Chapter 918 - Divine Eclipse Dragon

The astonishing expansion of Radiance Edge was simply unprecedented, sending waves of shock throughout the playerbase.

On the first day, 100,000 players joined. On the second day, 170,000 players joined. Only 50,000 players joined on the third day. However, by the seventh day, the number of members broke through 1,000,000 and it was still growing crazily. Radiance Edge might be a guild in name, but it was really just a subsidiary organization under Asskickers United. Moreover, the guild headquarters was placed in Okoron, which Nie Yan was the lord of. This meant that the membership size of Radiance Edge was unrestricted.

Nie Yan had created another legend. 1,000,000 members in only seven days! Even though Radiance Edge was filled with a mish-mash of people both good and bad, this number was still astonishing. Not to mention that there were no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

Nie Yan issued various quests in Radiance Edge. For every player from Angel Corps or the Century Financial Group you killed, you would earn merit points. Apart from this, there were also gathering missions for certain materials, which were also rewarded with merit points. If Asskickers United was short on any materials, all he had to do was issue a mission in Radiance Edge, and the players there would immediately get to work for him.

Radiance Edge’s establishment solved Asskickers United’s lack of manpower. Plus, Nie Yan didn’t have to give any of these people salaries. This was a win-win situation!

Even though Radiance Edge didn’t have many elite players, when a guild with over 1,000,000 players suddenly popped out of nowhere, it would be a lie to say Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group weren’t apprehensive.

The war between Asskickers United and Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group was already in full swing. On the endless battle lines, millions of players were clashing across the entire continent. Truly a breathtaking sight. There was no clear victor yet. However, Asskickers United occupied a noticeable advantage. The players from Radiance Edge also quickly jumped into the fray. To them, this war was a chance to earn some easy merit points.

Nie Yan carried out his large-scale war strategy. Unfortunately, he couldn’t singlehandedly win this war. He could only do his best to arrive at losing battlefields and try to turn things around. 

While closely monitoring the progress of the war, Nie Yan went to capture the remaining Violet Eye Dragons. Even though taming all of them would take years, there was no harm in bringing them back first.

Glancing at his character page, Nie Yan was surprised to see a new Wolf King skill had appeared in his Great Prophet title.

For now, it was still locked. Nie Yan would have to earn 1,000 Influence in either the Viridian Empire or Satreen Empire to unlock it.

Nie Yan looked at his Influence. He had already accumulated more than 700 Influence in the Viridian Empire. To get this far, he’d completed multiple grand-scale quests over these past three years. This number was pretty much out of reach for normal players. However, he was still a good ways off from 1,000.

If Nie Yan wanted to reach 1,000 Influence in the Viridian Empire anytime soon, he would have to do a few more high difficult, grand-scale quests. However, he didn’t have the time to spend another year working on the last 300 Influence. This was a bit troublesome.

Guo Huai, ask if anyone in the guild has a way to quickly raise their Influence in the Viridian Empire,」Nie Yan said.

Huh, quickly raising your Influence in the Viridian Empire? How much are we talking here?」Guo Huai asked. It looked like Nie Yan was busy with another quest.

About 300,」Nie Yan replied.

300!?」Guo Huai sucked in a breath of cold air.「That’s going to be difficult.」Many skilled experts like Undying Scoundrel, Summer Bug, and Lustboy had only accumulated 300 Influence in the Viridian Empire. Generally, by that point they’d already completed the quests that rewarded high Influence. It would be incredibly difficult for Nie Yan to raise his Influence by that much in a short amount of time!

I’ll go ask,」Guo Huai said. With so many members in the guild, perhaps someone did know of a way.

Thanks. I’ll make a trip to the frontlines. Get back to me if you find a method,」Nie Yan said. If Guo Huai found a good way to raise his Influence, there would be no harm in trying it. In the worst case scenario, he would have to slowly raise his Influence to 1,000 over the next year or two before he could summon his Great Prophet Wolf King.

Will do.」Guo Huai nodded.

Nie Yan thought for a moment. If he didn’t enter some special instance or kill a super high level boss, given his current level, it would be extremely difficult to raise his level quickly. Even after killing thousands or tens of thousands of monsters, his experience bar would only fill up by a small chunk. At that point, he was better off paying a trip to the frontlines and killing more players from Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group. Even though it would have very little effect on the overall war, it would still help to raise morale.

Going over his options, Nie Yan recalled a dragon egg tucked away in his bag. It was one of the rewards for killing Fallen Angel Brufut. He hadn’t had a chance to hatch it yet. Whether it was a pet egg or flying mount egg was still a mystery. It would probably be best to have Beast Tamer Hall take a look at it.

Guo Huai had made a section of the guild headquarters in Okoron off-limits to almost everyone. It was made specifically for Beast Tamer Hall to tame the Violet Eye Dragons. Only a select few had permission to enter.

Nie Yan headed toward the secret location, which was hidden deep within the guild headquarters. High level NPC guards were stationed along the way. When they saw him, they would bow their heads and respectfully greet him.

Nie Yan arrived in a large chamber. It was extremely spacious, about 500 meters in diameter. There were many cages here, three of which contained Violet Eye Dragons.

Asskickers United had already caught three Violet Eye Dragons. There were still four more in the dragon’s den.

Beast Tamer Hall was fully concentrated on taming one of the Violet Eye Dragons. Countless runic markings entered its body and calmed its explosive temper.

Beast Tamer Hall had to perform this ritual regularly.

About half an hour later, Beast Tamer Hall finally completed this exhausting work. Panting heavily, he sat down to rest. Only then did he notice Nie Yan from the corner of his eye. He immediately shot up to his feet.

“Great Prophet, my apologies, it will still take a while for me to tame this Violet Eye Dragon,” Beast Tamer Hall said apologetically.

“It’s fine, Hall. I didn’t come to rush you. I recently obtained a dragon egg, and I’d like you to help me appraise it,” Nie Yan said as he took out the dragon egg from his bag.

Beast Tamer Hall’s eyes were instantly glued onto the egg. He gasped, “T-this, are my eyes deceiving me?”

Nie Yan raised an eyebrow in surprise. A Grandmaster Beast Tamer like Hall had pretty much seen everything. There were very few eggs in existence that could make him react like this.

“Do you know what kind of egg this is?” Nie Yan asked.

“Please, let me take a closer look,” Hall said.

“Sure.” Nie Yan handed over the dragon egg to Hall.

A milky white light rose up from Hall’s palm and entered the egg. He clicked his tongue and let out a gasp in admiration, “This fella is brimming with life energy. It can hatch any time.”

Nie Yan’s interest was piqued even more.

“No doubt, this is the egg of a Divine Eclipse Dragon! I read from ancient historical records that it was completely extinct. Who would’ve thought it would appear in this world again!” Hall exclaimed.

“Divine Eclipse Dragon? Is it a flying mount?” Nie Yan asked. He’d never heard this name before.

“No, it’s a dragon pet, but it’s a bit different from others. It can cast both light and dark attribute magic. According to legend, it is the ruler of all land-bound dragons, a genuine dragon king!” Hall explained.

From Hall’s words, the Divine Eclipse Dragon sounded pretty powerful, probably even stronger than Lil’ Gold. Nie Yan’s interest grew deeper. Even though he wasn’t too interested in dragon pets, he still had two empty pet slots. He might as well hatch this egg.

“Can you help me hatch this egg?” Nie Yan asked.

“Great Prophet, a person can only have one pet. To my knowledge, you already have a Golden Dragon. Are you sure you want to abandon it?” Hall asked.

“No worries. I have the Dragon King’s Divine Might skill. It allows me to have three dragon pets.” Nie Yan smiled.

Hall’s eyes widened in astonishment. He didn’t expect Nie Yan to have the fabled Dragon King’s Divine Might skill. However, after thinking for a bit, it wasn’t all that strange. Nie Yan was already a legend in the Viridian Empire, and only a step away from the Legendary realm. It wasn’t strange that he possessed such a powerful skill.

Hall started hatching the dragon egg. Thin strands of milky white energy rose up from his hand and slowly entered the egg.

POP! Small hairline cracks started spreading across the shell before a cute little baby dragon popped out of the egg.

You have hatched a Divine Eclipse Dragon!

This Divine Eclipse Dragon was a bit smaller than Lil’ Gold when he first hatched. Its body was covered in glittering scales which fluctuated between light and dark. It radiated an aura composed of the two diametrically opposing forces, giving off an energy that could annihilate all of existence.

It slowly opened its eyes and curiously looked around at this new world it was born into, just like a baby duck. It slowly waddled its way toward Nie Yan.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon was successfully hatched!

Nie Yan glanced at the status page of the Divine Eclipse Dragon. The potential of a pet was directly related to its Growth Rate. His heart trembled. It had a Growth Rate of 25! One had to know, when Lil’ Gold first hatched, he only had a Growth Rate of 15. Later on, after he ate the Evolution Crystal, it increased to 20! One could imagine how frightening of an existence the Divine Eclipse Dragon would grow up to be! At the very least, it would be far stronger than Lil’ Gold. A pet like the Divine Eclipse Dragon naturally also had to be fed an Evolution Crystal.

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