Chapter 927 - Exploding Stone Giants

The morale of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group hit at an all time low. After fighting for over a week, their army of 3,500,000 troops was reduced to only 520,000. Be it in terms of troops, war machines, or flying mounts, Asskickers United now had more of everything. They were doomed.

A hopeless atmosphere spread among their ranks. They were on the verge of giving up, when Soaring Angel spoke up in voice chat.「We haven’t lost yet, guys! Asskickers United only has a little more troops than we do. Come on, raise your spirits!

Soaring Angel’s words didn’t affect the mood at all. He would have to do much more to lift their hopes.

Aware speaking any further would be meaningless, Soaring Angel opened a private voice chat and said in a grim tone,「Monarch, Stone Splitter, send out our troops for the final battle.

Understood!」Evil Monarch and Stone Splitter replied in unison.

When the armies were several millions in size, some things wouldn’t be of great use. However, now that both sides had been shaved down to only half-a-million or so troops, they could make full use of all their cards.

The several hundred Shamans in Angel Corps’ camp were subdivided into groups of eight. Each group gathered together in a small open space and started chanting long incantations. The magic energy in the atmosphere fractionated intensely.

What were they doing? The surrounding players all backed away, bewildered. The way these Shamans were positioned looked like magic formations. There stood a Druid in the middle of most formations. They wore the most ordinary civilian clothing, raising their heads to the sky as if praying to something.

Rays of light pierced through the clouds and fell over these Druids.


One muffled explosion rang out after another. The Druids let out ferocious roars. Their bodies rapidly grew in size until they transformed into large apes with ash white hair. They stood over six meters tall.

There were more than 30 apes, each of them looking extremely powerful.

The players in the vicinity all retreated, frightened by these enormous beasts.

What a frightening transformation skill!

They knew Druids had transformation magic, but only for turning into normal animals like wolves, bears, and so on. This was their first time seeing them transform into Kong-sized apes.

Everyone started imagining just how powerful these enormous apes would be in battle! They could probably even take a direct hit from a catapult and walk it off!

Even more Shamans were chanting incantations. In their hands were scrolls filled with mysterious runes. As they finished their chants, a thousand stone giants appeared within the crowd. They were smaller than the apes, with many things hanging from their bodies. Taking a closer look, everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. They were pouches of black gunpowder!

Only now did the players from Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group realize that the scrolls the Shamans were holding were Monster Sealing Scrolls. They allowed players to seal monsters they encountered in the wilderness to summon them at a later date. These stone giants were equipped with a large amount of black gunpowder, which could be detonated from a distance. They were basically suicide bombers, much like the Kamikaze Drakes.

Every stone giant carried two kilograms of black gunpowder. Even though their destructive power couldn’t be compared to the Kamikaze Drakes, there were a large number of them, and producing more was easy and simple. Angel Corps had about 2,000 of them in total. Those summoned were only a portion of them.

The players from Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group realized Soaring Angel still had this trick up his sleeve. Perhaps they stood a chance at victory after all! Their morale quickly recovered.


Nie Yan hopped onto the back of his Shadow Demon Wolf and gazed toward the army of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group. He quickly spotted the giant apes and stone giants being summoned. His lips curved into a faint smile. This is the final showdown. I’d like to see what you guys have in store for me!

Catapults advance! Ground troops, surround the enemy!」Nie Yan ordered.

Asskickers United’s catapults started rolling forward, intermittently stopping to fire.

A dense hail of shells rained down from the skies.


Kill! Have the stone giants tear through their ranks!」Soaring Angel roared after seeing Asskickers United’s army start advancing forward. A thousand stone giants charged up to greet them.

The stone giants were spread out pretty far apart from each other. As the catapult shells rained down, several were struck. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! As the gunpowder they carried detonated, the fallen stone giants transformed into giant plumes of flames.

However, only a small fraction of the stone giants was taken out.

Everyone, be careful! Those stone giants are walking bombs!

It seemed like there was nothing Asskickers United could do to stop the stone giants from charging over.

Nie Yan knitted his brows. Soaring Angel were pretty clever, fighting fire with fire.

Tang Yao, blast those stone giants! Bladelight, Lei Su, Smoke Stub, let’s go up and also take some out!」Nie Yan shouted. He urged his Shadow Demon Wolf forward.

Nie Yan, should I summon the Violet Eye Dragon?」Smoke Stub asked.

Summon it. No point in hiding it any longer!」Nie Yan said. The Shadow Demon Wolf leaped into the air and chomped down on the neck of one of the stone giants. Instant kill! Before it had a chance to explode, the Shadow Demon Wolf was already moving towards its next target. BOOOM! A giant explosion rang out behind Nie Yan. The Shadow Demon Wolf endured the shockwave created by the detonation.

The Shadow Demon Wolf lost its balance for half a second before pouncing on another stone giant. Fortunately, the explosion didn’t deal any real damage it.

Good! I’ve been itching to show it off!」Smoke Stub struck an avant-garde pose and shouted, “Come forth, my Violet Eye Dragon!”

BOOOM! An enormous dragon appeared on the battlefield, the ground violently shaking as its claws dug into the ground. The towering Violet Eye Dragon immediately attracted everyone’s attention. What a frightening dragon! In front of this creature, even Lil’ Gold seemed like a pup!

“GROOAAR!” The Violet Eye Dragon charged forward and sent a stone giant flying with a swipe of its claws. BOOM! The stone giant released a frightening explosion mid-air. However, the resulting shockwave only caused the Violet Eye Dragon to slightly flinch.

The Shadow Demon Wolf and Violet Eye Dragon swept through the stone giants at an astonishing speed. Even though the stone giants had a lot of health, only about 30% made it past the volley of magic and shells and the Masters. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! One heaven-shaking explosion after another rang out, engulfing the players and catapults in the vicinity.

Nie Yan glanced back. Less than 300 stone giants managed to get through, but they still dealt significant damage. His face darkened.「Smoke Stub, come with me!

Got it!」Smoke Stub said.

The Shadow Demon Wolf and Violet Eye Dragon both plowed into the enemy’s ranks.

All flying troops, attack!」Nie Yan ordered. The 10,000 flying mounts in the sky all swooped down.

Soaring Angel had to focus all his attention on directing his troops. When he saw the Shadow Demon Wolf and Violet Eye Dragon charging over, he shouted,「All catapults, focus your firepower on those two! Blast them until there's nothing left of them!」Raising his head to the sky, he saw thousands of flying mounts swooping down. What he feared the most was finally happening. After losing the protection of their catapults—only a fraction of them still in working order—there was nothing keeping the enemy aerial troops from attacking them. There was no way to stop all of them.

Activate the barrier!

Quickly, activate it!

An enormous umbrella of light surrounded the army of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group, supported by over a hundred Mages. This barrier could temporarily block the enemy flying troops, but it wouldn’t last for long.

A shower of shells rained down on Nie Yan, the enemy catapults trying to obliterate him and his wolf mount.

Nie Yan raised his head. Several dozen black shells were whistling right towards him. The catapults were meant for sieging city walls. So, their firepower was extremely high. If he were hit by even a couple of them, even if he survived, he would be hanging onto life by a thread.

Nie Yan passed down a command to the Shadow Demon Wolf. It immediately leaped forward through the air. He could feel several shells brushing past him. However, with his reaction speed, he dodged all of them.

Before the rest of his army could advance, Nie Yan was already several hundred meters ahead of them. Seeing him dodging the enemy fire by a hair’s breadth, their anxiety level spiked up, worried something might happen to him.

Nie Yan was fearless in the face of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group’s army. Cao Xu, Soaring Angel, let me give you a show!

The Shadow Demon Wolf leaped over 30 meters into the air and pounced down into a crowd of enemy players.

Seeing the Shadow Demon Wolf coming right down at them, the players from Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group lost their heads in a panic and tried to scatter in all directions.

However, how could they compare with the speed of a Level 180 Demonified Lord? BOOOM! The Shadow Demon Wolf landed on the ground, over 20 players knocked off their feet by the shockwave.

The Shadow Demon Wolf ferociously swiped down with its claws. Wherever it went, bodies dropped. Nothing could stop its rampage across Angel Corps’ ranks.

Without the support of a Priest, even Bladelight would fall to the Shadow Demon Wolf, let alone these ordinary players from Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group.

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