Chapter 923 - Conscripting the Shadow Demon Wolf

After learning of the Shadow Demon Wolf, Nie Yan became excited. A Level 180 Demonified Lord was just about right for what he wanted. In fact, any Level 180+ Demonified Lord was more than powerful enough. He didn’t dare to claim he could tame one, but facing one was absolutely no problem. With the help of all of Kalenna’s blessings, like against the Level 180 monsters he’d faced so far, he would definitely succeed!

Taming the Shadow Demon Wolf with Wolf King was a step easier than killing it. Not to mention the effects of the Great Prophet title, which could subdue it to a certain extent. All he had to do was make it slowly acknowledge him.

「Have Tyrannical send me its location,」Nie Yan said. Fortunately, he had plenty of time for hunting the Shadow Demon Wolf. The final battle against Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group was still a far ways away, since organizing several million troops spanning two continents took a lot of time. This war was nothing the likes they had ever seen before. It proved incredibly difficult, impossible even, to control such a large number of troops. They needed time to get used to this.

The Darkwing Dragon took to the air and flew off toward the southwest of the Abernethy Great Grasslands.


Dark Eldar Forest, this place was filled with towering trees. They were pitch black, almost as if they had been scorched by hellfire. Pockets of swamp dotted the forest floor. They contained the corpses of different creatures. No one could tell how long they’d been there, but they were thoroughly rotted. Anyone that came here would smell the thick stench of blood. Few players dared to enter this forest because it was the territory of Shadow Wolves.

Shadow Wolves were Level 180 monsters. They moved in packs and were extremely territorial. Anyone that intruded on their territory would be surrounded and attacked. Tyrannical and his team had searched around this area for quite some time before discovering the Shadow Demon Wolf.

A Level 180 Demonified Lord! After they found it, it also found them. Of the six of them, only Tyrannical escaped with his life, after which he immediately contacted Guo Huai.

The fallen Thieves revived at the graveyard and met back up with Tyrannical. Fear still gripped at their bodies and pulled them away from the forest. The Shadow Demon Wolf was simply too fast. They were dead before they could even react.

“The boss really wants to turn that thing into his mount? Is it really possible?” a Thief in ash gray leather armour asked.

“You shouldn’t doubt the boss. There’s nothing he can’t do!”

Still, that was a Level 180 Shadow Demon Wolf! It was truly difficult to imagine it being turned into a mount. Just its movement speed alone was beyond terrifying!

“The boss is coming in a bit. Stop dallying around. Help me clear the Shadow Wolves around here!” Tyrannical said.

The six Thieves hurriedly got to work. They were elite Thieves in Asskickers United. Any one of them could deal with a Shadow Wolf or two easily. However, if they were faced with an entire pack, they could only turn their backs and run.

Busy killing Shadow Wolves, a powerful gust of wind nearly sent them flying. A giant black dragon descended outside the forest. It was the Darkwing Dragon! Nie Yan hopped down from its back.

The Thieves went up to greet him.

“I’ve troubled you guys. Thank you. Now, where is the Shadow Demon Wolf?” Nie Yan asked.

“It’s deep inside the forest, behind all those Shadow Wolves. We’ll have to clear them out first, or else it’ll be a pain when we try to fight the Shadow Demon Wolf,” Tyrannical said, explaining the general situation.

“Alright, let’s clear them out.” Nie Yan nodded. At his command, Battle Angel Kalenna cast several blessings on the Thieves with a wave of her hand.

Tyrannical and the others were dumbstruck after seeing the change in their stats. Before, they could take on two Shadow Wolves at most. However, thanks to these blessings, they could easily deal with five at once!

Simply amazing!

Tyrannical’s group stared at Kalenna floating over Nie Yan’s shoulder. They were quite familiar with her, especially after the more recent battles. They couldn't help but think that she was even stronger than Tang Yao’s Arcane Fairy.

They didn’t waste time and hurriedly went about clearing the Shadow Wolves.

Nie Yan brought out Lil’ Gold and Paladin Lafus to help. They started covering more and ground. Before long, the forest floor was littered with the corpses of Shadow Wolves.

After methodically taking down a pack of Shadow Wolves, Tyrannical’s group turned to see where Nie Yan had gone. Their mouths dropped open in shock. Nie Yan had already entered the depths of the forest. In his wake was a large trail of corpses.

They glanced at each other and hurriedly chased after him.

After entering the heart of the forest, they arrived at a large clearing, where grass freely grew to waist height.

In the middle of the clearing stood a three meters tall wolf, even larger than Bladelight’s Kodo. Its entire body was covered in a luxurious coat of black fur without the slightest discolouration. A pair of icy blue eyes shone through the darkness of the forest. It bared its sharp fangs and let out a deep howl as it locked its gaze onto Nie Yan. The Shadow Demon Wolf!

It felt a sense of danger from Nie Yan. This wasn’t prey!

Nie Yan slowly walked toward the Shadow Demon Wolf.

“Pay close attention to the surroundings. If any Shadow Wolves wander over, kill them. Don’t let any of them approach the boss!” Tyrannical said.


The six Thieves formed a perimeter around the clearing.

Nie Yan carefully moved toward the Shadow Demon Wolf. It started growing increasingly enraged. Its eyes flickered with a red light, ready to pounce at Nie Yan.

If he enraged the Shadow Demon Wolf, a battle was inevitable. Nie Yan didn't want to kill it. He just wanted to tame it.

Kalenna floated up over Nie Yan’s shoulder. She waved her staff, causing a gentle energy to wrap around the Shadow Demon Wolf. This magic wasn’t a holy-type offensive magic, but rather a simple natural calming spell.

The red glow in the Shadow Demon Wolf’s eyes gradually dissipated. It revealed a confused expression.

Nie Yan took the opportunity to take a few more steps toward the Shadow Demon Wolf.

The Shadow Demon Wolf finally reacted. Its eyes turned a piercing red, and it let out a deep growl, as if to convey that if he took another step closer, it would pounce.

Off on the sidelines, Tyrannical’s group felt like their hearts were going to leap out of their chests. Nie Yan and the Shadow Demon Wolf were practically within touching distance of each other. If it suddenly attacked, Nie Yan would be dead for sure!

Their heartstrings were stretched taut, but they didn’t dare to utter a word, for fear of alerting the Shadow Demon Wolf. 

Battle Angel Kalenna continued casting calming magic. However, it didn’t seem to have any effect anymore. Its gaze was locked dead on Nie Yan.

Nie Yan took another step forward.

The Shadow Demon Wolf had had enough. It let out a deep snarl and slammed down at Nie Yan with its paw.

“No!” Several of the Thieves watched on in horror as the Shadow Demon Wolf’s claws came down on Nie Yan. The boss would be turned into mincemeat like they had!

Out of all of them, only Tyrannical kept his calm. He faintly smiled. These guys hadn’t seen Nie Yan’s true strength. How could he possibly die to this Shadow Demon Wolf!?

As the claw came down, Nie Yan’s silhouette blurred. He evaded the attack and planted an elbow into the Shadow Demon Wolf’s abdomen. After which he followed up with a Reverse Grip Backstab, roundhouse kick, and Backbreaker.

BANG! The Shadow Demon Wolf was briefly immobilized.

Nie Yan continued adding more attacks to the chain, with each consecutive attack doubling his damage. One damage value after another floated up above the Shadow Demon Wolf’s head.

The Shadow Demon Wolf was crowd controlled for a total of 15 seconds before losing its balance and crashing to the ground. Afterwards, it staggered back to its feet, gazing at Nie Yan arrogantly standing before it. It let out a low whimper.

This reversal left all the Thieves but Tyrannical dumbstruck. This was a Level 180 Demonified Lord! Yet it was being toyed around with like a child by Nie Yan. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Were they dreaming?

Nie Yan stood still and let the Shadow Demon Wolf get back up. He had Kalenna cast several more calming spells on it, causing it to slowly calm down. He tried to approach it again.

Nie Yan was like an emperor overlooking the world, giving off a domineering aura. His eyes flickered with a profound light, brimming with the power of a Venerable.

Sensing the frightening aura coming off of Nie Yan, the Shadow Demon Wolf couldn’t help but back away a few steps. All its senses were screaming at it to submit to this person. However, it was still a Level 180 Demonified Lord. it wouldn’t be bound that easily. It continued to fiercely resist.

Seeing the stubborness in the Shadow Demon Wolf’s eyes, Nie Yan understood it wouldn’t yield so easily. He had plenty of time to play around with it. Under the pressure of the Great Prophet title, it could only display 30% of its usual combat strength. With Nie Yan’s strength, he could easily deal with it.

The Shadow Demon Wolf retreated several more meters in fear. Seeing Nie Yan continuing to approach, it became enraged again. Letting out a furious snarl, it pounced on him.

Nie Yan’s silhouette disappeared. The Shadow Demon Wolf only saw a blur before losing sight of him. An instant later, a sharp pain came from its abdomen.

Another 5-hit combo. The Shadow Demon Wolf was sent flying back and crashed into the ground.

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