Chapter 915 - Supreme Pontiff!

The players in the City of Sin chatted about the battle and Nie Yan’s declaration of unification.

“I’m afraid Angel Corps can’t stop Asskickers United’s advance anymore. After this battle, Asskickers United’s morale must be at an all time high.”

“It looks like Asskickers United really is going to unify the Righteous Faction. If I knew this would happen, I would’ve joined them when I had the chance,” a Warrior said enviously as he gazed at the Asskickers United players in the sky.

“Aren’t you the one who always looks down on Asskickers United?”

“That was long ago! And this now! Asskickers United will rule the entire Righteous Faction. I’d be a stubborn idiot to refuse to acknowledge that.”

Those who still doubted Asskickers United’s chances of victory quickly changed their tunes. Many opportunity seekers would naturally latch onto the success of the guild. However, it was already too late for them to join. Even if they did, they would be nobodies.

This battle placed Asskickers United at the peak of glory.

News of the victory in the City of Sin quickly reached the ears of the other players from Asskickers United. Millions of guild members erupted into cheers as their morale soared. They rode the momentum from this victory to intensify their assault. Within the span of half an hour, they captured five enemy strongholds. 

Let’s head back,」Nie Yan said.

The 25,000 flying mounts set off back toward Okoron.

Guo Huai messaged Nie Yan, chuckling.「Nie Yan, Fallen Angel just sent word congratulating us on defeating Angel Corps.

I’m sure they’re just as happy about Angel Corps’ defeat as we are,」Nie Yan said. Angel Corps was Fallen Angel’s sworn enemy. With Soaring Angel suffering a crushing defeat, the person celebrating the most was Plenty.

I’m afraid they won’t have much time to celebrate. Apparently, Fallen Angel and Pantheon have also entered an all-out war. Fallen Angel somehow got their hands on some brand new war machines. Last I heard, they already steamrolled through 21 of Pantheon's strongholds.

Oh? Really?」Nie Yan remarked in surprise.

With those two fighting it out, we at least won’t have to worry about Pantheon trying to find trouble with us,」Guo Huai said. After this last battle, he had designated Pantheon as enemies.

Fallen Angel have their own plans. If we unify the Righteous Faction, even though they won’t have to worry about Angel Corps anymore, they’ll have no choice but to respond to the pressure coming from us. Taking advantage of our conflict with Angel Corps to swallow up Pantheon is probably the wisest choice,」Nie Yan said.

Guo Huai pondered for a moment,「So, Fallen Angel is next?

Most likely, but I can’t say for sure. Even if we do find each other on opposing sides, neither one of us can threaten the other’s main base. If it does come to that, it won’t be a war between guilds, but a war between factions. So, we should prepare, but there’s no need to be too worried,」Nie Yan analyzed. 

I see.」Guo Huai nodded.

Gather up the top Thieves in the guild, and tell them to assemble in the special conference hall in Okoron. I need about 300.

What are you planning?」Guo Huai asked in surprise. If Nie Yan was gathering the top 300 Thieves in the guild, it couldn’t be something simple.「Want me to call Sun, King of the World, Mistaken Smile, and the others as well?

Yes, have them come too. I want our most elite members. I have an important mission for them.

Guo Huai didn’t dare to dally. He immediately passed down the order to the top 300 Thieves in the guild to assemble in the conference hall in Okoron.

About half an hour later, Nie Yan arrived in the conference hall. The 300 Thieves were already waiting inside.



They greeted him enthusiastically, their faces filled with joy and excitement. They were still celebrating their victory over Angel Corps.

“Big Bro, what do you need us for?” Sun asked.

They stared at Nie Yan. He had to have gathered them for something special. After all, with 19 Shadow Dancers, most of which advanced after the Age of God’s expansion, and many other extremely talented Thieves, this was a force to be reckoned with.

“I called you over here because I have an important mission for you,” Nie Yan said.

“Just leave it to us, Boss! We’ll handle whatever mission you throw at us!” a player shouted. The others echoed his sentiments.

They were all excited. Nie Yan had gathered them back together so soon after defeating Angel Corps. He definitely had some kind of world-shaking mission for them.

“This mission will probably be a bit troublesome. I need you to help me collect some items,” Nie Yan said. He knew the locations of all the remaining chapters from the Book of Order, but it would take forever if he went after them himself He originally planned to push this to the backburner, but an orc Warrior called Hell Moon had already collected five chapters. If he completed a volume, that would make it incredibly difficult for Nie Yan to finish the Book of Order. So, he gathered all these Thieves here to help him collect the remaining chapters.

“Help you collect what?”

“Boss, what do you need us to help you collect?”

“The chapters from the Book of Order!” Nie Yan replied.

Everyone’s hearts trembled. They had all heard about the chapters from the Book of Order before. In the eyes of the players, the chapters were extremely mysterious items. Each one would greatly boost your stats. Some even had powerful supplementary skills. More importantly, they took effect while in your bag. It was rumored there were 36 chapters altogether, with every six chapters making a volume. A volume was like an equipment set, giving all kinds of amazing stat bonuses. It was already no longer a secret that Nie Yan had the Glimpse of Darkness. Legend also told that anyone who collected all six volumes and completed the Book of Order would become the Supreme Pontiff of the Temple of Light. This was undoubtedly a paramount existence.

“Boss, we don’t know where those chapters are. How are we supposed to find them?”

“Yeah, Big Bro. We have no idea where they are,” Sun chimed in. Many people wanted to find the chapters from the Book of Order. However, this wasn’t something that could be looked for but had to be chanced upon through luck. There were only a few special situations under which you could find out the location of a chapter. For example, if you possessed one chapter, you could see what players held the other chapters from that volume and where they were.

“Don’t worry. I know the locations of all the chapters. All you guys have to do is go where I tell you to go,” Nie Yan explained. After obtaining the Intermediate Adjudicator of Light title, he learned the locations of all the chapters of the Book of Order. All he had to do was collect them. With so many highly skilled Thieves helping him, it wouldn’t be long before they were all in his hands.

“R-really?” The Thieves stared at him in disbelief. If Nie Yan really knew the locations of all the chapters, then with all of them helping out, it wouldn’t take more than a few days for them to collect all the chapters. In other words, Nie Yan would become the Supreme Pontiff of the Temple of Light in a few days!

This title was like a huge clap of thunder in their hearts.

The Supreme Pontiff was an existence that stood on equal footing with Jebiah the Great and the Orc King. They could mobilize the entire military force of the Temple of the Light and grant titles to Priests and Paladins, allowing them to obtain more benefits while levelling. Not to mention the many other privileges, far too many to count.

If Nie Yan truly became the Supreme Prontif, all Priests and Paladins had better start worshipping the air he breathed. Pretty much all of them had to interact with the Temple of Light on a regular basis.

Thinking to this point, their hearts shuddered. If Nie Yan became the Supreme Pontiff, he would truly rise to the peak. With a single wave of his hand, he could call down the clouds and rain!

This was no small matter!

“Boss, how are we going to do it? We’ll do as you say!”

“Yeah, just tell us!”

“I’ll give everyone 200,000 merit points first. You can head to the treasury and pick up some good equipment. Afterwards, split up into groups of five and I’ll tell you the location of a chapter. If you run into trouble, immediately report to me, and I'll tell you how to proceed. Some of the chapters are in the hands of players. Others are with bosses or possibly hidden in certain secret instances within a map. If you can’t beat a boss, let me know and I’ll send an expedition team over. If it’s a player, be careful. Anyone capable of obtaining a chapter is a skilled expert. Lastly, Angel Corps has a bunch of chapters in their possession. I’m not sure exactly how many,” Nie Yan said.

The Thieves all became excited. 200,000 merit points could get them many different things. Asskickers United’s treasury contained over 30,000,000 pieces of equipment, various gems, crystals, and other rare items. There was no lack of good items. With this allowance, they could increase their strength by quite a bit.

Nie Yan glanced at Sun, King of the World, Mistaken Smile, Shadow Killer, and the other members of the elite team. Merit points were basically useless to them because their equipment was already far better than anything you could find in the treasury.

“Just tell us the coordinates. If it’s a player, we’ll kill them. Even if they hide inside the strongholds of Angel Corps or the Century Financial Group, we’ll still collect the chapters from their corpses,” King of the World said, brimming with confidence.

As Asskickers United’s top Thieves, these players were definitely worthy of the title of strongest. If they wanted to snatch something, there was no one that could escape their ambush, unless they never set foot out of the city again.

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