was extremely agile. Every time it swiped down with its claws, several players would die. They also had a difficult time dealing consistent damage to it. The Silverback Kongs came charging over one after another, but they were too slow and clumsy to lock it down.

Nie Yan who was originally riding atop the Shadow Demon Wolf had disappeared without a trace. Every time he revealed himself, several heads would fly. If Soaring Angel hadn’t retreated further back behind the protectors of his most elite ranks, he too would be a corpse on the ground right now.

Ever since he’d regressed 10 years into the past, Nie Yan had continuously searched for powerful equipment to raise his strength. With his current gear, he could look down on the entire world, let alone Soaring Angel.

In the previous timeline, figures like Soaring Angel, Evil Monarch, and Stone Splitter were all valiant heroes. In the eyes of players, they were apex experts through and through. However, compared to Nie Yan, they were like a glow of candlelight compared to the moon, failing to even reach his feet! If they fought, they wouldn’t last a single move. This was an absolute gap in strength!

As Nie Yan rapidly built up his battle achievements, Smoke Stub finally caught up with his Violet Eye Dragon. The players from Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group finally got to experience the frightening strength of a Level 200 Variant Lord. All of their attacks were brushed off. With a blast of its dragon breath, it directly destroyed several enemy catapults as wood and metal debris flew everywhere. 

What few catapults were left started collapsing. Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group tried to lock down the Violet Eye Dragon. However, they quickly realized how laughable that thought was. Their attacks didn’t even leave a scratch on its scales. As for the Warriors that tried to intercept it, they were all sent flying without exception.

Asskickers United troops finally caught up to Nie Yan and Smoke Stub. Even though many of them had been killed by the exploding stone giants, their fighting spirits weren’t the least bit affected. The forces of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group were in complete chaos, unable to put up any meaningful resistance. Slowly but surely, they were being routed, even more so after all their catapults were destroyed.

Soaring Angel didn’t expect his ranks to collapse so quickly. The culprits behind this were undoubtedly the Shadow Demon Wolf and the Violet Eye Dragon. These two super powerful boss monsters wrecked their battle formation. Though he still had a thousand stone giants on standby, if they weren’t used properly, he could end up killing his own troops. After all, unlike the Kamikaze Drakes who could enjoy the freedom of flight, the stone giants had to find a path on the ground, which required careful control. This was one of the reasons why he had them charge out at the beginning. Once the two armies were entangled with each other, it would be hard to make use of them.

Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group could do nothing to resist Asskickers United’s offensive. Something had to change, and fast, or they would be routed within the next several minutes.

In the blink of an eye, the 500,000 strong army was reduced to only 80,000. Soaring Angel’s heart sunk. He could only play their ultimate trump card.

「Stone Splitter, have them summon the Occult Behemoth!」Soaring Angel growled. This was his final stand! If things continued on like this, Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group’s most elite force would be wiped out!

「Understood!」Stone Splitter nodded. He immediately passed down the order. 

After seeing the enemy’s resistance wasn’t as fierce as they thought it would be, Asskickers United’s forces upped their offensive. They advanced with even greater bravado, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake.

With victory right before his eyes, Nie Yan went in for the kill. He wouldn’t rest until every last enemy was wiped out!

「Brothers! Victory is in our grasp! Kill!」Nie Yan shouted.

Angel Corps’ anti-air barrier finally collapsed. An enormous black shadow came swooping down from the sky. It was the Darkwing Dragon, and following close behind it was the Spectre Dragon. The two dragons slaughtered their way through the enemy forces as miserable shrieks rang out.

「Bladelight, Lei Su, cover me!」Nie Yan said in voice chat. He looked around at all the corpses around the battlefield. This was the perfect opportunity to use his Call of the End scroll. It reanimated all corpses within a 3,000-meter radius with 120% of their original stats and gave him full control over them. The cast time was 60 seconds.

No matter how strong Nie Yan was individually, his killing power was limited. However, if he could summon a massive army of the undead, things would be different.

Nie Yan took out the Call of the End scroll. A biting cold aura of death immediately suffused out into the surroundings, causing everyone to feel shivers running down their spine.

Let’s do this! Call of the End!

Nie Yan started chanting. The Shadow Demon Wolf vigilantly patrolled the surroundings. Any player that got too close was immediately killed. Bladelight, Lei Su, Lofty Shadow, and two others formed a human wall around him. The enemy had no way of getting near him.

Off in the distance, surrounded by his strongest elites, Soaring Angel watched Nie Yan pull out a scroll with his hawk-like vision. Spotting Bladelight and the rest rushing over to cover Nie Yan, he instantly sensed something off. He wanted to stop whatever Nie Yan was doing, but it was impossible for his troops to get past these five hulking Warriors.

「Cast small-scale Forbidden Magic! Quickly! If none are off cooldown, use large-scale Forbidden Magic!」Soaring Angel commanded. He was long past maintaining his calm. Generally, small-scale Forbidden Magic would only take 15 or so seconds to cast. That would likely be fast enough to interrupt whatever spell Nie Yan was activating. And if it wasn’t, he would at least take the enemy down with him as he fell.

「Boss, our own people are there too!」a Mage said.

「Tough luck for them. Cast the Forbidden Magic!」Soaring Angel ordered. 

Five Magisters gritted their teeth. However, an order was an order. They scattered and hid among the troops, where they started chanting. No matter what Soaring Angel asked of them, they would do it; even if it ended in mutual destruction!

PSFHT! PSFHT! PSFHT! The five Magisters had barely started casting their Forbidden Magic, when blood splattered everywhere. An inconceivable looked flashed through their eyes. How? They really couldn’t understand it.

Before their eyes flashed a figure. One saw Sun, another Shadow Killer. The other three saw King of the World, Mistaken Smile, and One Strike Vow. They were killed by the top Thieves of Asskickers United!

Sun and the others had been stalking these Magisters from within the shadows for quite some time. No one had noticed them until it was already far too late. Even those responsible for protecting the Magisters didn’t know what had happened until they were long dead. 

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