Chapter 917 - Radiance Edge

Several chapters from the Book of Order were located in secret instances or in the hands of high level bosses. Collecting them all in a short time span was nigh impossible. Nie Yan could only take things one step at a time.

Asskickers United was researching new war machines. They would produce new results soon.

Apart from the war machines, the taming of the Violet Eye Dragon was still actively underway.

The millions of players in Okoron stopped what they were doing to look up at the sky. What they saw left them short of breath.

The survivors from the battle above the City of Sin, approximately 25,000 flying mounts, had gathered in the skies above Okoron. Massive flying mounts circled in the air everywhere. It was an especially magnificent sight.

“Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group lost pretty badly. Honestly, even if those two couldn’t win, I never expected it to be such a landslide victory. Asskickers United only lost half their force! What an overwhelming victory!”

“Yeah, it would take something very special, like Asskickers United’s Kamikaze Drakes, for Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group to do anything to stop Asskickers United’s 25,000 flying mounts.”

The players chatted enthusiastically. At this moment, an enormous black dragon broke through the clouds.

“Look, that’s the Darkwing Dragon, the only Rank 9 flying mount in the entire server!”

“Man, I wish I had a flying mount like that! I’d be invincible! No one could stop me!”

“Stop dreaming! Invincible? No one can stop you? Who do you think you are, Nirvana Flame?”

Even Masters generally wouldn’t dare to claim to be the very best in the world. Every class had its special skills and own strengths and weaknesses. Against a class that countered your own, even a powerful expert would have a very difficult time. For example, in the previous timeline, there was the number one Warrior, number one Thief, number one Mage, and so on. None of them ever dared to claim themselves as the number one player. However, in this timeline, practically everyone tacitly agreed that Nie Yan was the number one player in the game. This was a special kind of glory.

The 25,000 flying mounts gathered in formation. Nie Yan had his Darkwing Dragon fly to the front.

Nie Yan faintly smirked, looking over these troops whose morale was still high after experiencing a bloody battle. With Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group defeated, there was no no else who could challenge them in the skies!

“Long live the boss!”

“All hail the boss!”

The players from Asskickers United broke out in cheers.

Nie Yan raised his hand, signalling everyone to calm down. He chuckled, “Brothers, I won’t bore you with any more grandiose speeches. Now is the time to collect your spoils!”

Their cheers grew even more boisterous.

“When your name is called, come forth!” Paladin of the Elegy shouted. “Starting from the top 10. Lunar Breeze, 33 confirmed kills! 1 Rank 7 flying mount, 3 Rank 6 flying mounts, 5 Rank 5 flying mounts, 12 Rank 4 flying mounts, and 12 Rank 3 flying mounts. Your reward is one piece of Legendary-grade equipment, three pieces of Sub Legendary-grade equipment, and five high rank gems! Excellent work!”

Paladin of the Elegy spoke so loudly that even the players in Okoron could hear him. They gasped in astonishment. 

“Damn! Lunar Breeze only has a Rank 6 flying mount! That’s freaking amazing!”

“Don’t forget, his Rank 6 flying mount is a Nightmare Wyvern. Its killing power is on the same level as a Rank 7 flying mount!”

“Still, I find it weird that Lunar Breeze took the top spot. You’d think Bladelight, Undying Scoundrel, and them would’ve done better.”

“Of course they did better. However, with their gear, why would there care for these kinds of rewards?”

“Ah! That makes sense!”

“The boss is really generous. One Legendary-grade piece of equipment, three Sub Legendary-grade pieces of equipment, and five high rank gems. That must be worth at least 100,000 gold!”

“Since when has the boss ever been stingy?”

“Haha, I guess you’re right!”

Lunar Breeze came forward on his Nightmare Wyvern. His face was brimming with joy and uncontrollable excitement. His equipment was average among elites, with only two pieces of Sub Legendary-grade equipment to his name. With this reward, his gear quality would soar by leaps and bounds. His heart welled up with pride and gratitude. If it weren’t for Asskickers United, he definitely wouldn’t have this day in the sun.

The crowd all clapped and congratulated Lunar Breeze.

“Number two. Pink Ant, 29 confirmed kills…”

One by one, Paladin of the Elegy called up the players who’d contributed in the aerial win over Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group and handed them their rewards.

The crowd that had gathered to watch the spectacle in Okoron would stir whenever the rewards were announced.

Nie Yan’s generosity couldn’t be overstated. Everyone who was called out received a huge boost in strength, especially those placed at the very top. Of course, the other rewards weren’t lacking either. Even those who barely did anything still got items worth a combined total of at least 1,000 gold.

As for those who had lost their flying mounts during the battle, they got an additional 3,000 gold in compensation and were placed at the top of the priority list for newly captured flying mounts.

The millions of players in Okoron were full of envy, wishing they could become a member of Asskickers United’s air force as well. Not even counting the average salary and other benefits, the extra rewards alone were enough to make them go mad with greed. Those who had had the opportunity to join Asskickers United but hesitated felt their intestines cramp with regret. It could’ve been them up there! Even if they were just ordinary members, they would still be swimming in glory and riches.

Nie Yan overlooked Okoron. He knew this public display would have a great effect. Everyone would realize what kind of person he was, someone who never mistreated those under him. This simple yet effective action would attract even more experts to Asskickers United.

It took two full hours to hand out the rewards, but it left a lasting impression on all the players who witnessed it. Many players started to reconsider their original choice of guild and were now eager to join Asskickers United. However, it was a bit too late for that now. Asskickers United had basically stopped recruiting new members. Of course, Masters and highly skilled experts were still welcome, under the condition that they underwent a thorough background check.

While those players were sulking in regret, Asskickers United made a shocking announcement. Nirvana Flame was establishing a brand new guild! It differed from their other branch guilds in the sense that anyone was welcome to join, and that no one was obligated to do anything.

This new guild would share a treasury with Asskickers United and its branch guilds. Its members could get whatever they wanted from the treasury or the Starry Night Potion Shop, so long as they had the merit points to pay for it. These merit points could be earned by completing the missions Nie Yan handed out. For example, to kill a certain number of players from Angel Corps or the Century Financial Group. There was one more announcement. Those who performed especially well had a chance of moving up to Asskickers United!

This announcement caused an uproar among the playerbase. Even if you couldn’t join Asskickers United, joining this guild would be the next best thing! At the very least, you could take advantage of their massive treasury. According to rumours, it had no less than 30,000,000 pieces of equipment, various gems, and countless other special items! Anything the market had, Asskickers United had too. Anything the market didn’t have, Asskickers United did have! Apart from the equipment, being able to exchange merit points for the potions in the Starry Night Potion Shop was a huge bonus too. The Starry Night Potion Shop sold a great variety of potions, many of which couldn’t be found anywhere else. In fact, there were even potions only for sale to members of Asskickers United in exchange for merit points. These included potions concocted by Sage Alchemists!

Even the solo players were tempted since they wouldn’t be bound by any of the normal restrictions of a guild. Those who were interested in joining Asskickers United felt this path was a decent option.

Nie Yan called the new guild Radiance Edge, the blade that would cut down Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group.

A hundred thousand players joined Radiance Edge on the same day it was established. This broke the record for fastest growing guild. Reaching 1,000,000 members was only a matter of time. Even though the guild was filled with all sorts of people both good and bad, at the very least Nie Yan wouldn’t take any losses. All he had to do was issue out some missions every now and then.

After Radiance Edge expanded to a certain size, Nie Yan would start making a profit. This was directly tied to the guild treasury. Generally, if a player wanted to exchange an item from the treasury, a Beryl for example, it would cost 3,000 merit points. Players had to either do missions to earn these merit points, or donate items to the treasury. This second method was faster and more efficient. After donating 3,000 merit points worth of equipment, they could then exchange for the Beryl. When they no longer needed the Beryl and wanted to exchange it for something better, it would only have a trade-in value of 2,400 merit points. To most players, a loss of 600 merit points wasn’t a big price to pay to enjoy the benefits of the Beryl. Plus, they could earn it back in various other ways.

Like this, opening up the treasury to more players wouldn’t cause it to deplete by one bit. On the contrary, it would only expand even more.

Nie Yan would never do something that didn’t benefit him. Shortly after, Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group also set up similar guilds. However, the early bird always catches the worm. They would have no way of rivalling Radiance Edge.

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